Every minute, every meeting, we are judging our counterparts. It is a human tendency; we like and dislike people on our experience, observation, and our likings. I get advice from friends and people on how I should talk, dress, and act when on a sales call. The problem for me is, I have never followed […]


Who are we to judge, define, and comment on the actions of others? Are we so complete within ourselves that we have got the world to have an opinion? It is so easy to get carried away in the noise or have animosity over other actions/appreciation. We will become better by acquiring self-knowledge rather than […]


Why are we doing this? Is this something I can end my career? Is this the purpose of my life? Am I all geared up for walking up every morning and working on it? Finding purpose is like finding the meaning, true north, or guiding star in life. We get lost to externals. Our end […]


Running a startup is like a marriage. It is like working with a family: team, customers, and believers. It could get overwhelming at times. There would be an itch, making a better product, winning new customers, and keeping everyone on the same page. It is crazy, fun-filled, and full of uncertainties & excitement. It is […]


Can we do everything? Like they sell you in the bestseller 10000 hours to mastery? Or is it more about how we approach a task? Is it our mindset and, how we see a challenge exciting or painful limits us? Is all our achievements in life, the limits created by our brain? Are we so […]


I keep hearing from folks that we make our own luck. I feel luck has some part to play with our life. I still remember going to a cyber cafe and searching for How to become a hacker and getting Eric S Raymonds book in yahoo search(there was no google then). Time and again I […]


There are multiple ways of seeing an issue. Sometimes those are not issues but improvement advice. It is too easy to get carried away and get on to the argument and screw up a friendship. Our mind acts like a magic box and; how we react to a problem. The situation shows us the way […]


We are living in a fast-paced world. New-age companies like tinder, Amazon, Slack, Uber has it in their DNA. Pace is the mantra for Gig-economy. At the same time, delivery agents and warehouse workers are turning into slaves. Build fast and break things are the new age startup, growth strategy. Hire and fire are the […]