On sales

There are a million hours of a podcast recorded, thousand books written on sales. Each book has something to offer. Each podcast has some advice. My limited learning in sales has taught me a few lessons.  Customers will buy if they are in pain. In other cases, discounts or other offers might get you closer. […]


Silence does not mean a sense of fear or some void. During the pandemic, I had the opportunity to interact with many founders. For many of them, nothing has changed because they have been running the business on simple fundamentals.  Go to social media to learn about mambo jumbos around SaaS metrics.  When key should […]


Some customers think they can build everything themselves and consider it as an advantage over their peers. The reason for it is very simple: Sunk cost and the Ikea Effect. The sunk cost of their knowledge and skill. How can it go to waste? Even though this is no more our primary task. The Ikea […]