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Nepal is suffering & you are all responsible


Ordinary Nepali friends are in real pain & I have written about same before in my previous blog.

Who are the real culprits for current situation:

Nepali Politicians

Nepali politicians are thick skinned. They are part of every deal be it taking bribe from India or China for giving contracts or  channeling  money to personal pocket out of millions  received from world as aid in recent earthquake. Be it Oli, Prachanda or Madheshi all are same living in distant world. Why at very first place the constitution got passed with having severe discrepancies?

Why is ruling government not taking correct measures to restore peace in Tarai part, why are protesters getting shot on point blank? Can you all calm down, quit your ego & think for the  starving family out on remote hills or the poor farmers/laborers in Tarai. All these while you been appointing naxalites & murderers to top position, is this how you are aiming for progressive Nepal?

Indian Government 

I have high regards for prime minister Mr. Modi but what is this blockade going on? Why are our diplomates so useless & what has we got to do with Nepali constitution? Don’t we have enough problem in our own country which requires immediate attention? Nepal has moved on, stop being big brother to them, the new leaders think they are more happy keeping equidistant relationship b/w India & China. What is wrong with that?

Nepali Police

Stop treating protesters like dogs, they are as Nepali as you are. You have already killed 50+ so far, how many more is the target? Do let us know if there is a bounty/prize/medals Prachanda or Oli is giving you for the same or is it Chinese arms manufacturers?

Chinese Government

If  China thinks by they can get into minds/nerves of ordinary Nepalis & replace it India its not happening. India & Nepal has 100+ years of cultural bonding. China should come clean with its intention, we all know how much ruling politicians are aligned to them.

Nepali Journalist 

Well Nepali journalists are competing with Indian counterparts. I am yet to find a single journalist sitting in Kathmandu asking tough question from Oli on constitution amendments to killing of protesters to excessive force in Tarai. All this while they been governments cheerleader & throwing muds against India. My request to all of them is just grow up & think beyond being Anti-Indian or Anti-Madhesh. What have you done about human rights violation happening in Tarai?

Journalism is considered 3ed pillar of democracy  but all these days what you folks are doing is hate mongering, racist slur, spreading lies & propaganda. Can you all stop spreading lies & do fact checking before sharing it among your followers on social media & writing for you newspaper?

Nepali People 

Can we stop fighting with each other & discriminating on basis of origin Dhoti VS Pahadi

Ask tough questions from your government be it blockade or constitution or equal rights for women

Agitation will do no good & will harm overall country.

Everything has a price & India as well as China knows about it.

Stop wasting time on free NCELL plan fighting over unnecessary issues & burning blood on social media platforms.  Your government is not listening, next time go vote & select right candidate/ministers.

Also stop blaming India for all your problems we been your friends for century & helped you in all good/bad situations.

China can only compliment to an extent with resources [arms, petrol or bribing politicians], it cannot replace Indo-Nepali ties. Stop living in dreams & believing in what your media or politicians are saying.

My friend Binaya reminded me of John Lennon — Imagine, embedding the same here.


Oli, Constitution & Indo-Nepal relationship



Nepal is still recovering from the aftermath of massive earthquake which killed over 10, 000 people and displaced millions. The rescue and aid operation in most of the affected part is still underway. At the same time the political parties in Nepal decided to pass its new constitution and it came into effect on September 20, 2015.

The constitution has failed to address every region of the country especially people from madhesh, as a result there were serious protest. These protests turned violent & over 40 protesters were killed by the security forces in retaliation.

India’s Advice

India suggested Nepal to bring every regional leader on table before passing the constitution India also suggested Nepali leaders to take some more time because of the ongoing unrest in madhesh region, which shares open boundary with India.


Social Media: As a result of this request and with social media this whole request/suggestion of India got projected as bully and young nepalis went crazy on sites like Twitter and Facebook asking India to stay out of issues in Nepal. There were hashtags like #BackoffIndia all over the internet.

Nepali Media: Various online news media, publication blamed India for shortage of fuel and other essential items. India has been supplying these to Nepal for decades[Nepal pays for it].

It should be noted, most of these same press, media ignored to acknowledge the real reason for fuel shortage being the disruption created by the protesters in madhesh region. India rejected these allegations and made it clear that there is no blockade & advised the ruling government to fix the deadloack between protesters in madhesh region.

Public Sentiments: With the help of social media, TV, press ordinary nepalis are fed enough 24*7 to believe that India is reason for all current mess not the inability of the political parties who passed the constitution without having everyone on board.

Advantage China

It should be noted that Prachanda, Koirala & Oli are key figures in Nepal’s ruling running coalition. By the time this post get published, Oli might be announced as next PM of Nepal. It is out and open that Oli is not a big admirer of India & has spoken numerous occasions about same. He is considered to be more inclined towards China like Prachanda.

Since media and people’s sentiment are already against India [at least in Kathmandu], Oli will play his chinese cards in all possible ways. [After all its a payback time for him.]

What next?

  1. India should learn from its mistake & remember that politicians are never affiliated to a particular group/section. Its all about money & timing.
  2. The propaganda local media in Nepal has created against India will affect ordinary people from both countries.
  3. The newly elected leadership will keep playing catch up to Indian counterparts. It will be test of nerves for Mr. Modi & team.
  4. China will give few billions more aid to Nepal and grab most of the reconstruction work.
  5. With the technology China has in 12–18 months they will bomb few mountains & build a trade route with Nepal. [not kidding]
  6. India might have to start fencing its border with Nepal because the madhesh protest will affect it more than Kathmandu.
  7. Madhesh leaders should unite & form a single alliance. Unity always helps and the numbers will make voice heard in Kathmandu otherwise they will remain what they are called among the elite class DHOTI.

Introducing AroundStartups


I am sure you all those who follow me on various social media platforms would be aware about AroundStartups. All I wanted is to have a platform to meet & interview people from India’s startup ecosystem. These are the hardworking folks inside their organization, portfolio and overall community & always willing to help, support, mentor. The timeline page has information about upcoming guests to the podcast.

Over time there will also be some post with data driven analysis around various trends on different matrix from India’s startup ecosystem. These data will be open source & stay on Github & anyone can reuse it.

These are my friends, mentors helped me in making this possible.

  1. Alex, my boss at The New Stack has been very helpful in pushing me to podcasting world & encourage me to do this.
  2. Prashant, the wordpress developer & a smart human.
  3. Jugal, for helping me with the artwork, graphics, logo and helping with selecting background music score.
  4. Abhishek for helping with audio editing, mixing & mastering.
  5. Krishnan another very good friend, mentor of mine for connecting me to Jitesh.
  6. Ajey Gore , Sidu & Niranjan for his pep talk on one particular evening & asking me to just start it.
  7. Kamal Ravikant & James Altucher my life mentors.
  8. Last not the least to my very first guests  Brij, Sameer, Sanjay, Shandhya, Nikhil. It would have been difficult to start this without their time & faith in me.

Since it has just stated, I am not going to be perfect so all your suggestions & feedbacks will be incredible help to me which you can do via Twitter, Facebook or  The podcast is hosted on SoundCloud & also available on iTunes.  

India in 69 pictures

We celebrated 69 years of Indian independence yesterday. Like all the bloggers, artists, media houses and social media friends, I wanted to post a tribute to India on this blog. Here are 69 pictures of food, temples, people, palaces and more; taken by me or my friends [Johnshon, Shiva, Krish or Deepan] while traveling across this beautiful country. The pictures are linked to their respective Wikipedia pages for more information.

Note: All these images are under Creative Commons ShareAlike License.


1. Autowala on street of Bangalore.

autowala in bangalore

2. Bull Temple Bangalorebull temple

3. Flower Market in Vajay Nagar, Bangalore

flower market vijay ngr

4. Old Banyan Tree, Bangaloreold banyan tree blr

5. Ghee roast Dosaghee roast

6. Filter Coffee

filter coffee

7.  Ethunagaram on banks of Godawari.


8. Charminar, Hyderabadchar minar hyd

9. Ramappa Shiva Temple


10. Backwater, making of salt on Chennai-Pondicherry highway

backwater for making salt on chennai pondy way

11. Mysore Palace during Durga Puja. mysore palace

12. Poondi reservoir near Chennai

panni reservoir

13. Sakleshpur, Karnataka


14. Paddy plantation near Chennai

paddy plantation

15. Priest with morning prayer at Madurai Meenakshi temple.

priest with morning prayer meenakshi temple16. Shiva Temple, Thanjavur

shiva temple tenjavur

17. Stairs to Khammam fort 

khammam fort

18. Jama Masjid, Old Delhi

jama masjid delhi

19. Late night street fooding, Old Delhi with my friend Ashish.

late night food hunt purani delhi

20. Sunrise somewhere on Noida Expressway.

noida expressway

21. Rishikesh, bank of river Ganges.


22. Banke Bihari temple, Vrindavan


23. Young priest at Sani dev temple in Vrindavan

young priest in vrindavan

24.  Mahatma Gandhi Setu, Patna

mahatma gandhi setu

25. Fish Rice with thick mustard gravy, common cuisine in Bihar & West Bengal .

fish rice

26. Hookah

hookah somewhere in noida

27. Punaura Dham, Sitamarhi.

punaura pond

28. Chhath Puja

chatt puja

29. Chura Bhuja

chura bhuja

30. Litti


31. Lonavla


32. Mumbai Pune Expressway

mum pune hightway

33. Ajanta Caves

ajanta caves

34. Sculpture at Ellora caves.

ellora caves

35. On way to Kaas Plateau 

on way to khass platue

36. Valley of flowers, Kaas Plateau

valley of flowers

37. Bun and Sabzi, Goa.bun and sabzi in goa

38. Quite sunrise at Mandrem Beach, Goa

quite sunrise at mandre beach goa

39. Prawn & some fries.

fresh prawns & fry in goa

40. Church Square, Goa

goa church

41. Autowala on streets of Mumbai with funky lights.


42. Paani Poori on streets of Mumbai

paani puri43. Dal Lake, Srinagar

dal lake

44.  Mughal Garden, Srinagar

mughal garden sringr

45. Elders having chit-chat at Leh main market. elders on leh main amrket

46. Pangon Lake, Ladakh

bird flying over pangong lake

47.  Jodhpur Fortjodhpur fort

49. Temple on way to Jaisalmer Fort 

jaisalmer fort

50. Rasmalai


51. Matka Kulfi


52. Ghevar


53. Deserted hawelis  in Phalodi 

locked haweli phalodi

54. Brahma temple, Pushkar 


55. Authorized bhang shop in Jaisalmer

bhag shop at jaisalmer

56. Kachori


57. Malpua


58. An evening at Thar desert, Jaisalmer

jaiselmer desrt

58. Morning breakfast, Bhuj

poori sabzi at katch


59. An evening at Mandvi beachmandvi beach

60. It just rained somewhere on way to Anand

on way to anand

61. An evening at Rann of Katch

eveining at rann of katch

62. Wooden Ship getting repaired at Mandvi

shio being repaired at mndvi

63. Street market in Dimapur, Nagaland.

market, dimapur

64.  Peren District, Nagalandparen city

65. On way to Mokokchung, Nagaland
mcung66. On way to Gurudongmar Lake, Sikkim

guru dogmar lek

67. Water streams after hour long rain on way to Lachen, Sikkim

on way to lachen sikkim

68. Flags with Buddhist chants flying high on street of Gangtok.

flgs with chats flying over city gangtok

69. Local drink made of wheat, maize & it tastes good in one of the local food shop in Gangtok.





My problem with Twitter feeds of Indian VC’s & Investors.


India is turning into a startups hub with the amount of fund flowing in from US/Japan/China and other countries.  Some of the startups got an early exit making VCs & founders rich.  Anyways, this post is not about funding scene in India. It is all about these investors and VC’s who are glorifying portfolios in twitter timelines.

The Problem with this

  1. Thumping new funding round for portfolio is no guarantee for portfolio turning into Unicorn.
  2. Your tweets put other founders in portfolio under some kind of pressure who are in raising boat and as a result instead of building business all they think about is raising round.
  3. You turn into a RT/Tweeting exercise portfolio instead of sharing your wisdom with the followers who are looking up to you for useful suggestions and advices.
  4. Some of these same founders whom you have been glorifying get egotistical and even start playing hardball with you as you are no more a majority stakeholder in it. So you basically gave an ego boost to them. We keep hearing such stories on regular basis.
  5. VCs job is to mentor, teach and inspire. It’s not making portfolio fund announcements or press releases. Do you similarly tweet when one of the founders leave your portfolio company or one of your company dies?

My Suggestion

  1. Keep a separate twitter feed which is meant for catering portfolio related announcements.
  2. Ask all your followers to visit that feed for all kinds of PR, funding, merger, announcement deals for your portfolio.
  3. We are looking forward to learn from you and your timeline. You are supposed to inspire us, share your thoughts, not portfolio announcements.

Encounter with Indian Ocean



Saturday I along with Archit & Krishna went for Indian Ocean concert, Shastry you get all the credits for letting me know about this buddy. 😀

I am a big fan of Indian Ocean and on record this was first time in my life i attended any live concert. Apology if I am hurting someone but my prejudice has always been that  live concerts are all about alcohol/weed/women & BS.  I was not wrong because even at this concert I witnessed the same.

It was great interacting with the old folks Rahul Ram and Amit Kilam [Member of Indian Ocean Band], I was not sure if  i should go and say hello to them because of my fucked up experience with Manoj Bajpayee at Patna airport.  Rahul/Amit were so down to earth and yes we had good conversation for over 10-15 mins, unlike others I preferred not taking any pics with them. I am fucking tired of my friends taking selfies with folks/celebs and sharing it on social media.

The whole environment was eccentric and to my surprise a lot many attendees were lead singers and guitarists from small/local bands. They were attending the event to learn from it.

I am happy that they played all the numbers i been listening all these years from Bhor to kandisha. I wish them all the luck, BTW  sushmit has left the band & yes its sad. But as they say, SHOW must go on.

indian ocean

Band in full swing, photo credit : Archit

They are coming with next album in 2017 & i am eagerly waiting for it.


OpenStack 5th Birthday celebration Bangalore India.



OpenStack itself has come a long way and the birthday celebrations witnessed over 40 enthusiastic participants. We spent most of the time discussing Openstack while answering intriguing questions about the project the development and the overall ecosystem. It was good to see creative upstream contributors talking to the newer developers, sharing their experiences and advices alike. We wound off the event with cake cutting followed by a pizza party.


I hope the OpenStack journey continues to progress, flourish and grow as we continue to celebrate more birthdays in the upcoming years with newer upstream contributors and more users.

My prejudice towards Buzzfeed


BuzzFeed is known for pulling story from Tumblr, Reddit, Twitter, imgur, Facebook, Whatsapp [YEP] and making it CLICKBAIT/LINKBAIT. Every entity has revenue model & this works best for BuzzFeed.  One of my friend wrote a nice post Quantifying the Clickbait and Linkbait in BuzzFeed Article Titles

It was my prejudice that did me wrong at the time:

However, I decided to visit the site to find if they are now in fact producing original content. But I found otherwise [30 mins task, because I follow r/india & Quora]. Check out the stories along with original sources and how BuzzFeed made story out of it.

1.  About scoring 33% in exam.

There was a discussion thread on /r/india about the a kid scoring 33% in all his papers, we all laughed commented after seeing the poster and BuzzFeed copied it happily from there making story out of it.

2. On flipkart fake discount.

A user on r/india posted a picture of how one of the seller on Flipkart inflated the price and made fool of buyers by giving discount. The complete discussion thread is here and there we have BuzzFeed again making story of the same.

3. Picking popular post from Facebook & making it Clickbait.

One of the most popular post on Facebook was how outsiders think about India, it was posted on and this is how BuzzFeed made story out of it. They had no option but to give credit to original poster.

4. Destinations in India that look like Europe

There was this interesting thread on quora where users were discussing about good Indian destination that look like Europe and then you have post on BuzzFeed about same

5. Indian Army dogs are killed after retirement.

We all know it was all over social media and then Indiatimes folks wrote detailed story about it followed by super creative writer from BuzzFeed making story about same.

6. Artist in Bangalore drawing crocodile on road to bring attention about potholes.

This discussion was started on r/india with a user sharing  story which was published on Indian Express It was all over social media and then our super journos from BuzzFeed wrote the same.

Incase you folks are wondering how am I so sure about this, well do check the date/time of original post & BuzzFeed one. 

One more thing, If Andreessen Horowitz has funded them  there must be some reason/value in it which certainly is not Journalism IMHO. They are definitely serving a specific set of people which is excellent and i have nothing against them.

Why Start-ups?


One of the perks of living in Bangalore, the Silicon Valley of India, is the fact that I encounter a lot of entrepreneurs on a daily basis. Based on my rendezvous with these people, I keep asking them this one question : Why do you want to launch a startup?

Most of my friends who are steadily building careers with startups always give me some interesting answers. Based  on their replies, I have formulated my own logic of understanding their perceptions of working with a startup.

 In this post, I am going to keep my examples limited to the Indian companies only:

 Why build startups in India?

  1. It is supposed to aid in solving problems affecting us.
  2. They are built around the inherent Indian condition.
  3. They aim to work towards fitting in the product market.
  4. It is also intended to grow quickly financially.

Aim To Solve Problems Affecting Citizens:

Most startups aim to assist the public get their work done efficiently. While some are built to improve our everyday living, others are serving as an aid to out of reach citizens to enable them to get their regular work done prudently. In my discussions with many of my friends in the startup business, they unanimously agree that startups are more useful when they improve the state of affairs of the current situations.

For ex: the company,Practo, has connected doctors to patients by using a mobile app and it was the need of the hour & these guys just made it happen. At the same time, if you’re looking for a food joint to dine in town Zomato has that covered. Similarly, to book a bus ticket, redbus is the solution.

Build Around The Inherent Indian Condition:

India is a population of a billion individuals. The start ups may be successful elsewhere but in India you have to adapt to the Indian psyche. I appreciate that a company like Mcdonald’s or KFC is constricted to serving pure veg food minus the beef that is cleverly altered to suit the average Indian consumer. This kind of smart marketing is required to understand the audience.   Another example is Amazon, highly successful in the US but struggling to dominate in India due to stiff competition with FlipKart.  One more is Uber that is struggling in India to defeat OlaCabs, their Indian competitor who is gaining more brownie points with its customers over Uber.

Fit The Start-Up Product In The Market:

I get to hear this all the time, a product to fit the market. Whatsapp became an immediate hit with the audience because of the rapid smartphone adoption & its minimal 2G requirement. I can surely say, it literally killed the SMS business. While Yahoo chat had all those emoji features in 2008-09 but nobody cared about it due to a less internet penetration. It was launched ahead of its time and hence failed. Startups require accurate timing to click and succeed.  With 3G and mobile technology reaching out to most of the masses at a very rapid pace, I am sure life will be easier for any startups launching products in this era.

Growing Financially.

Its a generation that wants to make the big bucks quickly and enjoy an early retirement compared to our forefathers.This is absolutely perfect if you have a success plan. Unfortunately, most of the startup founders end up making very little because of stock dilutions.  I remember watching the YC startup school video where one of the co-founders mentioned that rather than starting your own startup, your chances of making more money is while being part of one of the top 10 employers(like google/facebook). So think about. If money is what is only driving you towards a new startup, maybe  you got it wrong.

So, there you have it. In total disclamation, I have written this post to highlight the essence of startup business in India and to guide you to understand the purpose and difficulty to launch your own. In no way am I certain that this is the fast rule to a successful venture, but atleast through the experiences of others can focus on providing frugal tips to benefit any new launch.

Dear Engineering Students, Comp Sc/IT from India.

A disclaimer:  This is not for you If

1. If you’re from IIT or XYZ or blue star ranked college with a 100 % placement [I mean really].

2. You have all it takes to get into companies beyond TCS/Infosys/Wipro or other c

shops from India without caring for campus placement.

Let’s begin :

According to Wikipedia India has a total of 5672 engineering colleges.

S.No State/Union Territory Number of Engineering Institutes[5]
1 Andhra Pradesh 900
2 Arunachal Pradesh 3
3 Assam 22
4 Bihar 30
5 Chandigarh 9
6 Chhattisgarh 75
7 Delhi 37
8 Goa 10
8 Gujarat 120
9 Haryana 342
10 Himachal Pradesh 54
11 Jammu & Kashmir 28
12 Jharkhand 33
13 Karnataka 400
14 Kerala 198
15 Madhya Pradesh 285-310
16 Maharashtra 739
17 Manipur 2
17 Meghalaya 4
18 Orissa 1000
19 Puducherry 21
20 Punjab 221
21 Rajasthan 338
22 Sikkim 3
23 Tamil Nadu 934
24 Tripura 2
25 Uttar Pradesh 466
26 Uttarakhand 4
27 West Bengal 155
Total 5672

Now if we do a small calculation assuming every engineering college will have 60 seats for IT & another 60 for Computer Science. Every year we produce 120*5672= 6,80640 engineering graduates with degrees in IT & Computer Science.

Let’s do some more calculation:

Scenario 1

1. Who are the mass recruiters from Campus Freshers?

Infosys, TCS, Wipro Others..

2. What are their selection criteria?

60% through out 10/12/Engineering [Ask honestly, how many IT/Comp Sc engineer has it]

Appear in the Aptitude test

Appear in a written test

Appear in a face to face interview

3. Do these companies care about your majors while hiring?

Mostly NO

4. What does that mean?

Even mechanical, Civil, Electrical, Electronic Comm engineer can apply for these college placements.

Adding more numbers assuming only 25% of these departments are interested in joining these IT company so the number becomes (15+15+15+15) * 5672 = 340320

5. So the total pool of Freshers for chop shop becomes

3,40320+ 6,80640 = 10,20960

WTF these many engineers are waiting for campus recruitment.

6. Let me be more genuine

Assuming half of these students are not qualified for one or the other reasons, still will the Indian MNC by any means going to hire 500,000 Freshers?

NO FUCKING WAY, You cannot hire us all.

NO FUCKING WAY, You cannot hire us all.



  • Our engineering syllabus is so outdated that we are still reading Fortan & other old age languages.
  • So once we are out of college on the basis of the college degree you are not getting a job.
  • Even if there is a job the pre conditions like marks or aptitude test will be another barrier
  • Some even ask for money like CMC computers & others to give you a job.

But their is a BIG WILD WORLD open for You.

Do it yourself

You can easily add your skillset while you’re in college, by enrolling in online courses from.





& Others.

Most of these classes are free of cost & you even getting certificates for participating.

Also get into Open Source Software

Get familiar with the tool chains needed to get into Open Source world contribution quora is your friend 

I have my own story how i got into the Open Source contribution, I have contributed a chapter to Open Advice Book, its free download.


Your contribution will get you Internship like:

Also, most of these internship will end up with  getting you a  job where your recognition will not be determined on the basis of your marks, aptitude test, race, color but contribution upstream on  your github page.


1. Blog

2. Tweet

3. Read, participate, help [how/where]?

— [Keep updated with the latest technology trends, announcements]

— Mailing lists, Quora

— Forums, IRC channels

— Local technology Meetups, conferences

4. Recommended Readings

How to become a hacker

How to ask questions the smart way

Open Advice

Time is now!!

Time is now!!

Following Above steps will guarantee :

1. You will have sufficient time for your G/F or hobby without worrying for the campus placements.

2. You won’t end up regretting WTF I did engineering from this shitty college where no company is coming for campus placement.

3. You won’t end up making excuses for masters from abroad or wasting another 2 years doing MBA.

Still,some of you will not agree to what all am saying, still I will not stop trying. :

Some of you will not listen to what am saying. 🙂



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