Twitter is a great place for connecting, learning sharing ideas. Unfortunately in the current scenario, it has a little sad for me. I am taking a couple of week’s break from it. I have discontinued my account for 20 days.


It is humankind vs invisible virus, who would have pictured world war 3. This time around we don’t have two camps fighting for superiority or resources. This time it is different, it is about our survival. War and corona are alike. They both take lives and wealth. Both make the global economy paralyzed. A war […]


The more and more I am drowning inside books am realizing about the authors who are reaping $$ out of buzzwords. Mental model, a cure for stress, leadership, becoming successful, a winner in negotiation. These are the topics you will find the topic of the bestsellers. My limited learning suggests most of these are puff […]


In a democracy, it is perfectly alright to question our rulers. What we should not do is mud sledding. Instead of working with the government in avoiding the spread of the corona outbreak, a lot of many folks were making fun of government measures. Running a small half dozen team with many personas can be […]

Sales Cycle

I have been told that enterprise sales take months to years in closing. But if the ticket size is small, decisions are taken quickly. Some of my learning from my mistakes has been simple.   Do not take customers’ agreement on face value, get it in writing. Limit the trial period for a week or two. […]