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Tag: Random Thoughts

Random Thoughts: Our insecurity

Our  society and being part various different affiliations we are insecure. We are insecure about our job, relationship, future to mention a few.

  1. Will I get appraisal this year?
  2. My Gf/Bf loves me as much i do or not?
  3. What if my competitor raise more funding than mine, will it kill my business?
  4. Will I be able to buy a house or afford US trip next year



Is this present beautiful moment of our life worthy enough to be insecure? Will giving best to what we are doing or playing by our strength not help us in getting rid of our insecurity?


Random Thoughts: Playing by strength


I am sure some of you have read about 10,000 hours rule.  You can be an expert in almost anything if you can practice it for 10,000 hours. It comes out to be 7 hours of practice for almost 4 years [If my maths are still in place].

If you have read Scott Adams book How to Fail at Almost Everything and Still Win Big: Kind of the Story of My Life     where is talks about goals vs system

In this  era of instant gratification  where we want our satisfactions met over few minutes via a dating app to on-demand movie app to cab aggregator app. It is extremely difficult to keep/stay motivated for 4 years because of passionate to pursue interest. [It is not impossible either, you need to be super humans]  

What have we done to ourselves?

  1. I should get MBA degree after engineering, it will pay me well.
  2. I should enroll to some kind of sports as well, admission to degree college will become easy.
  3. Take online classes of machine learning because it will pay me well.

We are forcing ourself to fit in the box for our future. How about we play by our strength?

Will that not keep us happy in our present and we make best out of it in every arena?


Random Thoughts: Our feelings


I have no clue if feeling is a good thing or bad for you. I do have some idea how it originates though.

Attachment –> Expectations —> Ego is satisfied —- (Yes ) —-> Positive Feelings

                (No)  —-> Negative Feelings

Feelings can lead to daydreaming or over thinking apart from giving depression, anger, insomnia etc. This can result into affecting your present and future.  To have a great present you have to live a life free from past prejudice, learnings. A life like an empty slate which is empty and has no affect from outside world.

Make things simple


I am writing this post after spending good 45-50 minutes in figuring out how to install CentOs Linux 7.3.

  1. Disable IPV6
  2. Configure network on boot
  3. Install net-tools to get my ifconfig command.

In real life simple things are widely accepted.

  1. Booking a cab via Uber [Past call a taxi, fight with cab drivers]
  2. Booking a hotel via Airbnb [You had no clue what you paid for and what is offered]
  3. Booking flight tickets via Cleartrip et all. [Monitor, buy instead being on mercy of offline travel agent]
  4. Ordering food via Swiggy, Zomato, Dunzo [Call to restaurant if they want they will deliver food to your door step ]
  5. Loading cash via PayTm [Go via traditional net-banking, log in/add account/wait for confirmation]
  6. Ordering book from Flipkart/Amazon [Go to shopping mall, if the book is available you are lucky else keep visiting]

As technology has evolved, so has the product/user experience. If you have a simple and beautifully explained system/interface, any first time user will be hooked to it.

If you are a product builder ask yourself will my grandparents use it without calling me or wasting hours digging inside product documentation?

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