The more I watch the news, the more I feel sad about the overall state of our country. Death rate increasing, oxygen shortage reported daily, election rally continuing, and holy dip practiced. We had so much time to prepare ourselves and, we took it lightly; we took nationalism and our nationalism over this catastrophe. Are […]


What matters to us depends on how we see the world. What matters is our attitude. What matters is how true we to ourselves. What matters is our peace of mind. What matters is the company of close friends. What matters is the believers out there to hold you when you fail. What matters is […]


Machine thore hai jo button dabaye aur phurr se chal Diya, mehnat lagte hai isme babu. Munni, reena sabki saadi dekhi hai babu. School se college tak, Ek baar mayakee Bhi le Gaye the Gupta Ji ki bete ko. Abb to lagta hai pura janam ji liya, Abb wo baat nahi reh gaye duniya me. […]


Budhiya ka dimag kharab ho gaya hai, screamed Renu. Budhiya is Boodhi Dadi; she celebrated her seventieth birthday last month. A stout lady with a potbelly, showering all her elderly love on Gulabo, her dear goat. Gulabo, the goat, is the purpose of her life. The love and care Boodhi Dadi has for Gulabo are […]


The next wave of India’s technological development is poised to happen in tier 3-4 cities. The infrastructure has gotten better and, most importantly, the connection among founders, team. People who go to IIT/IIM talks about networking. Imagine half a dozen school friends ending up building small Micro-SaaS, apps development, software testing, and turning entrepreneur eating, […]


In 2010 I went for Vipassana. I was between jobs. It was Karunakar, my mentor, who strongly suggested to me. I was in my early 20’s, hormones kicking, enjoying salaried life on alcohol and consumerism: the advice for meditation retreat made no sense. I cannot say no to Karunakar: I registered for ten days of […]


I want to become an IAS officer, said Mahesh. A tall, healthy fellow wearing thick glasses welcomed me as I picked my Uber from the airport. I was returning from an early morning connecting flight from Mumbai. Mahesh is from western Karnataka and studying a bachelor’s in history from correspondence. He asked me where I […]