I have been told time and again by my friends that Indian customers are stringy to price. Most haggle irrespective of their income or wealth. My friends say we Indians don’t have the desire to progress or willingness to pay. We like to continue doing donkey work rather than paying for automation. I do not […]


India is over a billion population. We have our unique challenges. Not all copy clone business ideas or solutions for a problem works. That is why few winners are solving local problems. From Fintech to Agritech to E-commerce, the way business is done in our country is unique. I understand quitting is easy but a […]

Self herding

How many times did you end up buying a bigger or newer costlier coffee at your favorite roaster? You will know only if you check your expenditure on coffee. You repeated your own behavior and ended up drinking costlier coffee in bigger mugs. But what about the sample coffee barista offered you? Well congratulations, you […]

Some Apps/Hyperlocal service which I regularly/occasionally use.

We are living in App driven economy from Match making to Cab to Pastry to Doctor all it needs is a mobile phone loaded with app.  You can get world news, podcast, jokes everything in this little supercomputer called smartphone. I am part of this same world like you all & felt like sharing my […]