Product development has many levers. A customer will not just switch to your product on your premise of being better. They would like a first-hand experience. At the same time, not all customers are equal, each has its unique pain and desire to progress. It is important to stay in a bigger vision while listening […]


I am into sales now, since the product has matured and we are getting some traction via word to mouth. One of my key learning has been, being honest makes life better for both parties. Sales are more about a relationship than profit. People are generally helpful and good. They appreciate your effort if you […]


Crossing road, moving on to a new journey in personal and professional life is difficult. A lot of this has to do with emotional quotient. The rage, blame, and commitment everything goes for a toss. All a sudden companies vision, founders drive comes in question. It is a great learning for someone who has been […]

When smart people are bad employees

Ben Horowitz in his book: Hard Things about Hard Things, talks about smart employees who also happen to be responsible for breaking company culture. The Heretic These are the employees who find faults to take the case of management or co-workers. They can go to an extent claiming the company is run by morons and […]


In the book “What you do is who you” are Ben Horowitz has a shared cultural checklist for founders building companies. Cultural Design: Culture should be the same who you are in real life or professional.  Cultural Orientation: Monkey see, monkey do. Ensure the newer employees are mentored well to join your bandwagon. Shocking Rules.   […]