As a founder, I am reminded about the pace of shipping, iterating, and closing. It gets growth and advantage over competitors. It results in raising quickly and building a high-growth startup and, surge in valuation. Being part of the startup and VC ecosystem, I have noticed one big moat, the pace of closing deals. Last […]


Developing a product for a newer market is a black box. We know nothing; the market research and user interview have their limitations. A lot comes with the founder’s conviction and a limited set of anchor customers. It has been my learning while building B2B software for over four years. The brain gets tempted to […]


While reading The Wright Brothers, I felt great knowing the reception bicycle got from society. It took everyone by surprise and opening a bicycle shop was a craze. The Wright Brothers started a bicycle shop after failing in the printing press business. This reminds me of Benjamin Franklin and his career. 🙂 Added some excerpts […]


Your customer is going to use 30-40% of what you have sipped in your product features religiously. Rest is just for a parity set of features with your competitors. In case you are building an enterprise product, minimalism, and simplicity can go against you and surprise your users. Since incarnation users have been conditioned to […]


Product development has many levers. A customer will not just switch to your product on your premise of being better. They would like a first-hand experience. At the same time, not all customers are equal, each has its unique pain and desire to progress. It is important to stay in a bigger vision while listening […]


1/ The biggest hindrance in building any product is noise from outside. It is from people who are not using your product but giving advice. 2/ Losing focus comes next to noise. It is very easy to get lost for winning customer and losing a circle of competence. 3/ Quick growth which means scaling, hiring, […]