I am reading a chapter on Agriculture from How Asia Works. There seems to be a pattern in the failure and apathy towards farmers. Land ownership is uneven. Most farmers are tenants, not owners.  Lack of government’s loan and subsidy forcing farmers to private lenders, who charge a higher interest. Failure of repayment results in […]

customer culture system

The playbook of Frank Chamberlain as narrated by Michel Basche in his book customer culture. Frank defined the playbook as keeping customers in the core and making organizations, employees, and stakeholders successful via these. Vision: The overriding objective(and vision) is to become profitable. We will do everything possible to become profitable. And all are responsible. […]


Change requires commitment and belief that a user’s life will get much better with it. Our human tendency is to stick to the default. We cannot change it overnight. The change will happen if : The solution is better than the existing one.   The user is committed to using it. Some other steps which will […]


Success has many friends. Starting their Europe trip, press and everyone called them a bluff. After their successful fly in France, everything changed overnight. When you become successful, everyone tries to associate with you. They all want to be part of the glory. Smart people know who to bank on a part of their journey […]