I am trying to develop a habit of reading, last week while reading one article I got to know about “Mundaka Upanishad.

Upanishad are suktis[chants] which teachers[guru] used to share among students in older days in India. There are 18 principal upanishads.

On searching harder I got these 2 videos explaining “Who am I” using Mundaka Upanishad.



In all honesty I am not the write guy to write summery of these, i would request you to watch both the videos & understand from it. I hope it helps to almost all of us who been asking all this while to ourselves “Who am I?”

Bonus: I also found this series of lectures[mp3]  on  Mundaka Upanisad, you should wget get and save it will be a good content to listen while you are on a long flight.