How many times in our life we look back at certain times and wonder what we could have done differently. This self-realization of what we could have done differently in the past for a better now for a relationship, job, skills keeps hitting us. Why do we have to ponder in it and waste hours […]


There are some days in life when things appear harder than it is. The situations, scenarios, and instances will feel like falling apart. This should not affect you, your virtues. For how much is lettuce sold? Fifty cents, for instance. If another, then, paying fifty cents, takes the lettuce, and you, not paying it, go […]


I don’t understand this craziness of selling oneself: looks, knowledge or thought leadership over social media. Are we so alone or shallow from inside or are we scared that no one is listening to us? We have stopped living for ourselves but our projections. How we look, what we read, what we were or what […]


Seeing a child is fascinating: all of their tantrums included. It is amazing how they live an independent, break free life. There are no rules or etiquette written for them. All of their actions are raw and free from the booklet society throws at us as we mature. Sometimes I wonder was it better being […]


Looks like the 24/7 news on protests has gotten over me. In my dream, I was crying over the cutting of the mango tree by my neighbor. The tree has grown with me, it is habitat for many birds apart from delicious mangoes. I called up mom asking about it, it looks like it was […]


We are getting better with time. We have won over many incurable diseases, we have replaced humans with machines where we have been risking our lives. Our quality of life has also gotten better, we have replaced the horse cart to cars. Most of our country has electricity, the fight against malnutrition is still on. […]


Listening is underestimated in the era of social loudspeakers. Everyone is busy with speaking, sharing and least with the virtue of listening. I am guilty of the same, I am working hard on becoming a good listener. When we listen we understand another side more rationally and counterparts do not compete for attention. They feel […]