Random Thoughts: What makes us Unhappy?

Few weeks back, I asked a simple question on Twitter:

I ended up getting some interesting response.

  1. Ego: Most of us are driven by Ego, If it is hurt I have a new enemy and if  nurtured friendship continues.
  2. Expectation: We expect someone to act the way we want, we would expect things or situations to be in our sides. Most of the time it goes the other way.
  3. Greed: Who does not want to be a millionaire or retire by 30?
  4. Guilt: Long lasting sadness of what one could have done in past.
  5. Not living in this moment: We tend to over think about our future and bring misery or happiness of our past.  The present we are totally clueless about.

Get over these to get over unhappiness.