Epictetus wrote Enchoridian centuries ago. The paragraph where he mentions about what things we have in our control and we don’t have has been a principle for me. Luckily I read the book. Many things we do in our life with our best efforts. But if we decide the result or expect the outcome in […]

Aug 2019 reading

Read 2 books this month: Made in America by sam walton (walmart founder) Delivering Happiness by tony heish (zappos founder) I found similarity in reading both. Building something meaningful takes time. Struggle is part of entrepreneurship. A defined process differentiates between an average and great company. Solving customers pain should be the core product, service, […]


My friend Vinay asked me to read Ikigai: The Japanese Secret to a Long and Happy Life. Ikigai is a way of living, practiced in Japan. These are 10 core principles of Ikigai. Stay Active, don’t be idle Take it slow, things take time Less is more, eat less than your heart says Surround yourself […]

Booknotes: Made in America, Sam Walton

Reading Sam Walton‘s story about setting up Wal-mart was no less than watching a thriller. An extraordinary story of an average kid making it big by focusing on customers and sticking to the basics. Wal-mart success has lots to do with belief, persistence and customer satisfaction. I have no clue if the firm still sticks […]