I find the airport center of innovation. Every time I travel I get to see something new. The premise is more efficient, making things get done quickly. Be it luggage drop, security check or getting your booking pass. Once you are inside an airport, you find a complete cosmopolitan. People from various sectors, society, backgrounds […]


Ever imagined about the story of you cabby, cook, guard or cleaner. We are so busy with ourselves that they are nonexistent. If you ever get an opportunity, you will hear inspiring stories. Your hardship, grit, and perseverance will not come close to theirs. Every day is a new challenge, rebirth.


Why do I have to become someone? Why can’t I have my own identity? To be successful in life why do we have to aspire to be like someone else? Why can’t we have life on our individuality? Who had everything figured in the mother’s womb? Our identity should not be defined or built on […]