January I visited Blossoms, an old book store in Bangalore. I picked this 2nd handbook title: positioning, I enjoyed reading it. Simple take away from the book: It is customer perception that defines the success of your product. What you perceive about your product has to match with your customers. The book cites dozen-odd examples […]


The power of Love is truly demonstrated by Rob Kelleher. Love wins overall pain, bias, negativity and keeps a high-pressure customer organization sailing against all odds.  The author has tried covering every bit about South West airlines: founder, team, and culture. I have read books on Zappos, Walmart, Bigbasket. This falls on the same bucket, […]

market failures

In the book: in the service of the republic, the author talks about market failures.  Externalities Where an external situation defines/effects a group in positive or negative ways. A university resulting in making city hotbed of innovation falls in externality. A factory emitting noise and smoke making neighborhood sick becomes a negative externality. Asymmetric Information […]