After a few months, I am out, meeting friends in person and some shared incidents about layoffs. COVID has changed market dynamics and operations. Many jobs will be lost forever. The capital was cheap; growth was supreme. Now it is about survival and profitability. So many non-essential roles are getting cleaned up. Some firing incidents […]


I had an interview scheduled with a successful founder last day. I have revived aroundstartups podcast and mostly talking to founders. What was supposed to be a pre-interview conversation went on for an hour. We later realized it was an interview, not a coffee conversation. It was more like two listening and learning from someone […]

Alibaba’s world!

I spent time reading the book title: Alibaba’s world, written by an early employee, ex-pat. The scale at which Alibaba operates is phenomenal. Its contribution to China’s economy is noteworthy. What fascinated me most about Alibaba is connecting the villages, small-time creators sell goods while staying and working at their remote hometown. The work and […]


We are living in a fast-paced world. New-age companies like tinder, Amazon, Slack, Uber has it in their DNA. Pace is the mantra for Gig-economy. At the same time, delivery agents and warehouse workers are turning into slaves. Build fast and break things are the new age startup, growth strategy. Hire and fire are the […]


Can you match the salary of your team member with what your well-funded competitor has offered him? Some people move for better pastures and, you cannot stop them. Change and moving on is a continuous journey of our life. We have build capitalism, our society on money and most follow it. On the contrary, what […]