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Things i like about Chennai

I been here for over two and half years. So felt like writing what i feel about this place.

Most people think Chennai only famous for veg food like dosa/idli/appam that is not correct. I was lucky to try nice Chettinad non-veg food along with variety of seafood.

Yes thats me eating drumstick chicken & non-veg thali at amma`s

I know it must be surprising as what i have heard from most of my friends that people here are not very welcoming to north indians. I was lucky so far & having great time here. Autowalas as ass everywhere & they are no different in Chennai.

Tamil culture is very old & vast in itself. I enjoyed seeing one or the other festival people celebrate here including the one where they take gods out from temple for a walk/ride.

If am correct then linux user group chennai is the only LUG left in our country which is active & holds regular monthly meetups. I have been part of it & presented as well in couple of occasions.

Last not the least i have made some great friends here who are going to remain part of my entire life no matter where i go.

Planning to Visit Chennai?
Chennai Tourism

Event Report : Linux User Group Chennai meetup

I am almost over a week late to post this blog. I was out in Pune for our other Openstack mini-conf which was held in Pune on 15th Feb. I will be blogging about same later this week.

I had this opportunity to speak about cloud computing and OpenStack in February month Linux User Group Chennai meetup. We had interesting talk and demo lined up, see the details here we had a crowd of over 30 people and was fun to interact with everyone. I just realized 30 mins is not sufficient to talk about cloud computing & OpenStack along with taking all the questions from audience.



I will make sure to attend the meetup next month and speak about Nova the OpenStack compute project.

Photos of the event are available here


Vedanthangal trip Chennai

I should have blogged about it long.
So for those who don`t know, i am in Chennai and occasionally i get chance to roam around the city.Vendanagal trip was one of those occasion , me Rashid/Yogesh/Johnson in Johnson`s car made a trip to this place.

Vendanagal  is a place where u see all kind of migratory birds coming in. I loved the trip and took some photographs as well

Not to forget got some photography tips from Johnson and Yogesh. 🙂

What was i doing last weekend?

We had great outing last Saturday entire team, it was just fun. 🙂

Apart from that i also visited the crocodile park

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