Started reading lifespan by David A. Sinclair. The book talks about aging and argues it to be treated like any other disease. Excerpt from the book.  These are the multiple hallmarks of aging.  Genomic instability caused by DNA damage. Attrition of the protective chromosomal endcaps Alterations to the epigenome that controls which genes are turned […]

Attributes of a negotiator

These are some of the important attributes of a successful negotiator: Patience Communication skills Flexibility Tact  Open-Mindedness Subject knowledge  Willingness to take risks Physical stamina Self-confidence Decisiveness Creativity Willingness to listen Self-control Long-range outlook Persistence Sensitivity to interests and needs of others Form the excerpts of The Global Negotiator


I am halfway through the book: The Global Negotiator where the author speaks about communication categories based upon purpose.  These are: Phatic: This type of communication consists of the preliminary discussions that are intended to build a binding personal relationship. It helps in creating a personal bond before coming to the negotiation table. Informational: The […]

Alibaba’s world!

I spent time reading the book title: Alibaba’s world, written by an early employee, ex-pat. The scale at which Alibaba operates is phenomenal. Its contribution to China’s economy is noteworthy. What fascinated me most about Alibaba is connecting the villages, small-time creators sell goods while staying and working at their remote hometown. The work and […]

Why I Write, George Orwell

I wanted to write enormous naturalistic novels with unhappy endings, full of detailed descriptions and arresting similes, and also full of purple passages in which words were used partly for the sake of their sound. I think there are four great motives for writing, at any rate for writing prose. They exist in different degrees […]


I am reading a chapter on Agriculture from How Asia Works. There seems to be a pattern in the failure and apathy towards farmers. Land ownership is uneven. Most farmers are tenants, not owners.  Lack of government’s loan and subsidy forcing farmers to private lenders, who charge a higher interest. Failure of repayment results in […]