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My prejudice towards Buzzfeed


BuzzFeed is known for pulling story from Tumblr, Reddit, Twitter, imgur, Facebook, Whatsapp [YEP] and making it CLICKBAIT/LINKBAIT. Every entity has revenue model & this works best for BuzzFeed.  One of my friend wrote a nice post Quantifying the Clickbait and Linkbait in BuzzFeed Article Titles

It was my prejudice that did me wrong at the time:

However, I decided to visit the site to find if they are now in fact producing original content. But I found otherwise [30 mins task, because I follow r/india & Quora]. Check out the stories along with original sources and how BuzzFeed made story out of it.

1.  About scoring 33% in exam.

There was a discussion thread on /r/india about the a kid scoring 33% in all his papers, we all laughed commented after seeing the poster and BuzzFeed copied it happily from there making story out of it.

2. On flipkart fake discount.

A user on r/india posted a picture of how one of the seller on Flipkart inflated the price and made fool of buyers by giving discount. The complete discussion thread is here and there we have BuzzFeed again making story of the same.

3. Picking popular post from Facebook & making it Clickbait.

One of the most popular post on Facebook was how outsiders think about India, it was posted on and this is how BuzzFeed made story out of it. They had no option but to give credit to original poster.

4. Destinations in India that look like Europe

There was this interesting thread on quora where users were discussing about good Indian destination that look like Europe and then you have post on BuzzFeed about same

5. Indian Army dogs are killed after retirement.

We all know it was all over social media and then Indiatimes folks wrote detailed story about it followed by super creative writer from BuzzFeed making story about same.

6. Artist in Bangalore drawing crocodile on road to bring attention about potholes.

This discussion was started on r/india with a user sharing  story which was published on Indian Express It was all over social media and then our super journos from BuzzFeed wrote the same.

Incase you folks are wondering how am I so sure about this, well do check the date/time of original post & BuzzFeed one. 

One more thing, If Andreessen Horowitz has funded them  there must be some reason/value in it which certainly is not Journalism IMHO. They are definitely serving a specific set of people which is excellent and i have nothing against them.

#BJP lost Delhi assembly election but why?


After a crushing defeat in the Delhi elections, #BJP top leaders are reexamining the results to determine what hit them. The tidal wave of the #AAP has swept the #BJP in an unrivaled act by #Kejrival and #AAP.This landslide victory for #AAP routing the #BJP and #INC is casting a spell of #AAP magic on the upcoming elections in UP and Bihar? We have to wait and watch.

As a citizen of India following politics of the country, I can only pen my analysis as follows. Here are some points which I believe proved crucial to the #BJP defeat and I’m hopeful they learn from it.

Never ignore local leaders.
It was surprising to see Kiran Bedi projected as the potential CM candidate instead of HarshVardhan or Vijay Goyal. Both these leaders have been in this party for ages and seemed more deserving especially since they are deeply connected with the party workers.With her political background in question, it seemed ironic for BJP in this election to flaunt Kiran Bedi as the face of the party.

National & state politics are run on different agendas. BJP should acutely focus on some local states agendas like the water issue in Rajasthan or electricity and law & order in Bihar.

Stop mocking/mud shedding opposition.
Every politician especially after this poll result will realize that in any election rally mockery and insult will not win votes. People are not fools, they need answers & solutions from their leaders.

Stop over spending on media and ads
Media acquisitions and ads are all catchy, but that is not money well spent. Social media is available to reach out and connect to the masses, not humiliate or turn hip overnight. Whoever is responsible for handling the media should pay more attention to positive outcome. I suggest to spend the money in helping youth cadre of the party to reach out to locals.

Avoid indulging in ridiculous controversy
Ridicule statements from party leaders opposing women to not wear jeans or every hindu giving birth to 4 children is what binds the BJP in contempt. The public is intelligent and as literate youth of India, this kind of absurdity is not entertained.

It should be noted that BJP vote bank is still intact but avoiding the above could have positioned them better in Delhi Election.



Congrats #Kejriwal & #AAP, time to deliver.


In the Delhi elections, AAP and #Kejriwal had victory written all over  Delhi that left the BJP smitten[Although its vote share still remains intact] by the AAP effect. The BJP’s defeat indicates some intrinsic shifts in political formative not only in Delhi but maybe across the nation. Just like Modi swept India in the 2014 elections marking the dawn of an endeavoring India, AAP ran the same predicament in Delhi and eventually swept the elections.

As the common man, #Kejriwal has produced a shocker in a good way with a thumping win over their opponent. Not sure if Kejriwal or Yogender Yadav had any inclination of victory but credit goes to #AAP populist agenda and garnering voters sympathy to form the next government.

Here is what AAP has promised Delhi, the question remains, will they deliver or will dejavu set in for AAP ? We will have to wait and see.

1) Full statehood to Delhi: This would bring the brash police force and scrutiny to ‘law and order’ away from the central government and under the control of the Delhi government.

2) Electricity, Water and Sanitation: Electricity bill to be halved. A promise of 700 litres of free water to be delivered per household.

3) Education system: Opening of 500 new schools and 20 new colleges with transparency to Nursery and kindergarten admissions and monitored tab on school fee structure.

4) Healthcare: Health Cards, free ambulance, eradication of Dengue and a 24 hour helpline will be provided to Delhi residents.

5) Women’s right and safety: Adequate street lighting, CCTVs in public space including  public transport. Setting up of Woman’s security force among other measurements.

6) Wifi City: Delhi will be made a wi-fi city with free access to all residents.

7) Jan Lokpal bill: AAP has once again resolved to pass Jan Lokpal bill that would put all public officials, including Chief Ministers, Ministers and MLAs, under that purview of investigation.

In conclusion, I’m hopeful this time and do not expect #Kejrival and AAP to throw similar tantrums if they lack support from the central government. The onus is on #Kejriwal and company to deliver the goods to the public, who, in a democracy like ours, makes or breaks the term. In jest, I’m banking on autowalas to go by the meter & Mr #Kejrival and his party workers to work from an aam aadmi point of view.


Also stop giving these kind of statements, it scares hell out of me. I will be the last person seeing you sitting on dharna without delivering.



Also read on Reddit about delivery of your promises, it says.

AAP has 1825 days to keep their promises of

– 500 new schools

– 20 new colleges

– 1500000 CCTV cameras

– 200000 public toilets

So at an average,

– a school to be started in every 3.65 days

– a college to be started in every 91.25 days

– a CCTV to be installed in every 2 mins

– a public toilet to be build in every 13 mins

All this will be funded by 50% cut in electricity tariff, VAT reduction, free water and WiFi….


So better start working from now. 

#AIBRoast #Buzzfeed et all.

It’s about 5 pm on a Wednesday evening and I just woke up. I had a party last night that carried on till the wee hours of the day, pretty good time!. Oh! wait!!! this post is not about the party or my alcoholic preferences, this post is about something more captivating over the past week that has gripped the whole country to debate about rather impose on freedom of speech. I get a feeling that us, Indians, at least the ones who spend endless hours on the Internet are too busy deciding and defining this freedom of expression and end up morale policing our limits. Neither am I a saint, as somewhere even I was in a heated debate with couple of my friends all over twitter. The controversy in question is this #AIBRoast controversy.

What is AIB?
Now, there are a bunch of stand up comedians earning a fortune dwelling on vulgar jokes and critical verbalism [IMHO] in front of an audience who rates their comedic intelligence. In view of such boorish, the makers were asked to knockout their views barring them from so called freedom of speech.

This #AIBRoast controversy
I think most of you know about it so I rather STFU.


My Take
At first I thought this demeaning not just for society but the participants on whom jokes were being made during the event and was criticized on twitter for similar remarks. Forgive me, it took me sometime to realize it was just a show where everyone was expected to take it in good stride. Eventually, they decide if they like or dislike the joke. So if Deepika criticizes KRK & TOI over twitter & enjoys all jokes during #AIBRoast its her personal decision. We have got no business about it.

Buzzfeed & others

WTF is wrong with the world? Why does a site like this exist even? It took me sometime to realize that on a multi billion Internet user base its all about taste and preference. I am sure they have a large audience following the post which to me is idiocy and its a matter of choice, you like it read it else don’t. Also those sponsors & investors pouring money to buzzfeed and other sites see value in it.

We are in a free world, with freedom of speech [1, 2] where you and I are not the ones to decide what is good,bad or ugly. It is all about choice and a matter of taste where you like it then read it or else do something better.



But who is responsible, teachers or students or college?

I am not bragging but i am not happy with our education system. I was out on a recruitment drive 2 weeks back in a so called tier 1 engineering college in Bangalore, India.

I expected these final year computer science students to answer these below mentioned questions on web technology but unfortunately most of them were not.

1. Web caching

2. How web hosting works

3. DNS

4. What are web crawlers how search engine like google works.

5. What are logfiles for, real world use case

6. API : what is it?

7. How internet works

Screen Shot 2015-01-27 at 1.36.12 AM

Who should i blame?

Students: Because they have time to spend on social media but not in understanding these basic technologies?

Teacher:   Because the only task they have is to finish the syllabus?

College/University: For most outdated syllabus or ZERO innovation?

Tell me what do you think?


It is good to be naked



Past few months been great.  I met few amazing people and Twitter got me  my life coach Kamal Ravikant & James Altucher.

I am writing about being naked, what do I mean by that?

1. Please be as you are.

2. Do not  pretend to be someone.

3. Feel inner peace not materialistic one.

4. Do what you love not what others want you to do.

5. Money will come and go, your identity will remain even after your death.

6. Get out of “What if” state of mind, it will kill your creativity & will make you sick.

7. Please treat humans as they are i.e waiter, drivers, maid, shopkeepers, pantryboy they are one of us.

8. Travel, eat, drink, meet people, stay happy.


Things i love about Mumbai.

I stayed in the city for over a year, i agree i was never part of it. People say Mumbai is not for everyone, i have no comment on that. My one year stay has been a mixed feeling & I would like to share the positive side of it.

Autowalas: I have traveled & stayed in many cities Delhi, Pune, Chennai, Bangalore [insert city name here] Mumbai has been the only city where these folks will take you anywhere by meter. I never felt bad taking a ride & was never scared about the security part.


Nobody Cares: No one has fucking time to see what his/her neighbours are doing. I have no idea who stays next door & i have never seen them.

Night Life: The only city which is awake till 1 am out here in India. Most of my night out has been after dinner post 10 pm. I remember missing my flight to Delhi because i was over confident that i will make it to airport after the party.

Food: From variety of vegetarians i.e gujarati, marathi to mughlai food. Ooh don`t forget the wide number of restaurants serving international cuisine. I spent good time at pop tates & jughead, you should try there sizzlers its mouth watering.


Friends: I made good number of interesting friends here & met many old ones. I will be meeting them whenever am here.



What next: I am headed to Bangalore, looking forward to meet all my old friends. Bangalore has a fascinating technology community, i will try to be part of it.  


Things or two I learnt following James Altucher.



A lot people like Peter Theil is not a big fan of Twitter, everyone has an opinion or belief and we should respect it.

About me, I have always been a connector & Twitter is one of the best things happened to me. A few months back a tweet from   landed in my timeline, it was a Eureka moment for me because I was going through turbulent times in my personal & professional life.

I made a small list which I have kept as a sticky note after going through his blog & podcast.

1. Be Honest with yourself.

2. Ask whenever you need something.

3. Fail fast & start something new.

4. Your health is key to your successful life.

5. Stay away from those who don’t respect you or are pessimistic.

6. Be Naked, always open to accept & exchange ideas.

7. Help help help others without expecting immediate returns.

8. Get into the habit of reading.

9. Being crazy is good.

10. You have an idea, work on it forget about the end result, give it a try to start with.

In case you want to know more about  James Altucher, please follow him on 



Amazon Page

I will keep adding more to the list over time. I am hoping next year I will be in a position to buy all his books as am still catching up with all his blogs & podcasts.



Crazy Dreams about my death

Okey, here i am in mid air writing about this experience of mine. It might appear hilarious/funny but every once in a while I get this weird dream of me getting killed in a  head on car collision or flight explosion in mid air. I would hope it never comes true.


Am is scared of these dreams?

Fucking no, it keeps reminding me that death is imminent & I should better spend every single day of my life to fullest. Its working so far well. 🙂

What would you do if you were me?

But we keep complaining !!

Its going to be a RANT, if you are interested please keep reading.

Found it in no litter zone at North Sikkim. Packed it & dropped it in a trash in Gangtok.

Found it in no litter zone at North Sikkim. Packed it & dropped it in a trash in Gangtok.

So every now and then i keep hearing, our government is not doing this, they are not doing that.

1. No water supply, this government is good for nothing.

Please ask yourself:

a. Your water tap is leaking but you have no time to get is fixed. That means you are wasting water. Can you fucking get it fixed.

b. Why every freaking day your tank goes on water overflow wasting many liters of water to drainage?

2. We don`t get 24/7 electricity, this government is waste

a. Ooh but are you paying the bills?

b. ooh and are you using electricity sensibly, do you close fans/lights when  its not needed.

3. Man see the city is so dirty.

a. Do you throw the garbage in bin?

b. Do you carry bags when you go out shopping or your dependent on polybag shopkeeper gives you.

Please ask yourself how we can fix the problems. I know our city & country is not perfect, but we can work together in making it better. 🙂

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