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Contributing to Open Source


Searching “contributing to open source” throws  About 30,100,000 results (0.56 seconds) 

Now the real question is being an Open Source evangelist, what/how should one proceed when talking about same?

I am still from Old school & believe contribution to Open Source comes from inside hence:

1. Telling someone to use Open Source because its virus free is absolute BS.

2. Telling someone to use Open Source because closed source software is bad, is another BS.

3. Telling someone contribute & get a chance to visit across world is another BS.

These things are secondary & if someone gets motivated only after knowing these then its not contribution but need fulfillment.

Open Source is all about choice not a circus where you feed elephant & they will dance.

If you want to  be an Open Source Evangelist in the purest form, please go read these 3 books before grabbing a mic or getting to speak at any conference.

1. Art of Community 

The critically acclaimed The Art of Community by Jono Bacon and published by O’Reilly brings together over a decade of experience in growing, empowering, and leading communities to success.

2. Open Advice

Open Advice is a knowledge collection from a wide variety of Free Software projects. It answers the question what 42 prominent contributors would have liked to know when they started so you can get a head-start no matter how and where you contribute.

3.  i want 2 do project. tell me wat 2 do.

This book has been written to help students and professionals as well to work on free and open source software (F/OSS) projects. These software projects are released under a freely distributable license, which allow you to use, copy, make changes, and distribute the software. 

Apart from this it will be great to read Eric S Raymond books if you want to contribute to Open Source:

How to become a hacker

How to ask questions the smart way







On building a tech community

I have been asked several times about community building. For a start, the following points form the basis for any tech community.


Passionate Leader:  To build a good community it is essential to have a passionate leader with strong temperament. The leader must be duly motivated, ready to accept suggestions and advise accordingly. The leader must  also be ready to help members, motivate others and stay positive throughout. With a strong temperament like this, I would say half of your work is done.

Coordination: Every member of the team should be aware and coordinate with other members to comprehend the happenings of the project. Members should have equal say in the product development under a democratic process if available.

Contribution/Documentation/guidelines: Good documentation will result in easy user base creation. It will also motivate a lot of these users to turn into collaborators. Hence it is always suggested to provide easy, clear and crisp contribution including some quick screencast.


Please don`t build your community this way

I been seeing a new trend which is bad for any community.

Just added few points here

1. Doing senseless Press Release out of anything.

2. Instead of your product talking SHIT about opponents/competitors product

3. Creating fake twitter accounts for bitching [This one got deleted thankfully]

4. Last but not the least by making videos like these which is SAD & shows the poor taste. I am Indian & find it very depressing. [The original one was deleted ]

<Disclaimer: Posting this does not mean or seen as  am attacking a particular enterprise, community or its affiliates.>

5 recipe for a healthy FOSS community!!

Wrote another article on Muktware 5 recipe for a healthy FOSS community!! Let me know what you guys think. 🙂

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