Most industry runs on trust. The byproduct is money. Sadly some forget this. Some start looking for personal gain. It results in affecting the ecosystem in bad faith. You cannot eat all the dollars or gold while left in isolation. It is trust, faith that drives humanity towards a better future. Donating millions to the […]


Fear is a multi-trillion dollar industry. We are fearful of our death, losing our job or relationship. Many dictators came to power instigating fear of religion or race. On the startup front, fear dominates over competitors taking away our market or someone copying our ideal. In short, fear keeps us on our toes. Always running, […]


Sometimes is the journey of our life; all we need is that spark. It can come from any source, the poem you read, people you met, observing nature, birds, animals, or reading an autobiography. It helps us to think and internalize ourselves and how we see ourselves or the world. The world we are living […]


I keep hearing from our parents about all the rituals for our forefathers: feeding to the poor, giving alms for the departed soul. I hope it has some meaning. The rational side of my brain keeps asking me about the authenticity of these rituals. Once a soul, it becomes part of the cosmos. Do they […]


Whose war is it anyway? War on independence, who are making free? Who makes and loses out of any war? We are lucky to be living a life with the basic necessities. Many others are not fortunate enough. They are just born in the country, color, race, or religion that makes them vulnerable. War happens […]


I had posted a question on Twitter a few days back. I got many replies. I was chatting with Subbu today and, he mentioned our quest for desirability. We want to be liked and appreciated. We all know that capitalism thrives on our loneliness, boredom. We should add desirability as well to it. The three […]


Paneer(cottage cheese) came to my menu on one of the Thursday nights during dinner. I was studying in class 4th in a hostel in Ranchi. I was lactose intolerant those days. The smell of milk would make me puke. Paneer was served in a limited capacity. My dislike of it got noticed by one of […]