We hold on to our past. We compare our present to it. In some instances, we celebrate while suffer in rest. I have known some people constantly living and dying in the past. They gave up their purpose after losing money or loved ones. I have also seen some moving break free, fearless from their […]


Our sufferings are interlinked with externalities. In short, on things or circumstances which are not in our control. Our human mind and our ego seek validation, holds grudges and unmet desires. In most of the occasion, it puts importance on externalities. How many days and hours; we have wasted on what others would think about […]


Masterpiece requires sincerity, dedication, and a lot of focus. It requires a complete disconnect from the noisy world or society which thrives on making news. Most geniuses spent time most with themselves; they enjoyed being with themselves, their idleness and solitude. They avoided distraction at all costs. They had a few close aides they spent […]


In the previous post, I wrote about the routine, schedule of famous writers, painters. Now I am playing a devil’s advocate: Do we need a timetable for creativity? Doesn’t creativity come in a burst at any random intervals via various events? Is it not like throwing the challenge to our mind and subconscious part of us […]


Some of us start living our life, carry our actions because of our allocated position at work or an organization. Do we not know these are temporary? A colonel serving an Army enjoys his luxury and authority till he is on duty. After retirement, they become an ordinary citizen. The same goes for a lawmaker […]


Procrastination is a reason for the existence of many industries. It is an accepted human vice. I am reading this book: daily rituals. It cites how the best in art started their day. What powered them to create their masterpiece. Everything comes down to their successful daily routine and sticking to it. In the book: […]


Who are we to define the independence of others? Is it not subjective. What is the point of citing, criticizing, or telling them about work/life balance? Are we not adults? Do we not know tradeoffs? Our life is a sum of our experiences. We all pick a journey for ourselves. It cannot be the same […]


Why should anyone seek our advice or, who are we to decide fate of others? There have been many instances where a few friends have come to me seeking advice. I, in most instances, suggested they see/seek answers within. One reason for doing this is people will do what they want to do. In sort, […]


We are all imperfect in our own ways. But does that mean we have no rights to live? Who has defined right or wrong? Was it not one of us? Who has defined the rules? Was it not one of us? Why can’t we all co-exist? Why is there a label attached like color, race, […]


How much pressure is the current generation going through? The expectation to ace at school, the race to be at the top. I find myself to be lucky not to growing up in the era of the internet and smartphones. It seems like a mad, mad world and, everyone is rushing to ace at everything. […]