Notes from reading: Inspired, How To Create Products Customers Love by Marty Cagan

After quitting Minio I have been spending my free time in reading & consuming lots of coffee. This book was recommended to me by Anurag Ramdasan  as I am still in process of figuring out what is next. This book is strongly recommended for product managers or folks building customer products. Do follow Marty Cagan’s official […]

Notes from reading: The Last Lecture by Randy Pausch

This book is list of wisdom shared by Randy Pausch, he had cancer and few months to live.  I got this book from my sister’s bookshelf, it is one of the best read for me so far this year, extremely recommended. These are some notes, some are titles of the book [self explanatory] : Dream […]

Paris climate agreement, Donald & us.

President Donald Trump announced that he is withdrawing the U.S. from a landmark, international climate agreement. I understand the concern of whole world and who bad this comes on fellow american friends. Is keeping climate clean is just Paris climate agreement? Are we doing our part? Switching off light for an hour in year & running AC […]

Notes from reading: “One Click” Jeff Bezos and the Rise of

My curiosity to find out what runs Amazon, its philosophy, vision and roots resulted me in picking  “One Click” Jeff Bezos and the Rise of The book provided some interesting insights, rise/fall, good/bad part of early days of Amazon and particularly Jeff Bezos vision and leadership. These are some notes from the book I […]

Notes from reading: Freedom from the Known by J Krishnamurti

Continuing with my quest of reading more on J Krishnamurti  I picked up Freedom from the Known. Its a series of discourse on various aspects of life. These are some of my clipped notes from the book:  If one wants to see a thing very clearly, one’s mind must be very quiet, without all the prejudices, […]