c-state versus f-state

In his book “driven to distraction at work”, the author talks about c-state versus f-state. C-state Cool Calm Collected Careful Curious Courteous Caring Consistent Concentrated F-state Fearful Fatigued Feeble Frantic Forgetful Feckless Flakey Fucked up He gives his advice to achieve C-state, acquiring f-state is natural behaviour of ours. 1. Having healthy snacks. 2. A […]

Success factors

I was reading Charlie Munger: complete investor and liked this section where the author talks about Berkshire Hathaway success factors. These are some of them: 1. Patient 2. Discipline 3. Clam but courageous and decisive 4. Honesty 5. Confidence and non-ideological 6. Long-term oriented 7. Passionate 8. Studious 9. Sound temperament 10. Frugal 11. Risk-averse […]

The sensational six

In his book “driven to distraction at work”, the author talks about 6 ingredients to our well being. * Sleep * Nutrition * Exercise * Meditation * Stimulation (Engaging in learning something unique: a language, an art) * Connection (Meeting loved ones, friends regularly.) Many books are already written on the same subject. We have […]

Never worry alone

We all worry over unlimited issues. In the book “Driven to distraction at work”, the author suggests that one should share his worries. He/She should talk/call someone. Meet people over coffee and share the trouble. When you connect with your dear ones, share your pain, you will feel less vulnerable and more powerful. This will […]