Marty Cagen’s Inspired has a simple success recipe for an organization.  Hire a bunch of smart, independent people. Define a process, which has a roadmap and timelines. An outcome will be a successful product. I always had this back of my mind, and we have worked with amazing people all these last four years.  A […]

Bhujia Barons

I picked Bhujia Barons because I have been snacking Haldiram‘s for over a decade now. The author has not done enough justice to the story. I felt like reading some newspaper article. The book is about the origin of the brand Halidirams from Bikaner and branching out laters in India Nagpur, Kolkata, and Delhi.  Like […]

On Leadership, Robert Iger

Robert Iger is executive chairman of Walt Disney and was formally CEO of the company. In his book: The Ride of his Lifetime, he talks about his leadership principles.¬†  Robert’s shared his leadership principles in the book’s prologue.  Optimism  Courage Focus Decisiveness Curiosity  Fairness Thoughtfulness Authenticity  Integrity The relentless pursuit of perfection  I let you […]


Started reading lifespan by David A. Sinclair. The book talks about aging and argues it to be treated like any other disease. Excerpt from the book.  These are the multiple hallmarks of aging.  Genomic instability caused by DNA damage. Attrition of the protective chromosomal endcaps Alterations to the epigenome that controls which genes are turned […]