Last evening I realized the fact following James Altucher has done wonders for me. I made note of 3 things which I followed and worked well for me in span of past 3 days. I was excited and tweeted about same.


yo1. Power of asking.

I suck at writing, I make grammatical mistakes. I needed immediate help, i pinged a friend who is in media industry & got things done in hours time.

2. Connecting people without expecting anything.

On thursday a friend of mine called me saying he desperately needs a new job, i knew someone desperately looking to hire someone equivalent to his expertise. I connected them, he has a job. I am sure my karma bucket is added with +1

3. Being humble to everyone

I know being humble is difficult. It is extremely difficult especially if the cab driver is taking you for city ride without knowing your local. But a smile & extra tip made him feel sorry. He promised me he will be nicer to next passenger, i hope he was honest about it.

And the last one. 

4. 10% tip rule

Last evening i visited this coffee shop after months time, the waiter recognized me. It was crowded on a friday evening, he managed to get me a seat.

I am not trying to be a saint/god/whatever, i do mistakes & have screwed up life & all in past. What am just trying to say is these small changes can make our life more awesome, give it a try & you will feel more happy.

Who is James Altucher. 

James is life mentor/coach for me, following his post has made my life more awesome. He is a mentor/coach/writer. You can find more details about him on his homepage