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OpenStack Day India, September 2013

I know am too late to write about it but its better to write about an event rather than not.


Its been great year for OpenStack India community, we crossed over 1700 members & at same time during the event met a lot many startup folks. Some of them are simple system integrators and some are working as solution provider while others are involved in product testing. It should be noted that companies like HP, DELL, Cisco and other multinational already has big team working from beginning. I was fascinated to find that one of the biggest ISP provider in India Netmagic is already using Swift in production & soon moving compute to Nova.

Thanks to all our sponsors & OpenStack foundation for the support, you can read the whole event report here ¬†We as folks from OpenStack India team really worked hard to make this happen. ūüôā

Technology as i see in 2014


1. Sql is not dead

Well i remember people calling SQL based databases historic or dead and what not. I don`t see it going anywhere. Oracle will keep minting $$ & on Open Source champions like MySql and Postgres will go along well in deployment with  most web CMS & technology. Even the cloud computing like AWS has extended its support on Postgres

2. WebRTC is kicking butt

In case you have still not heard of WebRTC, you better start looking out for it. The project will change the way real time communication is taking place on web. The fun thing is giants like Cisco and Google are battling it out for theirs as default codec.

3. OpenStack will be Defacto cloud enabler

I don`t give much attention to analysts when they say OpenStack has no real deployments. I clearly seeing the project making great strides in many areas. The modularity of OpenStack allows its component integrated with multiple technology. Companies like Concur, MercadoLibre, Disney are using Swift [Object Storage component of OpenStack]  in real production case. Yes these companies are using various other technology & some are not even using Cloud.

4. Azure & IBM will keep battling out with AWS

Azure & $MSFT will do great with cloud reason, they already have an ecosystem. ex- Office365. Microsoft will tweak there licensing cost to move all there traditional customers to cloud.  Softlayer acquisition by IBM clearly shows the future of cloud in enterprise is AWESOME. Everyone is serious.

5. People will keep talking about Big Data and NoSql

And last not the least people are usual will keep talking about Big Data & NoSql, venture capitals will keep funding startups. In reality you cannot add big data in all the use cases, i would prefer R or Python Panda for doing same stuff on smaller level.

6. PaaS PaaS PaaS baby

Yes platform as a service will remain another dominating topic for CIO & to be discussed among social media circuit. OpenShift & Cloud foundry will keep making technology polished and awesome.


OpenStack Swift in a box (folsom/ubuntu 12.04)

Last week i was at PES IT college, Bangalore  for a workshop on OpenStack Swift. I had to get them (students) a hands on of the same.

So i went through the video & resources which Joe Arnold created¬†explaining¬†about swift. ( So essentially what i have done here is extension of what was explained on Swiftatack site but customized it to my need. ūüôā

The thing was i was not able to find the script which can help me install Swift via Ubuntu repository on a fresh Ubuntu machine so what i did was , i went thought the official swift in a box guide & wrote a simple script which installs swift for you once you have Ubuntu 12.04 up and running along with cloud archive in place in your apt.sources.list.

Lastly thanks to my friend Hugo Ko ¬†who been great help in in fixing some errors i was getting cos of the file system permissions. I owe you a beer Hugo ūüėÄ

Custom virtualbox  Image for Ubuntu 12.04 can be found from here


Virtualbox Image (swift : swift are the credentials for default login user:password )  :

Custom Script for installing swift on ubuntu 12.04

I hope it helps everyone one wants to play with swift in a box with tempauth. Also i have not done anything awesome incredible here because most of it is already available at many places.

I have added it all on Bitbucket as well Happy “Forking” ¬†

Hope it helps!! ¬†ūüôā



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