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Random Thoughts: On reading Bhagwad Gita.


I finally finised reading Bhagwad Gita,  a hindu holy book which is collection of over 700 verses. It’s a  discourse between Krishna and Arjuna on the battlefield of Kurukshetra.  I would strongly recommend almost everyone to read it, it has nothing to do with your race/religion.  We all can relate to one or the other  discourse provided, I made small list of sentences/lines which had great impact on me.

  1. Our expectation is root cause of unhappiness.
  2. We have to maintain equanimity in almost every aspect of life & treat it equally so neither be too happy or too sad.
  3. Karma is what defines our caste not what we got at birth.
  4. Our mind is an asset and if we let Maya/Illusion control it, we are slave to materialistic aspect of life. This will make us unhappy.
  5. Our gunas  satva , rajas and tamas should not act on us & affect our happiness.
  6. Some task in our life are not done for a purpose to return outcome in our favor, we just have to do it.

The simple thought of reading Bhagwad Gita came to me from one of the tweets from @Arpit  [See his notes]

Random Thoughts: On Depression


Woke up & read this r/linux thread  where Ian Murdock [Debian Linux project founder] tweets are mentioned. Ian says he is committing suicide.  I will be more than happy if these tweets turn out to be hoax or coming from someone else who gained control of his Twitter account.

This incident got me thinking about one of the biggest issue we all have gone through in our life i.e depression.  We can easily track number of well known faces we have lost because of going in depression.

These are some advice I got when I was in depression, most of these worked:

  1. Don’t just stay alone, talk to parents/friends.
  2. This will pass, its just a phase
  3. Listen to some good music
  4. Exercise & meditate
  5. Avoid alcohol & eating junk
  6. Travel, connect, eat, meet, see newer part of this world.

How did you fight with your depression & came out from it?

Update : Ian Murdock is no more.

Random Thoughts: On Identity

When we were born we had no identity, we were just another creature on planet Earth.

Then came :

  1. Parents : religion, caste, surname
  2. Physical appearance: Looks, Color, Weight, Height
  3. Personal nature: Empathic, Rude, Jolly
  4. Job & Education: MIT/IIT/IIM/XLRI/MIT/Harvard
  5. Social Status: Bank balance, Car, House

You will be judged & reminded about your identity at all these 5 places the moment you will fail to deliver or try to go out of the league.

You have got 2 options

  1. Follow the norm, try carving out Identity for yourself at all those stages.
  2. Be a rebel & build your own identity like hackers, visionaries  & painters

What are your thoughts?



Random thoughts: On Romanticizing Failures


People say success & failures are complementary. It is like two side of coin & both co-exist. Over last few years I have noticed in every spectrum people are celebrating failures be it cover page of famous magazine, online portal, help/advice avenues like Quora or social media portals like Twitter, Facebook, Medium or LinkedIn.

 I have nothing against them, these are my thoughts :

  1. Weather its absolute NO in love/relationship.
  2. Not clearing interview of your dream job
  3. Failing miserably after taking enormous amount of funding from external investors.
  4. Got backstabbed by best friend or business partner.

I have gone through some of these & all I can say is coping up with failures is not easy. It can hit you hard & at times it can cost your life.

I have learnt from my past & moved on. I am not going to write a best-selling book glorifying my failure because someone has done so, in the end it is a failure. I don’t need extended coverage defining my celebration but an extended coverage of how I fixed my failure, my only hope with this is that it will help others not take the same route.

What are your thoughts about failing?

Random Thoughts: Purpose of life.


Few months back I celebrated 29 years of my existence. I have been thinking for sometime, what are we here for.  This is my list which I am always reminded to :

  1. Parents & Family: Everything I have right now is because of my parents & awesome family around.
  2. Friends: Its good to have few friends closer to you, they are the ones who will be there for you in every phase of life be it good or bad. So please choose your friends wisely.
  3. Helping everyone: I consider myself lucky to be the guy who is in position to help. This help can be  mentoring, motivating to providing monetary help to those who are in need of it.
  4. Society: Society is like movie script, it has well written protocol & one has to follow it. Society will always be on up as watchdog & pointing at our wrong doings. The question for me is how can i live in this world with society affecting least to my happiness.

Have you ever given thought on Purpose of  your life?

random thoughts: Respect


I moved all the way from one of the remote part of India to Capital city. I really feel blessed that my mom made the decision to kick me out of her jurisdiction  to a new independent hostel life.

My first encounter was with A.N. Singh, my physical education teacher and hostel warden. He is one of the reason why I am fit so far. I still remember every morning 6 am call followed  by exercise and  7-10 km walk/run.

I got my first job, I met  Shorav Sir, he helped me, kicked my ass and mentored me.

Its been 7 years since I have been working and over this tenure  I have encountered various managers, heads but these two were the one who left maximum impact on me. I consider myself blessed that I met them. I will keep respecting them throughout my life for what I am right now.

What about you? Have you made a similar list?

Random Thoughts: Anger, enemy within


At times due to certain situation we get angry, aftermath of it has never been sweet. At times we end losing

1. Friends

2. Loved Ones

3. Blood

4. Respect

Next time before getting angry, think thought what all  is at stake for you.

Walking down memory lane

memory lane

This post is about me growing up, the part where my parents disciplined me to turn out better in life.

I hail from a very remote part of Bihar. When I was in school, electricity in our native was available on an average of about 10-20 hours per week! Most of time, I recall us burning the kerosene lamp around the house. Ironically, that did not do my eyesight any good as I’ve ended up with sore eyesight in my youth. Being part of an average middle class family back in the day,I consider myself lucky to have had the luxury of almost everything a child of my generation ever needed to live a decent life. So much so that most kids those days would have demanded from their struggling parents, for me it was all pretty satisfactory.

My parents never failed to discipline me. Their one and only strict rule was to do well in studies, never get into fights with anyone. It was odd being left out of normal boyish characteristics,but rules were rules and the mischievous me found ways to exploit them. This ended up with me getting beaten by dad for misbehaviour. It might sound cruel and harassing, but its funny how I look back to those dreaded  times and value the control my parents had over me. Even if it meant getting beaten by them once in while, I think it was essential to my growing up so that at no point I was every going astray. Obviously, I used to hate it at that time. Today, I laugh about it. Infact, this morning I was reminding my dad of how mischievous I used to be and we laughed. My dad says it was part and parcel of his love towards me.

Growing up, we get to hear of children going astray. When I hear about the miserable stories of kids smoking weed, taking drugs, using abusive language and disrespecting their parents on account of social security, I simply feel disgusted. Somewhere discipline was lacking. Not that I want these kids to take a beating but I feel that some level of control and discipline is lacking which is very important to mould and groom them into becoming better individuals. Too bad that most of them grow up and never realize the importance of lacking self discipline.

For me, growing up was strict.I still remember how much I cried after class 10 when my parents decided to send me to a boarding school in Delhi. Looking at my current state and the success I have achieved it was their decision that led to my betterment today.

Disclaimer: I am not suggesting parenting has to be strict, it was just the way I grew up and the incidents that have contributed to for me write this post.

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