Time is the most valuable asset for us. We are dying every single moment. The more and more I see our neglected attitude towards I get hurt. People say we Indians do not value the importance of time. To me, it is not about being Indian or not Indian. It has more to do with […]


You cannot live in this world pleasing everyone. Not everyone is alike, not even twins. The sooner we realize it, the better our life becomes. Our ideologies are different. We are all biased. We cannot think alike: world wars happen for a reason. The rule applies everywhere at the workplace, in relationships, or in sales. […]


Nandkumar, we call him Nandu is a soft-spoken, wheatish, stout built. His mustache, Ray-Ban sunglasses, and bullet motorbike reminded me of Salman Khan’s Dabangg. Nandu cleared BPSC(Bihar public service commission) and posted as BDO in the nearby block from my hometown. Nandu’s father was a headmaster in the middle school in my village. I grew […]


You have to be rich to be a philosopher or an absolute destitute. Most of us are so busy running in the rat race, manage end meets for our living that idleness is luxury. When most of our thoughts run in the everyday misery of work, family, and figuring next day’s meal, where will creativity […]


‘I have a girlfriend, stop marriage related conversation’; screamed Akash. It has been a daily sermon: anybody or everybody would end up giving him marriage counseling. Be it the milkman, maid, vegetable vendor, or barber. Akash is in his early 30’s and a well-groomed, small-time boy. He was among the early ones from his village […]


Why do we want to have control over others? I heard about incidents related to the work environment where leaders, founders are absolute control freaks. When you hire someone, they have a role to play within the organization. They are given responsibility and expected to deliver. A leader can focus elsewhere. I thought leadership is […]


I was on half a dozen calls last day. It made me feel how lucky I am; I had a sense of gratitude and was feeling very grateful at the same time. I had my mentors, customers, friends, and advisors around me to help me. There are days, times in life when you feel fucked […]