You will be dependent(at the mercy) on everyone: employees, future customers, or other vendors; when you are tiny(started recently) your startup. It’s how the world works: make best from the most vulnerable. On the positive side, as a first-time founder: this is the best time of your companies journey to identify allies, friends, and long-time […]


The more and more I am drowning inside books am realizing about the authors who are reaping $$ out of buzzwords. Mental model, a cure for stress, leadership, becoming successful, a winner in negotiation. These are the topics you will find the topic of the bestsellers. My limited learning suggests most of these are puff […]

On democracy

Hallmarks of democracy include the following: Communication is decentralized, with multiple sources of information. Authority and power are constrained by a system of checks and balances. Agendas and goals are established through discussion, not by leader Fiat. There is a reciprocity of influence between leaders and citizens, as opposed to unidirectional influence from elites. Group […]


While reading “Age of Propaganda”, I came across the subject of fear. It talks about how to generate fear on a group or individuals. These are some well-known trick marketers, politicians and preachers have been using. A fear appeal is most effective when: It scares the hell out of people It offers a specific recommendation […]


I have been rejected a few times during job interviews. Most of the times reasons for rejection were not provided. It made me angry and sad at the same time. One of the principles I am trying to adhere to is to give genuine feedback and reasons for not hiring someone.


Running a startup is like running a Linux Kernel. Early employees are important threads. Some founders go out to raise and then build an army of employees. They along with their investors for the hope of shipping product quickly. Sadly it never works, one reason being expectation mismatch. Founder expects new hires to be as […]