The choice is ours; we are independent animals with rationality. Everything which is in our control has o be taken care of by us. We are masters of our destiny and in control of our thoughts. We know what our life is and, we have to govern it on our principles.  Most famous personalities like […]


Why do we have to keep the bitter past with us? The bad experience with a race, community, or organization. Will, this not make us biased throughout life? Our life is as we see it. Why do we have to put ourselves in pain. Why does the past play such a role in our present […]

want & need

Ask a toddler what he wants: it will be the company of his/her mother and some love. He would be delighted to get sweets or chocolates occasionally. Their want and need are simple. Ask someone in the ’30s what they want most and what they need most. On most occasions, there will not be asymmetry. […]


Social media has amplified our want for attention. We have become so isolated that random strangers comment, like, or appreciation are needed to uplift our mood. Why do we have to seek outside for appreciation or for being love? Why are influenced by outsiders? Have we surrendered our consciousness or, are we running for glitters? […]


When we were kids, we were more innocent. Our mind was more independent, free to think and, we were more fearless. As we grow, our thoughts get corrupted, we get more influenced by the external world. As a result, our needs change, the way we start seeing the world alters, and our happiness definition changes. […]


What matters to us depends on how we see the world. What matters is our attitude. What matters is how true we to ourselves. What matters is our peace of mind. What matters is the company of close friends. What matters is the believers out there to hold you when you fail. What matters is […]