We are all special in our tiny little world. Our world is our imagination, aspirations, and zeal of not giving up. When we start seeking within, questioning ourselves, that is when the magic happens. We don’t need a self-help book or a therapist to tell us our purpose of existence. Tesla dies poor; Van Gogh […]


I have been talking to many of my friends who have been working from home for some time. The adversity of COVID has given an opportunity. Most have accepted the fact that working from their hometown, village and, farmland is a reality. Industrialization accumulated talent and wealth both. It resulted overnight and making a city […]


The secret sauce of success is sold and glamorized by media and best selling authors. What most don’t tell you about the sufferings one has to go through to achieve the invisible. Tesla, Gandhi, Beethoven, Rudyard Kipling, Helen Keller, Ada, Charlie Munger, Ruskin Bond, Van Gogh, Epictetus, founders of Haldirams, Havell’s Electric: the list is […]


How much time do we spend thinking about what we want from the world and the people around us? It is like a checklist of expectations from the rest. We build our imaginary castle, and when these expectations are unmet, we turn sad or become violent. In certain instances, we stop believing in humanity altogether […]


“Necessity is the mother of invention” is an English-language proverb. We are living across the continents, connected via technology and fighting against hunger, health, poverty, and illiteracy. Internet is no less than Renaissance or the Bhakti movement. We are all on the same rocketship. An individual sitting in a remote part of the world know […]


I keep hearing what it takes to run a startup. Reading the success of oldies like Walmart, Berkshire Hathaway and, a dozen others makes me realize: there is no secret sauce. There was a problem to be solved and, the founders worked hard to solve it. They were opinionated, visionary. Nobody asked for a car […]


In a democratic society, we have all have our roles to play. Media is considered a pillar of democracy. When it comes to startup, the same rule applies. We should public, discuss talk about all aspects of building a company. As a media, one should cheer for the success of the ecosystem and at the […]


We are living in a world where deception sells. It is not limited to relationships, humans. Our consumerism era thrives in disguise and deception. I was at a grocery store, and this is what happened. Another evening in the name of security, HotStar was harvesting the phone numbers of Indian users. A friend of mine […]