Silicon Valley, tech crunch, and abundance of money have glorified founding a company. In the early ’90s, people built a company because they had the option to pursue their dreams. It was more about innovation. Most of them worked for many years out of their garage. The capital was limited. Fast forward to 2020, media […]


Change has a switching cost. It results in cognitive overload. As a result, we miss out on newer innovation or trying a new process. I have been thinking more off-late on what all I have missed and the associated opportunity cost for the same. Be is running my company or overall trying newer things in […]


What would you do if you develop some infection on your arm? Will you cut it off? What will you do if someone close to you walks out of your life-giving all wrong reasons? Will you become bitter with them? These decisions should be taken by ourselves. We are called adults for a reason. We […]


As a leader, it is necessary to understand the other side and team. Everyone looks at the leader, tries to match or clone their virtues as well as vice. We are living in a fragile world, and we are all broken one or the other way. The complexity of personal life, finance, society pressure is […]


Religion came into existence so that it could bring society together. It was for the oneness. As we progressed, a few men gave different colors to it for their benefit. It kept them in power and garner followers to establish their dictatorship. Some of them ended up erasing our past and infused radical ideology. An […]


Is dream affiliated to wealth, caste, color, or origin? Is it not free? Anyone and everyone can have a dream. Nothing can stop us from dreaming. A vegetable vendor’s son can be a ballerina, a rickshaw puller daughter can become a successful doctor, or a uber driver can be an IAS officer. Our dreams are […]


Why are we not grateful and appreciate what we have? A family, friends, rooftop are what keeps us going. The glitters and consumerism have made us hoarder and seeker for more and more. But is there an end to our desire? Is it not a goalpost we are chasing? Or some video game difference being […]


Spending some time on social media or news channels, it feels the world is coming to an end. Anything and everything catered is full of negativity and pain. I understand the world is not a beautiful place. There is a great divide between caste, class, religion. But liming the information to gain eyeballs with all […]


How does it matter if someone puts me in a bucket based on my place of birth or upbringing? I was talking to my friend the other day, and he was telling me how in this trade you are looked upon differently if you are not from the metros. My head is still spinning. Should […]