I spend sometime on Sunday at Lalbagh botanical garden. It forms part of old Bangalore. In a crowded metro like Bangalore, it is an absolute delight. It has a big walking trail, rose garden, lake, nursery beside many other things.

It is a world on its own. I see people running or walking and various yoga groups or runners clubs training. Parents training their kids, teaching them how to walk, holding their hands. The environment is buzzing, laughter all around. I met a group of retired seniors and they mentioned that this group has been meeting daily for many decades. I see many families carrying food with them, sitting relaxed and having a picnic. There are many others picking flowers or herbs fallen from trees.

I see many people buying fruits and vegetables. Some queued for juice the juice to quench their thirst. Many NGO’s with doctors and machines are conducting free health camps. I saw eye camp and free blood pressure checkups
Lalbagh not limited to senior citizens or families. It is a common hangout for couples, youngsters. I am assuming it is not limited to their social media or selfie postings. Lalbagh is a great venue for a post or pre-wedding shoots.

The lakeside is a delight for bird watchers and photographers. I see There some people feeding ducks and fishes. Lalbagh is abundant with various flora and fauna. I have seen many distinct species of butterflies, plants, and insects. The chirping of birds is a relief to my eardrums, for a change no honks. Sometime in the middle of the day, the loud insect noise makes me feel am in some jungle. Squirrels are the free soul of Lalbagh, I have never seen them so independent anywhere else. The Lotus pond and created waterfall is a spectacular view.
I will continue visiting Lalbagh on my Sunday. Another good feeling I have being here is that the place is free from any divide. I imagine it is Central Park equal for Bangalore.

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