On being a connector

I have always liked meeting people, talking to them. This seems to be one of the main reason why I enjoy being a connector. At number of occasions i have been asked few questions, I have added them with my thoughts.

1. Is connector a job title?

I would say no, It is not. You don’t need a work title to be a connector. The most important characteristics of a connector is to connect. The connection can be in many forte from connecting a talented candidate to great organization to helping someone looking for expert advice while he is in process of his PHD thesis. 

2. Do I get paid for connecting people?

Yes, I do get paid. I get paid as karma, coffee and opportunity to walk to the life of many interesting folks. My currency is getting to know and get connected to many more people. I consider it as a chain reaction.

3. Can anyone be a connector?

Yes, we are social being. Society separates us from other animals on this planet. So all you have to do is to help those who needs it.

4. How do I connect people?

Mostly via e-mails. On an average I fire one-two email everyday introducing one friend to another. I exit the conversation after that.

5. Can I use social media for being connector?

Yes, absolutely. I understand for many social media is a place 4 venting anger & for others selling brands. At same time, social media has great set of people who are always open to help. So you need to be humble, empathetic and honest for all the love & connections.

6. Did I ever ended up getting screwed for making connections?

It has happened sometimes yes :

  • I connected someone desperately looking for job, in month time he left the job and switched for higher payment.
  • Recommended someone as consultant in an organization & he ended up bitching about me to make himself & his work look good.

7. What has been the learning from this journey?

Do not push/force or be opinionated, just connect and walk away. If you will give advice or stress, you might end up being the bad guy in the process.

If you are a connector, please share your tips. It will help me in getting better.