After leaving my fulltime job, I have been living in my own world. I decide and plan my day in accordance with my nature.

When to surf the internet, whom to reply and whom to join for coffee is my decision.

This living in my own world, like Silo mode, has made me better. I am less distracted and not entitled to respond to anyone’s opinion.

The amount of learning I have had in past few years is more than what I had learned in any job or during my graduation.

I wish I could have done this much earlier in my life.


Working with a small team has its own challenges. One has to wear multiple hats. While it makes you a multitasker and you end up learning many things, On the positive side, focus gets hit.

The best way of handling this situation is to delegate some of the responsibilities to other members. I understand it is a challenge and for a control freak. If you have hired best folks, you should believe in them.

Delegating will foster positivity and bring everyone closer.


I am not a saint. I am part of this same construct where one section is celebrating while other working ass off.

Why is this world so unequal? Why some of us have everything in plenty while others nothing.

Why is that one part has the luxury to gain from all the benefits while paying taxes while another is deprived of essential services.

Expecting a better world with everyone is happy is no less than a Utopia.


I hate too many choices. It is a cognitive overload for me. I find confusing with too many options. But the life we are living in we is thrown with choices. It appears to me that marketers make the most money by confusing customers by throwing choices.

I know the new age consumerism proponents will paddle the mantra: more is good.

Visiting a coffee shop like Starbucks is a pain in the ass. You ask for a black coffee, you will be thrown with next 2-3 questions.

Visiting a nearby grocery store and checking for snacks/munchies is like a world in itself. The option from sugar-free to gluten-free to what not.


We all have our own aspirations (most of us). We like to become better or achieve something in life. It can be money or acquiring some skills.

Some of us want to do this because have internal motivation for doing it. A few others do it out of survivorship bias. It requires meditation and absolute focus to achieve or build something.

“So you wish to conquer in the Olympic Games, my friend? And I, too… But first, mark the conditions and the consequences. You will have to put yourself under discipline; to eat by rule, to avoid cakes and sweetmeats; to take exercise at the appointed hour whether you like it or not, in cold and heat; to abstain from cold drinks and wine at your will. Then, in the conflict itself, you are likely enough to dislocate your wrist or twist your ankle, to swallow a great deal of dust, to be severely thrashed, and after all of these things, to be defeated.”
― Epictetus, The Discourses with the Enchiridion and Fragments

Wanting to become someone or achieve something out of external motivation is not a good idea.

2018: a recap

2018 has been a great year for me. I consider myself very lucky, I am breathing and all of the body parts are intact and functioning.

I made a few new friends and lost a few others. I live in Baswangudi now. It is closer to Lalbagh, my regular running track, closer to nature.

I have been closer to my quest of acquiring self-knowledge. I spent a good amount of my time reading. I have not traveled much this year and it is alright.

I have failed to find “Who am I?”, yet again this year. The work is still in progress, I hope I will get closer in the coming years.

I have been taking precaution on my food consumption and trying to limit my consumption of Meat, Milk, Wheat, and Sugar.

2018 made me learn about understanding project management, product development, doodling, conflict resolution, cognitive bias, and empathy.

My plan for 2019 is to learn the art and craft of sales. What all it takes to sell something to someone? Is sales more about psychology, empathy or capitalism’s construct?

My daily consumption of coffee needs a pause, let see if I can do this.

I have no advice for anyone about anything in 2019, I know nothing.

I wish 2019 brings more joy to our life, we become more rational and logical. We value virtue more than material wealth.

Happy New Year to you all.


We are surrounded by humans with a different mindset. Some as cheerleaders, collaborators, believers while few others as naysayers.

It is important to rationally approach inputs of naysayers. It should not be discarded. They are the ones who will give you inputs which you would not have expected from your dear ones.

Seeing the feedbacks and rationally analyzing over it helps. Being emotional or being egomaniac will add up to your blind spot.


Better seems like a mantra for humanity.

For Socrates, acquiring self-knowledge was a path for becoming better. Alexander stood fighting for a better empire.

Our quest for becoming better every day is keeping us together. With advancement in our lifestyle and easy access to food, we are focusing on other aspects of us.

Better is the key pillar of the marketing and advertising industry.

  • Want to be healthy, drink this daily protein supplement.
  • Want to perform better in the next marathon, eat these.
  • Want to continue looking better at old age, start using anti-aging cream.

Like a lab rat, we are on a treadmill, running for being better. Some externals are directing us towards it.

We are moving far away from ourselves and what should have been our priority: the better soul is getting erased.


I used to be an avid talker. I had my box full of topics to debate over thanks to my over-consumption of TV, Twitter, and Reddit.

Over the past few years, I have learned the virtue of listening and silence. It has truly transformed me in better self.

The virtue of listening has helped me with not taking an instant or rash decision. In crude terms, I am using my prefrontal cortex more efficiently.

The advantage of listening is that you won’t burn yourself in arguing non-rationally.

The acceptance of the truth that “I don’t know anything” helps in seeing the world very logical.