Success has many friends. Starting their Europe trip, press and everyone called them a bluff. After their successful fly in France, everything changed overnight. When you become successful, everyone tries to associate with you. They all want to be part of the glory. Smart people know who to bank on a part of their journey […]


Reading Wright Brothers makes me realize that naysayers have existed since inception. Added screenshot of two incidents where they denounced flying & fun of the experiments. In the end, it is our self-belief that keeps us going. It requires hard work, perseverance, persistence. Quitting after trying few times is easy.


While reading The Wright Brothers, I felt great knowing the reception bicycle got from society. It took everyone by surprise and opening a bicycle shop was a craze. The Wright Brothers started a bicycle shop after failing in the printing press business. This reminds me of Benjamin Franklin and his career. 🙂 Added some excerpts […]


Bullshitters are individuals who claim knowledge or expertise in an area where they actually have little experience or skills. I was reading this interesting paper and below are the summary. Data: They collected data from over 40000 participants across 9 countries with various socio-economic backgrounds and genders.  Other related paper: Bullshitters are found to exhibit […]


Peter Colaco’s Bangalore is a great depiction of Bangalore. He wrote it in 2003 with all his childhood memories about the sprawling city. The book has lovely illustrations by Paul Fernandes. The book is an absolute delight for anyone and everyone who wants to know about this city. Peter has shared Bangalore’s story in one […]