We have been interviewing interns for two-quarters of paid internships. I have been noticing a trend in most of the CVs: AI and Data analytics. I am not going to blame the students as they are just getting out there and acquiring familiarity. What worries me is almost everyone wants to do AI and, most […]


It is easy to give advice to a founder or criticize them when things go south. As long as he/she takes care of stakeholders’ interests, everything acts as a utopia. As an employee, consultant, investor, or press, it is easy to get annoyed over the founder’s action. I am not saying all founders are perfect. […]


Leadership is not about control or being right. It is about having beliefs and allowing peers to work independently. It will energize a team to go at any length and succeed. I am seeing a trend where leadership has ended up in micro-managing peers. Being always right has taken over working together. It also means […]


The next wave of India’s technological development is poised to happen in tier 3-4 cities. The infrastructure has gotten better and, most importantly, the connection among founders, team. People who go to IIT/IIM talks about networking. Imagine half a dozen school friends ending up building small Micro-SaaS, apps development, software testing, and turning entrepreneur eating, […]


Marty Cagen’s Inspired has a simple success recipe for an organization.  Hire a bunch of smart, independent people. Define a process, which has a roadmap and timelines. An outcome will be a successful product. I always had this back of my mind, and we have worked with amazing people all these last four years.  A […]


I was on half a dozen calls last day. It made me feel how lucky I am; I had a sense of gratitude and was feeling very grateful at the same time. I had my mentors, customers, friends, and advisors around me to help me. There are days, times in life when you feel fucked […]


Developing a product for a newer market is a black box. We know nothing; the market research and user interview have their limitations. A lot comes with the founder’s conviction and a limited set of anchor customers. It has been my learning while building B2B software for over four years. The brain gets tempted to […]