Paris climate agreement, Donald & us.


President Donald Trump announced that he is withdrawing the U.S. from a landmark, international climate agreement.

I understand the concern of whole world and who bad this comes on fellow american friends.

Is keeping climate clean is just Paris climate agreement? Are we doing our part?

  1. Switching off light for an hour in year & running AC for sake of using it does any justice?
  2. What about car pooling or instead using public transport? [umm, our government is not doing enough blehh blehhh…]
  3. Your eating habits are affecting climate as well, are you aware of it? [source]
  4. How are you utilizing water? Do you know washing car/bike everyday is equally sucking up our planet?
  5. Lastly your tweets are not helping either and nor your 24/7 internet consumption. [Don’t you know these data centers to store your tweets roll out extra server which requires electricity? ]

So instead to cribbing over everything how about taking action and fixing nature around us? [This does not mean am supporting decision of Mr. Trump]

/End Rant…