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Social media and Brain FUCK!!


Social media was on fire last week.It was almost buzzing & it had too much of information/opinion/emotion overflow.

Two important things happened:


Donald Trump won the presidential election of United States by defeating Hillary Clinton.  This means he will replace Obama to become next President of United States.

                       This result followed mixed reaction from my friends in America. Some were super sad while few were happy. Social media and mainstream media also reported incident of racism in less than 24 hours after the election result. Some folks in silicon valley are  so outraged that they are signing petition to make it as separate country  while students are carrying march against the result.

I was brain fucked and could not handle my feeds on  twitter/facebook.

       I am an Indian and not the one to judge either Hillary or Trump. As per my friends they had a choice to make between a racist/bigot and a liar who been hiding truth and making secret  deals for own good.


Indian Prime Minister Narendra Modi made surprising announcement by demonetizing 500/100 Rupees notes.  According to him this measure will curb on black money and make country grow further. New 2000 Rupees notes have been introduced and currency exchange is capped.

I hope this helps in making India a better economy and curbs black money. But at same time, this measure has hit hard on ordinary citizens of India. Those who do not have a bank account cannot exchange the notes. Also the government machinery has failed to implement this whole operation, series of reports coming from part of country where people are in ATM queue for hours to withdraw money while most ATM’s in city are not operation. I also saw tweet mentioning how a boy died because hospital did not accept the cash.

Some other news suggests the black money hoarders have already found one or the way out.

  1. Whole village is in queue depositing 2.5 lakhs rupees on behalf of someone.
  2. Politician in Karnataka state started distributing his money as loan to locals
  3. People are buying gold with their black money
  4. People are buying Train and Flight tickets
  5. Temples and other religious affiliates are turning into black to white money conversion centre

Rise of Lies, rumors, Hatred and Propaganda

This is a perfect time for fear mongers and propaganda drivers to create an impact & make use of public sentiments and anger.

  1. Demonetization to help Indian Fintech startups and online  payment wallets
  2. Essential goods price will get increased because of crackdown
  3. Newly introduced 2000 Rs notes has GPS tracking feature

I wasted good hours on firefighting and putting my views as well, I know some of my friends would have hated it. 🙂

I am working on controlling my appetite and engagement on social media.Will I be successful or not time will tell.

Startup Ideas #3


In continuation with my previous post to share startup ideas that I would love to see flourish, here is my second post with more adept ideas that should become startups.

Startup Ideas For The Week:

  1. Beard stylist: The trend of gentlemen keeping a beard is not new. It will be great idea to have a shop where anyone can walk in and get the perfect style fit for his beard.
  2. Fashion Designer on an app: With advance technology and increased purchasing power anyone can have his/her own personal designer/stylist simply in the form of an app. The app should have something like a video conferencing option recommending what to wear and how to style oneself.
  3. Adding Dating as reward for buying via e-commerce site : Imagine if you have an ecommerce website which connects you to a blind date on your buying preferences and wishlists. So in simple terms Amazon+Tinder+Facebook= Dating App.
  4. Connecting street sellers in hyperlocal: Everyone is talking about next boom, the hyperlocal delivery. As a result of which a lot of street sellers are bearing the brunt.Imagine an app connecting your local grocer via s simple application with payment options. This way these app driven organizations won’t be competing with brick & mortar shops but helping in making the local grocers life better.
  5. Tinder for Grandparents: It is like having a dating app with membership fees only for the elderly people. We should remember exclusivity increases value of the product.

These are my ideas for the week. I would love to hear back from you, I know some of these ideas may sound crazy but what benefits some could also be a waste for another, hence choose wisely.


Startup Ideas #2


In continuation with my previous post to share startup ideas that I would love to see flourish, here is my second post with more adept ideas that should become startups.

Startup Ideas For The Week:

Brewery Review: The whole concept of the microbrewery scene in India is really expanding beyond imagination. A brewery with the sole purpose to produce beer that is consumed in-house is now catching up with the masses. In Bangalore, we have over 20 established microbreweries. The sad thing is that nobody writes about or publicizes them. I was thinking maybe an app/portal that would review and inform beer lovers to explore microbreweries around India would be a good idea.

Emoji App: I love this one. Picture an appchat  that  lets you communicate with emojis, barring all text to elevate the science of communicating with pictures. Like me, there maybe several who hate typing long sentences to communicate and instead will be more than happy to have a conversation via emojis.

Mentor: The app name itself is self explanatory- have a portal that provides aid and assistance to help mentor youngsters across various domains from sports, education to psychology and rehab.

NewsFeed: To curb the amount of newsflow daily, a good idea is to have selective subscription to read news in short textual summaries. In a hurry, it is difficult to go through an entire news article. By simply receiving a short summary, you can read it and if you want to know more visit and, download the entire article.  People will be happier if they get summarised text news of interest from a single app for news source

Erase: Ever wonder how much information will be available once you depart? It is important to have some app/service that erases and removes all the identity from social media once a person expires.

These are my ideas for the week. I would love to hear back from you, I know some of these ideas may sound crazy but what benefits some could also be a waste for another, hence choose wisely.

Startup Ideas #1


I am very enthusiastic to publish posts on startup ideas that I would love to see flourish. In my previous blog post I mentioned that I would be regularly publishing posts on start up ideas. So as promised, here are some ideas for this week’s post.

Startup Ideas For The Week:

  1. Traveller Guide At Service: Interesting ideas steep and dwell from experiences of the past. Every tourist would be much happier if he/she had a guide to help navigate the tourist spot. And for a locale fee structure, developing an app that provides information about reputed and verified guides with a comparable price/rate card is the service you just need when on vacation. As I land at  a tourist destination all I have to do is pick a guide, meet up and take him/her on service throughout my holiday. It would be an added bonus if I could rate and review the tours and travel guides.
  2. Education for migrant workers Kids: Migrant workers have so many issues to deal with and maybe education arrangements for their kids is the least of their worries. Since education is no cheap affair for them in particular and they are always migrating, getting their kids education sorted out is very tough so they choose not to bother and some sort of empowerment is required. With a detailed app developed to provide the right information including an SMS platform that can suggest to migrant workers where to send their kids  for basic schooling when either the husband/wife both are working at a construction site is quite useful.
  3. Magic for old age people. This is an app only made for senior citizens and elderly people. The app takes extra care of their needs and ensures the elderly are taken care of appropriately.
  4. Surprise Party: This is a good startup idea if it succeeds. Imagine an app that connects party organizers to those who are seeking to throw someone a surprise party. Maybe friends, a wife/husband or parents looking to celebrate a milestone in one’s life, planning and organizing a party can be quite the hassle. Now if you can get someone to plan the same for you, that is a well provided service. A nice 5 star luxury at your home. In simple terms making arrangements at your house by experienced organizers.
  5. Your personal stylist: Ever wondered about having a personal stylist like a celebrity to pamper you once in a while? An app that connects you to a stylist to plan and personalise your needs at a rate maybe a good startup as well.

These are my ideas for the week. I would love to hear back from you, I know some of these ideas may sound crazy but what benefits some could also be a waste for another, hence choose wisely.

Sharing my Ideas, If you like go build a startup


I been following James Altucher for over a year now. He keeps telling about becoming an idea machine, come up with 10 ideas everyday. I tried it for few weeks and realized its too difficult to gather ideas.

So far I have managed to  gather few ideas but implementing is not my piece of cake.  I have too many liabilities and limitations. I am also not pushing myself too hard to get out of comfortably zone and work on these.

So I am sharing it with you all, every week i will share atleast 5 ideas starting this monday.  If it works for someone, don’t forget to pay me some % after building next unicorn out of it. 😀

Last not the least I have also realized its tough to collect ideas but extremely difficult to implement it. 


Notes from Steve Jobs documentary

I’ve always been an advocate of free software which simply gives users the freedom to run the software for any purpose. Gradually, my application of thought towards free software is changing and I would say that it is mainly because you cannot impose software on users. While some find it easy to use, for others it may be more complex than anticipated. In the end, it is all about good choices, what works for somebody may not necessarily work out for you.


Everyday at lunch, I relish browsing Youtube for inspirational documentaries from software pundits. One such documentary I recently viewed was from the highly successful American entrepreneur, marketer,inventor and cofounder of Apple Inc -the very remarkable Steve Jobs.

Personally, I always kind of believed that Steve Jobs was just a great marketing guy but after watching this video on Youtube, I immediately realized he was much more than that.

Here is my keynote analysis on the man’s marketing & leadership qualities that turned Apple into a multi billion dollar company :

  • A true leader must be a visionary & peoples person, Steve was loved by all his coworkers and peers for these traits.
  • The pillar of a successful enterprise depends on the strength of its team and is not an individual’s ideals.
  • Customer feedback and suggestions are vital for business growth. It is very important to listen/understand/learn from all customer suggestions.
  • We are already living in a complex world which makes our task of producing products that are simple for everyone to use more challenging.
  • Cut down costs on competitive products and instead create a marketing strategy which makes your product stand out in the market.
  • Connect with customers requirements & you have won half the battle in the consumer market.
  • Always believe that you are never to old to learn anything new whether it is a new skill, language or creative assets, experimenting is the best form of practice.
  • When times are tough, it is important to make crucial decisions setting aside the emotions.
  • Your biggest rivals in the industry are also your biggest teachers. They possess different qualities that you can learn from and teach you, so keep them in the loop. Bill Gates & Steve Jobs shared a very cordial relationship.
  • Seeking help is not a sign of weakness, ask for, help and you will find it useful. For instance, who would have thought that Microsoft would once bailout Apple
  • In some ventures, Apple’s ethics were tested, but Steve Jobs effectively invented the first modern computer mouse by taking the concept from Xerox which many questioned.
  • In his quest for inner peace, Steve Jobs visited India & learnt about Buddhism.
  • It is not always about making money.Sometimes it is about doing what you love and having the faith in producing what you dream of.When Steve Jobs made a reentry in Apple,the company saw a whole new level of success.
  • Always have an open mind. Listen and observe around you and learn from what you see and experience.
  • When you pursue a dream, you don’t have to block your life because of demanding society. Life will take its course if you pursue a dream. From college to securing a  job, settling down in marriage with kids and finally a grand retirement is only inevitable for successful dream chasers.
  • Stay hungry, stay foolish.Always aim for more and most importantly, spend every moment being happy.

The question I asked myself after watching this documentary and then writing this post is whether I am not smitten by Apple and their products? I dont think I am.

I see things differently, and learning more about Steve Jobs struggles to success has just open up my mind to believe that not all things are as peachy on the surface as they tend to look.

Someone aptly said that even your bitter foe has something worth learning from.In the process, I am starting to accept everyone’s belief with an open mind.


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