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Random Thoughts: We have stopped being grateful


We are living in a hyper-converged world, smart phones & social media taking more time than family/friends/nature/surrounding.

  1. We have enough to feed ourself unlike those laborers working in mine/rail/road constructions.
  2. We have enough to commute from one place to another in cab/car/taxi/auto unlike many others who still walk miles barefoot for work.
  3. We are free/independent to walk/eat/drink/talk/mingle the way we like unlike many other parts of the world.
  4. We have affordable medical care unlike many other part of the world, so we get sick, visit doctor, get medicine & come back.
  5. We were lucky unlike millions others whose parents were not rich enough to send kids to colleges/schools for Engineering/Medical/Science/Arts degree.

What has happened to us?

Most of us are turning into robots, turning into a angry box, frustrated, stressed & focusing about better future.

We have to live for now, feel every single moment of our life.

  1. When was the last time you spoke for over 20 minutes with your parents, considering they are not staying with you?
  2. When was the last time you took you siblings for lunch/dinner/coffee?
  3. When was the last time you told you wife/bf/gf like truly about how much they mean to you?
  4. Do you even remember the name of your gatekeeper who opens your colony gate and salutes saying namaste saheb or to the office boy who gets you tea?
  5. When was the last time you were out of internet for 24 hours because you wanted sometime with yourself or your family?
  6. When was the last time you slept without worrying about next month’s car/home EMI

Life is about living in present & feeling grateful with what you have currently not planning for uncertain future.

Random Thoughts: Some life lessons.


I am no billionaire philanthropist  or a startup guy who just made a big exit. The content of this post has more to do with my experience with life/people & surroundings over year of time.

These are some of the learnings:

1. Family should get all the attention.

2. Heath comes next

3. People will come & go in our life

4. You have to be honest with yourself

5. Its good to have one honest friend than bunch of  friends.

6. Learning does not require college degree it can come from everywhere

7. People will change over time.

8. You cannot be happy always, but you can try to maximize it with efforts.

9. Think before speaking in anger as its consequences can change your life.

10. Love comes from all corners, you have to keep eyes open to feel it.

11. Money come with stress/pain.

12. Your ego is what you own in reality.

13. Failure hurts, glorifying it does little help.

14. Successful people practice to perfection.

15. Working hard & smart both matters.

16. Empathy will make u more successful.

17. Worrying about future & screwing present will do more harm.

18. You have to clean your mess

19. Smile more, its free.

20. Slow down a bit in life it helps.

21. Go offline for one day in week.

22. Respect mother nature

23. Travel more, see the world.

24. Challenge yourself with some monthly goal can be hobby/learning/exercise.

25. Celebrate life, taking it too seriously will make you sad & stressed.

26. Eat healthy food [more fruits & vegetables], avoid junk and sodas.

27. Exercise regularly

28. Read regularly, it helps

29. Be grateful & respect everyone.

30. Anger, happiness, sadness are never permanent. It is part of life.



Random Thoughts: On-boarding new developers to open source projects. Then & Now.


We are entering in 2016, my journey to open source started in 2004-05 when i attended one of the Linux User Group meetup in New Delhi, India. Those days we had to pay one$ for surfing internet for an hour, having a dial-up internet at home was considered luxury.

What was the scene those days?

  1. Linux user groups were more happening, we had demo days and most open source software developers were under single roof.
  2. We were more glued offline for beer/kebab/pizza and hangouts.
  3. To on-board new users to open source we were regularly conducting workshop across colleges and cities.
  4. We had mailing list, IRC, wiki [they still exists]

How are things now?

  1. Internet is everywhere & is part of our life.
  2. Mobile usage has exploded, information about everything is one tap away.
  3. Installing Linux & open source software has become much easier, internet & advanced GUI development gets credit.
  4. The whole open source ecosystem got divided into different camps & all started organizing/mentoring its own users/contributors.
  5. Web and social media platforms quora, stackoverflow along with free MOOC courses are loaded with all information.
  6. Online conferences like ubuntu developer summit summit and live streaming of conferences gave more wider audience.
  7. Github, Slack, Gitter are new cool among developers.

2016 & beyond new user on-boarding.

  1. We don’t have to spoon feed anymore, most of the information are available on the web. This generation is way smarter then us.
  2. We don’t have to go for extreme evangelism because web has enough information those who are interested will find a way.
  3. All we have to do is to mentor & help only if they need it.


PS: This is not a rant against all those who are still working on building a open source community in 2000 style, this is my thought & i might me wrong here. 

Random Thoughts: On OpenStack


OpenStack is over 5 years old now.  I have seen the project from days when many pundits claimed its not needed or it is a dead project or what not. These are some of my thoughts about the overall project & where it i s headed.

Community: I think OpenStack is one of the biggest project so far written in python. The latest release has over 5000 developers. Every release has followed a cycle & delivered timely.

Marketing Hype: OpenStack no more enjoys the hype it used to years back, tech scene changes so rapidly. 

Foundation: I think forming OpenStack foundation was one of the best thing happened to the project. The folks are working really hard to push project forward in whatever best possible way they can.

Foundation Members: OpenStack has almost every enterprise backing, check this link if you don’t believe me .  All these organization wants to make money out of it & hence they all have aspirations. Most of them have full time employes hacking/contributing to upstream OpenStack code.

Definition of OpenStack: It has been over 5 years & we have not come to a conclusion what components must/must-not have to make the product “OpenStack Powered” I know Rob & others been working hard on this, not sure when will this be finally a reality.

VC’s putting $$$:  Vc’s believed in Openstack & startups building services around OpenStack ended up getting funded over a billion $. Source

Acquisitions & Closures: In this 5 years tenure we saw a lot of these smaller startups getting acquired by traditional vendors like Piston, CloudScaling, BlueBox.  At same time we heard about Nebula closing down & HP public cloud getting shut.

Job Market: OpenStack created a great job market & even 5 years down the line being an OpenStack developer can get you good $$. If you have contributed upstream then companies will be after you to hire.

The dream of Federated Cloud: I am still waiting to see if  I will even be able to share my workload simultaneously on Rackspace, IBM Cloud or others with single OpenStack dashboard. This dream which was sold to us, I don’t see happening at all.  After fighting with Simon all these years over API I have to agree having Amazon API support as native would have increased OpenStack’s adoption.

Too many install Options: I have to agree many ways to do the same thing can be confusing. Installing OpenStack is still hard and perhaps will always remain so. I won’t be surprised if someone writes a detailed thesis on the installation procedure & options [with comparison to all devOp tools] for OpenStack & upgrading OpenStack.

Pain of managing Install/API doc:  Every new release has 100+ new flags & coordinating with developers or upstream contributor is not an easy job.  Anne & team are doing excellent work. They will love to see your contribution & this is the best place if you want to get started with  contributing to OpenStack project.

PS: I was one of the core OpenStack documentation contributor &  still a community coordinator for OpenStack project in India.

Random Thoughts: On television, newspaper & media


When I was a little kid we only had Doordarshan, India’s national channel & It had limited hours dedicated for news. Currently we have 25+ hindi & english channel catering 24/7 news.  If we add up entertainment/lifestyle/sports the list will go over 200. It is same with newspapers.

I have not purchased a newspaper in last 3-4 years nor owned a TV. I will chalk down my thoughts & reasons  for the same.

  1. The quality of Media content has gone low, editorial has no substance & TV debates are like cat fight.
  2. TV or newspaper are all about creating sensation.
  3. Instead of  being source of information they have turned as infotainment.
  4.  Most of these newspapers or TV channels are run by politicians with a specific propaganda.
  5. I get to know more about brand with 10 page of advertisement or multiple TV breaks instead news that i can relate to.

Do you like reading newspaper these days or watching debate on news channels? How do you keep up with it?

Random Thoughts: On working remotely


I have completed almost 2+ years working remotely. I can only say its not an easy job  & requires well defined process in place. I just felt like sharing what could be the best way to avoid conflicts across team members & abiding to timeline.

Daily Communication Tools
To communicate with the daily activities with your team members it is important to have a communication channel which can be Slack or IRC or else.

If something is important sending an e-mail will be a super wise idea.

Scheduled Team Meetings
Considering a remote team with members present in multiple timezones, it is extremely important to have a fixed day & time in week for the meeting. The same can use tools like google calendar for the same. One can have a audio/video conversation on tools like Skype,, Google Hangouts or Others

Project Management
It is also important to have a project management tool with roadmaps, current assigned task to each member of the team. It gives good idea what a particular member is working on this week or month. We have so many tools like Asana, Basecamp.

Pep Talk & some empathy
It often happens when the team grows rapidly some members start getting less feedbacks or response because the lead is busy with other more important tasks. A team lead should have one to one personal communication with each of its member for feedbacks, motivation & rest.

Last not the least its good to have some empathy for each & every member of the team because you never know what current situation he/she is going through along with giving 40hrs of his/hers weekly for the organization. 

Random Thoughts: Loving yourself.



We are living in hyper connected community. All celebrations, entertainment, get together are more online than offline.  

As a result our success & happiness has new degree of measurement like:

  1. How many people like my Facebook status.
  2. How many retweeted my Tweet

At same time we equally  question our self :

  1. Is my boss happy with my work
  2. I hope my friends will like me in new dress or haircut
  3. I hope by bf/gf is not cheating on me
  4. I don’t know how my friends, office colleague & peer groups think about me

We spend so much time on all these things that we totally forget to think about ourselves. The priority we give to external world instead internal us is making us all vulnerable & sometimes leads to severe depression.
Are you loving yourself?

Random Thoughts: Letting it go.


I am done living half of my life [assuming we don’t get Nuked by our neighbours or we have some natural calamity ] There are few things which at times I think about from past :

  1. should have acted more professional in that executive meeting.
  2. should not have fought over phone after few bottles down with someone I cared for.
  3. should not have given my brutal honest opinion to my closest friend who is no-more my friend.
  4. Should have bowed to his Ego for bigger paycheck/job.

I had options.

a) Either I should cry over it, burn my blood, feel miserable [Not that I did not do all of this]

b) Learn from these mistakes & move on. I don’t have to be so harsh on myself.  [Its too fucking hard to practice though..]

Alas “Time is the biggest healer”, they said. It took me sometime to realize that i need to let few things go from my life & its for my good.

What do you all think?

Random Thoughts: On starting Up


One advantage of living in Bangalore is everyone around you is working on startup ideas. You visit a coffee shop or a microbrewery you will find folks talking in length & at times even pitching product ideas to investors for funding. 

I keeping asking myself these questions whenever i think about starting up.

1. Is this the thing i am fully motivated in doing & spending next 7-8 years?

2. Is this thing going to solve some real world problem?

3. Am I or my parents going to use this as soon as its out?

4. Can i keep it bootstrapped & start making revenue as soon as product is out?

I will be more than happy to know what excites you day & night about your startup. 

Random Thoughts: Money, is it everything.


In age of capitalism, money is de facto to happiness for most , it gets you everything (almost)


Business Class ticket

Grand Villa

World Tour
But are these the only things you need in life? What about inner peace, satisfaction and quality time with your new born baby or old aged parents?

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