Last year, around the same time, I was in pain, kinda suffering, a little frustrated among many things. In simple terms I was totally screwed with my life and I prefer not mentioning those depressing reasons here.

So anyway, 4 things happened to me that kind of put me back on track :

  1. I packed my bags & went to my classmates hometown in Nagaland. During my stay I attended his uncles funeral. He passed away due to heart attack. It was a sad moment for my friend & his family, atleast I was there for him at his time of need.

— I learnt a hard lesson, life is truly about living today not living for tomorrow.

—  When we die neither our twitter followers or our bank account accompanies use. We go alone leaving all our assets behind.

  1. Somebody re-tweeted a post by James AltucherLive Your Life As If Everyone Else Was Going to Die Today”. I liked the post and started reading and listening to his podcast. Here are his beliefs:

— Money is not everything, it will come and go.

— Happiness is key to everything.

— Things don’t happen automatically, you have to work hard for it.

— Failures are part of life, you have to learn from it and move on.

— Its good to be crazy, sometimes!

— Ask for what you want and never be afraid to ask for help.

  1. While reading this  blog post  of James Altucher I got to came across another inspiration Kamal Ravikant and his book called “Love Yourself As If Your Life Depended On It”. I immediately purchased the book and spent a whole day reading it. Here is what I learnt:

— Your life is most important for you.

— You get one life to live.

— Eat healthy and think well.

— Practice yoga and listen to good music.

— Take failures in love and life as learning lessons.Don’t feel bad about it just learn from it.

— Do things which make you happy. Meet people who are happy.

  1. Who Will Cry When You Die?” by  Robin Sharma. I was in the bookstore when I came across this book.If I remember correctly it had about 26-27 chapters in all. Here is what I read :

— Time is now.

— Don`t regret about the past.

— Take failures in stride as important learning lessons.

— List out things that will make you happy & start working on it.

Why This Post?

I had a twitter conversation with Deepthi & so I am writing this for her. Hope it turns out useful for others as well.

BTW, how am I doing now? What is my current state?

I would summarise my life to be more meaningful, happier and peaceful. I am living my life every single day. I’ve traveled across  different cities [1], eaten some crazy insects[2], started writing regularly, meeting interesting people and now doing extraordinary stuff [3]. Life is indeed good!