We all know Andrew Carnegie as a philanthropist, industrialist, and robber baron. At the early age of 16, Carnegie joined the Pittsburgh telegraph office and became Thomas Scott’s private secretary and telegrapher. Later on, Carnegie joined Thomas Scott at the Pennsylvania Railroad, where he became general superintendent. Their relationship continued and, Carnegie learned, prospered, and […]


The recent Hidden Brain podcast features Daniel Kahneman author, Noise: A Flaw in Human Judgment. The author describes noise as a mental construct loaded with our bias and environment in making decisions. He cites examples of various court judgments which resulted in people spending too long or less time in prison. Kahneman suggests the use […]


For the past few days, I am back to the Ruskin Bond books. I think I am trying to escape from reality or day-to-day happenings on social media, news. I liked the below quotes from the author about our shadows. I felt like sharing. We three, We’re not a crowd; My echo, My shadow, And […]

Think again

These are some simple thoughts added after reading: think again by Adam Grant.  Establish your identity as you are. Get out of your limited bubble, see the world from every perspective.  Know your circle of competence and avoid falling for Dunning-Kruger. Being wrong is not a vice, but not acknowledging and improving is. Seek out: […]