Typing Product on Google gives enough results. Heck, same goes for many available books on Amazon. We are in the era of building and product leaders are key stakeholders. There are so many methodologies and development practices which are used by these gurus. What I have understood with my limited consciousness is: A product has […]

Paper: On product customization and customers willing to pay more

I was reading this behavioral economics paper [PDF] On product customization and customers willing. It cites how our bias plays its role (endowment effect, IKEA effect) and why credit card companies, E-commerce giants stress on personalized care and recommendation. Why we end up paying more for the customized coffee mug and feel worse if it […]


Last year I was reading on product design. I was fascinated seeing the innovation in this domain.  I picked up a design book (don’t remember which one) and made some notes after reading.  I found this file after cleaning up my system’s drive. Design implementation takes time, working on iterating and incremental upgrades helps. Communicate […]

Notes from reading: Don’t make me think, Steve Krug

Steve Krug is a famous user experince expert.  His job includes providing advice to big web development and enterprise firms on usability of web properties like web portals, mobile platform or CRM. In this book he shares some of the secrets of great user experience and user interface.  The gist of the book is clear […]

Tips for attracting contributors to Open Source project

Empathy One of the first thing for getting new contributors is empathy. Existing members should be kind enough to answer all kinds of basic questions. The new comer might be new to the overall ecosystem and trying the tool for the first time.   Appreciation We all like being appreciated.  A thank you note, congratulation […]

Some Apps/Hyperlocal service which I regularly/occasionally use.

We are living in App driven economy from Match making to Cab to Pastry to Doctor all it needs is a mobile phone loaded with app.  You can get world news, podcast, jokes everything in this little supercomputer called smartphone. I am part of this same world like you all & felt like sharing my […]