Van Gogh

I have always liked Van Gogh, the way he captured nature and human expressions. I hope someday I will get to visit the Van Gogh museum in Amsterdam. While reading: Van Gogh letters to Theo (his brother), I got to know more about him. He died (killed himself by cutting his ear), remaining poor. He […]


Some tactics for creating and maintaining a cult. Create your own social reality: in simple terms create an echo chamber, limit external sources for news and information. Most modern-day ashrams across India follow these. Create a granfalloon: make members believe they are part of something bigger, use god or some cause as bait. Create commitment […]

On Propaganda

Reading age of propaganda has been an eye-opener, thanks to Akshat Sir for the recommendation. These are the 15 action item I picked from the book as mentioned by the author to avoid falling into propaganda by marketers, politicians and other non-profits. Know the ways of persuasion and realize that you may be the victim […]

Bad sale

We are living in the era of round the clock sale. Most things are advertised to be sold at a discounted price. Even in these situations, many things could go wrong. Some common warning sign of a bad deal: The deal is only good for “today” The seller offers “free gifts” in return for “minimum […]

On democracy

Hallmarks of democracy include the following: Communication is decentralized, with multiple sources of information. Authority and power are constrained by a system of checks and balances. Agendas and goals are established through discussion, not by leader Fiat. There is a reciprocity of influence between leaders and citizens, as opposed to unidirectional influence from elites. Group […]