A leader’s job is not to be right. Their job is to ensure an organization is working together as an operating system. They have to ensure that the team is motivated and aware of overall milestones and companies vision. It is the team and togetherness which guarantees any organization’s success. The cult leadership creates a […]


How much our past matters? I was going through photograph dumps, notes, scribbles. We change with time; Our priority, People, and the journey keep moving. I am barely in touch with my school and college friends. I am hardly in touch with folks from my first job. At the same time, I have noticed our […]


Patriarchy is part and parcel of Indian society. As a son, we have more authority, freedom. Although we are getting better, we are still far away. The priority of dream, aspirations, independence of daughter still takes backfoot over son. The choice of finding a partner, job, city to live in, who to meet, and when […]


A few people never say No. The reason might be love, respect, or don’t want others to get sad. Some do not want to close the connection or relationship. It has more negatives than positives. The person is still expecting that something will come in his favor when the reality is a clear NO.


A very few lucky ones in our country get the opportunity to figure things out. 99% of us are just running the rat race of earning, learning, and surviving. In India, we youngsters have no time to breathe, spend on ourselves. The treadmill of want begins right after college, fulfilling dreams or paying loans. Only […]


It took me four years to realize the power of optimization. A founder’s life is on a roller coaster. Someday an employee will leave, some other day customers, there will be days when you will feel like giving up, and another day your personal life will be a wreck. The sooner we accept and optimize […]