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Happy Birthday OpenStack #OpenStack3Bday

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What an incredible journey this has been. We are celebrating 3rd birthday of OpenStack, the Open Source cloud computing software for building clouds. We have had awesome journey so far and will continue rocking.




How it started?

Rackspace + NASA = OpenStack


Where are we now? [2] 

Rackspace + RedHat + Canonical + IBM + HP + DELL + Cisco + VMware <Insert your company here, i must have missed 150+ others> = OpenStack

OpenStack Vision

To produce the ubiquitous open source cloud computing platform that will meet the needs of public and private cloud providers regardless of size, by being simple to implement and massively scalable.

Our Definition of “OPEN

             Open Source

             Open Design

             Open Development

             Open Community


How are we doing?


Over 1000 contributors making project super awesome.


Over 10271 from 124 countries are part of this revolution.

User Story

OpenStack is in production over into multiple domain from research/enterprise/telcos many public private cloud providers are selling services on top of it as well.

Me & OpenStack

I have been lucky to see the overall project grow from beginning & contribute to the project whatever way i can. I made many friends in this tenure & got to know many things about cloud/technology.


One More Thing

I see OpenStack giving me freedom to select a particular technology every level of my technology/deployment stack, be it OS/Hypervisor/Network/Storage/DevOps. I see OpenStack as a technology which gives rise to many providers & they take on with commercial vendors. I know every now and then our critics and competitors come up with one or the other theory/analysis/graph/prediction/hypothesis. I am a proud Indian and i believe in what, Mahatma Gandhi father of nation told us

First they ignore you,

then they laugh at you,

then they fight you,

then you win.


How can you help & join us?

Its still not late, you can be part of this project many ways. Please go through the links below to understand & join us.

How To Contribute 

How a non developer can contribute to OpenStack

What Next??

I will go eat some cake !!! 😀


vagrant and ubuntu

Vagrant was in my TODO for over one year, its good i finally played with it. I will explain what/how i installed it so whoever wants to play with it can easily deploy & use it. I tested in on ubuntu 10.04 (yeah my old box)  but i would/will guarantee it will work on all newer releases. 😀

Things/packages needed to run Vagrant

1. Virtualbox

To install virtualbox simply visit virtualbox official site and follow this install instruction just choose the ubuntu version you are running it. For me i used the repo for lucid & it will be different for you. Also a word of advice kindly install older version of Virtualbox as we have a known issue of NS_ERROR_CALL_FAILED in its latest version. I installed 4.1 in my case.

After successful installation of virtualbox this is how it looks.

     $ VBoxManage --version

2. Vagrant

I installed vagrant by downloading latest binary from the their website Once i had it installed. It was 3 simple step to get Vagrant up & running.

$ vagrant init precise32
$ vagrant up
$ vagrant ssh

What this two command does is it gets you the base image which subsequently used for next time bringing up the instance. As you can see it takes precise(12.04) image.  Once you have the instance up. You can simply log into the machine via SSH.

The Catch 

By default the instance a bought up with NAT networking mode & you are easily able to access it from your system. In most cases we need Bridge network enabled so the machine/VM can acquire the network IP & additional interface. You need to add the same in the config file of vagrant which is in your home directory.

$ cat Vagrantfile

The old document of vagrant tells you the way how to do it but this will not work in our case. In order to get in working one has to add below mentioned lines inside the “Vagrantfile” as am using my wireless network. :public_network, :public_network => "wlan0"

After changing this configuration once you will run the commands

$ vagrant up
$ vagrant ssh

You will be able to see additional interface at “eth1” mapped to the bridge network. You can check other simple vagrant commands as well needed to destroy/suspend

$ vagrant --help
Usage: vagrant [-v] [-h] command []

    -v, --version                    Print the version and exit.
    -h, --help                       Print this help.

Available subcommands:

For help on any individual command run `vagrant COMMAND -h`

What will i do with Vagrant?

Well am going to use it from now on to test all my custom scripts besides i also need to test Kevins OpenStack cookbook which extensively uses vagrant.

Lastly i can say night well spent credit goes to Kev!! 🙂

Installing it on Ubuntu 12.04

I just got a precise box & deploying Vagrant is very simple, it will bring Virtualbox as well as dependency. 🙂

$ sudo apt-get install vagrant
$ vagrant up
$ Vagrant ssh

Hope it helps.

RabbitMQ webUI & Ubuntu

I heard about RabbitMq webUI from my friend Ritesh. I felt it will be helpful for anyone who wants to understand queue workflow playing with OpenStack. After reading found this for getting the same on Ubuntu 12.04.

Installing RabbitMQ Server

# apt-get install rabbitmq-server

Checking list of installed plugin.

# rabbitmq-plugins list
[ ] amqp_client 0.0.0
[ ] cowboy 0.5.0-rmq0.0.0-git4b93c2d
[ ] eldap 0.0.0-gite309de4
[ ] mochiweb 2.3.1-rmq0.0.0-gitd541e9a
[ ] rabbitmq_auth_backend_ldap 0.0.0
[ ] rabbitmq_auth_mechanism_ssl 0.0.0
[ ] rabbitmq_consistent_hash_exchange 0.0.0
[ ] rabbitmq_federation 0.0.0
[ ] rabbitmq_federation_management 0.0.0
[ ] rabbitmq_jsonrpc 0.0.0
[ ] rabbitmq_jsonrpc_channel 0.0.0
[ ] rabbitmq_jsonrpc_channel_examples 0.0.0
[ ] rabbitmq_management 0.0.0
[ ] rabbitmq_management_agent 0.0.0
[ ] rabbitmq_management_visualiser 0.0.0
[ ] rabbitmq_mochiweb 0.0.0
[ ] rabbitmq_mqtt 0.0.0
[ ] rabbitmq_old_federation 0.0.0
[ ] rabbitmq_shovel 0.0.0
[ ] rabbitmq_shovel_management 0.0.0
[ ] rabbitmq_stomp 0.0.0
[ ] rabbitmq_tracing 0.0.0
[ ] rabbitmq_web_stomp 0.0.0
[ ] rabbitmq_web_stomp_examples 0.0.0
[ ] rfc4627_jsonrpc 0.0.0-git7ab174b
[ ] sockjs 0.3.4-rmq0.0.0-git3132eb9
[ ] webmachine 1.9.1-rmq0.0.0-git52e62bc

Enabling the webUI

# rabbitmq-plugins enable rabbitmq_management
The following plugins have been enabled:
Plugin configuration has changed. Restart RabbitMQ for changes to take effect.

root@openstack-lxc:~# service rabbitmq-server restart
* Restarting message broker rabbitmq-server [ OK ]

To check the webUI kindly visit the browser with http://localhost:15672 Incase you have not created any user yourself you have a user:password created already guest:guest You should login with the creds & will see a shiny dashboard.

NOTE: If you are using version below 

rabbitmq-server     2.7.1-0ubuntu4 

Follow this instructions mentioned on stackoverflow

I am thinking about writing next after this so will add more RabbitMQ related blog soon 🙂


OpenStack Summit, Portland & me.

I been lucky  this time to attend the OpenStack Summit summit hosted in Portland. Why am saying lucky because :–

beer & meetup (photo credit @nikiacosta)

1. I was finally able to meet a lot of developers and friends whom i been interacting over 2 years on IRC for help/support related to various OpenStack related issues.

2. I could witness how awesome the overall project has evolved over span of two years, over 2000 participants & so many new faces in the dev room. I am saying this because i have been part of the project from almost day 0.

HP Party

(Photo Credit  @itarchitectkev)

3. I could see same people talking/tweeting/speaking about OpenStack who been fighting with us in past about our project & everything we were doing.

4. I could finally meet guys from various other enterprises & talk to them about how they can help us with the support in  strengthening OpenStack India community.

5. Interacting with global OpenStack community & sharing/exchanging thoughts about our OpenStack India Community.

6. Last not the least meeting again some of the super awesome folks whom i been following on Twitter & other social media space for help/support & who have been always helpful to me.

voodoo donuts


(Photo Credit @MichaeljonF)

And lastly i could eat Voodoo Donuts thanks @MichaeljonF to  for that. 🙂

OpenStack Swift in a box (folsom/ubuntu 12.04)

Last week i was at PES IT college, Bangalore  for a workshop on OpenStack Swift. I had to get them (students) a hands on of the same.

So i went through the video & resources which Joe Arnold created explaining about swift. ( So essentially what i have done here is extension of what was explained on Swiftatack site but customized it to my need. 🙂

The thing was i was not able to find the script which can help me install Swift via Ubuntu repository on a fresh Ubuntu machine so what i did was , i went thought the official swift in a box guide & wrote a simple script which installs swift for you once you have Ubuntu 12.04 up and running along with cloud archive in place in your apt.sources.list.

Lastly thanks to my friend Hugo Ko  who been great help in in fixing some errors i was getting cos of the file system permissions. I owe you a beer Hugo 😀

Custom virtualbox  Image for Ubuntu 12.04 can be found from here


Virtualbox Image (swift : swift are the credentials for default login user:password )  :

Custom Script for installing swift on ubuntu 12.04

I hope it helps everyone one wants to play with swift in a box with tempauth. Also i have not done anything awesome incredible here because most of it is already available at many places.

I have added it all on Bitbucket as well Happy “Forking”  

Hope it helps!!  🙂



Ubuntu MIR & Rolling release.

Almost everyone from community has written in great length & depth about how recent rolling release and MIR announcement has been Canonical`s decision.

I am not writing this blog to prove anyone wrong or taking side with anyone. What Canonical has done for community & spreading word of Linux has been incredible. They are an Enterprise and they have every right to take decision on Ubuntu. But at same time they have to make sure that community who has always been behind them(Am one of them) remains with them.

I would hope things will settle down soon & all the questions will be addressed or has already been by Jono(Community Manager) 🙂



Event Report: OpenStack Day Bangalore 15th Dec 2012

We had great Openstack Day event in Bangalore, details of event and report can be found here

Announcing OpenStack Day 15th December Bangalore

We are organizing 1 day event on OpenStack in Bangalore on 15th december 2012.

Details are available here 

See you at the event 🙂

Book Review: OpenStack Cloud Computing Cookbook

Publisher : Packtpub

Author: Kevin Jackson (@itarchitectkev)

This is one of the few published book on OpenStack. It uses Essex release of OpenStack. It uses Ubuntu Linux as base Operating System. All components Glance, Horizon, Keystone, Nova & Swift are explained along with installation steps along with both native OpenStack API and Eucatools(Ec2 API).  One just needs a laptop with Virtualbox installed on his machine to play with each components step by step following the chapters. The book also covers advance topics like image bundling, monitoring. For experienced Cloud Admins the book also covers about stuff like HA. It also provides Orchestration using Juju and MAAS Last but not the least the book also has a detailed troubleshooting chapter.

I would strongly recommend this book to someone who wants to get his hand dirty with OpenStack technology.

Event Report: Ubuntu Developer Summit, UDS-r

Returned yesterday from UDS after successful week long meetup. Thanks to Canonical for sponsoring me.

It was great meeting all Canonical/Community folks. I attended most of the cloud & server tracks.

Last not the least party was great and i had an amazing/terrible experience drinking Pisco bought by my friend from Peru. 🙂



Looking forward to keep contributing to Ubuntu with my help towards documentation around OpenStack, Juju, MAAS.




One more thing on left on screen we have Super Hero < 😀 > @daviey I have troubled/bugged him a lot with all stupid/crazy questions and bugs with OpenStack related packages. I loved his presentation and looking forward to repeat in some  of my talks soon. 🙂

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