Mansoon meant flooded mohalla [society] with lots and lots of water. We would store food for a month in advance, some of our neighbors would shift in our house because water had gone to their houses. My hometown in north Bihar will transform into an island with no connection with the rest of Indian. It would last for 60-90 days every year. Rivers like Koshi, Bagmati, and Ganga would be overflooded apart from many seasonal rivers like Lakahndei, Boodhi Gandak.

Some elders make temporary boats joining banana trunks. There were a handful of houses and many empty lands. All those get converted to mini lakes. No cricket for the next 4-5 months. My school will announce a holiday with no opening date.

At one time, we saw corpses of animals, humans floating in the water. Our neighbors told us that a dam in Nepal got over flooded and got collapsed. It created havoc, killing many apart from making millions other homeless. Every year flood has taken away more life and done the worst destruction imagined.

The colorful sharbat mug made of glass will become mine for keeping fish catch. There were a few colorful fishes that we would catch with our hands. We would feed the fish some boiled rice.

Fast forward now, highways and dams have gotten constructed. Floods inside the city are a thing of the past. We stay connected throughout the year from the rest of the country.