Incentives act like serotonin. It makes us feel happy. It is not limited to an age group or humans. BF Skinner performed variable rewards experiment on pigeons. These days mobile application providers are using the same on us. Incentives are not limited to money but can come from appreciation and actions. A doctor operates an […]


Does watching certain YouTube or listening to music effects of dreams. Are dreams combination of everything of everything we see and observe via our senses? The days or weeks am off YouTube/Netflix/Prime and on a reading zone, I get better sleep and calmer dreams. I will go do some research and find out more about […]

Book notes: Made to stick

I read this book and It covers 6 essentials keys to build a sticky product. I have added some of my take-ups along with authors storytelling. Simple Simple things scale. A product which is simple gets better adoption. In the book, the Author talks about SouthWest airlines secret to profitability. A simple message to the […]


Death is part of our journey, yet we are all scared about it. At the same time, we get busy with our errands and forget about living. We waste years regretting what we could have done when our parents were alive. We complain about our busy lifestyle. We are so connected yet so disconnected in […]