market failures

In the book: in the service of the republic, the author talks about market failures.  Externalities Where an external situation defines/effects a group in positive or negative ways. A university resulting in making city hotbed of innovation falls in externality. A factory emitting noise and smoke making neighborhood sick becomes a negative externality. Asymmetric Information […]


In David and Goliath, Malcolm Gladwell talks about the analogy: big fish in a small pond or small fish in a big pond. I liked the way he explained along with a few examples and data. How impressionist started own art event instead of participating in grandeur event where no one gave respect and appreciation. […]

When smart people are bad employees

Ben Horowitz in his book: Hard Things about Hard Things, talks about smart employees who also happen to be responsible for breaking company culture. The Heretic These are the employees who find faults to take the case of management or co-workers. They can go to an extent claiming the company is run by morons and […]


In the book “What you do is who you” are Ben Horowitz has a shared cultural checklist for founders building companies. Cultural Design: Culture should be the same who you are in real life or professional.  Cultural Orientation: Monkey see, monkey do. Ensure the newer employees are mentored well to join your bandwagon. Shocking Rules.   […]