I have finished Marc Benioff, Behind the cloud (notes will come tomorrow). I loved the way Marc has narrated his Salesforce journey. I liked his leadership playbook of V2MOM. V2MOM = Vision + Values + Methods + Obstacles + Measures Vision: It helped Salesforce define what they wanted to do. Values: It helped Salesforce by […]

The untold Flipkart story

Mihir has written “The untold Flipkart story”. It seems like a plot of some Hollywood/Bollywood movies. It has every element from perseverance, treachery, power struggle to drama. Founders struggle to stay relevant, board the urge to hit all the numbers, and investors urge to get an exit.  Running a startup is no different than running […]

good calorie, bad calorie

Read good calorie, bad calorie last week. This book cites the effect of excessive processed carbohydrate intake in our diet. The author has gone way forward with the research papers, experiments attributing all major modern-day diseases to carbohydrate consumption. We have victimized fat to a great length. I keep hearing from friends about moderation, which […]