Carol S. Dweck, author of Mindset has given intellectuals a whistle. I had my share last night, I heard Growth Mindset over a dozen times on a call. MindsetGrowth: Work hard, learn new things, and grow.Fixed: Don’t work hard, stay as you are, and lose the competition. Malcolm Gladwell wrote Outliers on the research paper […]


I am not saying leave your current job and switch to better pastures. I am definitely saying hedge and take chances. Dislike relationship, move one. Dislike job, switch. Just don’t crib and sulk in your miseries. In the end, it is your short life, you are the master of your destiny. Also no one gives […]


When we stop caring about the world for appreciation, liking, salutations, and love that is when we are free. Once we are free we are living in our dreamland carefree as a child working on self-creation. Creativity requires complete freedom but the world we are living in, we are a slave to externality. We all […]


Why do we get distracted and move away from the core? Many organization tries to expand and enter into non-core and lose their focus. The one thing which defines them gets a blow. Is it a growth mindset or greed? The quest for expansion is a double-edged sword. When it backfires, your existence comes crumbling. […]


Why do we crave recognition from outside? Why should other’s judgment matter? Is it not our life? Why are we living it on someone else’s terms and conditions? How can you love or be committed to something or someone when from inside you are broken and defeated? We miss others without taking a cue from […]


Nothing is permanent: relationship, possessions, or achievement. Time flies and waits for no one. Every generation has its idols, taste & way of leading life. Yet we live in the world with century-old laws, education system, and superstitions. The only thing which one has to live is now, not past or future. Our past is […]

self love

Why do we feel not accomplished with what we have in our life? Why do we have to be such a self-critique? Why do we have to see and complain about our failures? Why can’t be celebrating our little success, feel blessed with what we have in our life? When we are our self-critique, everything […]