It is easy to get lost, lose vision for short term gains. We have seen time and again in business and relationships. Our faith in our journey plays a vital role in reaching our milestone. Every day, every moment our faith is on a test. Having faith does not mean neglecting reality. But having a […]


Being nice costs nothing. All it requires is not being an asshole. The hyperconnected world persona association is easy. If a bunch associate you with a bully and unkind, you are that. But it is more treating others as you would like to be treated. We are all fighting our own battles. Some at work, […]


One reason I avoid social gatherings is the number of opinions I get to hear. People with no skin in the game has all sort of advice. Having an opinion on anything and everything does get a conversation going, not sure how meaningful thought. Deep knowledge on a subject and skin in the game should […]


Ruins remind us of the past. Each has its own story and reasons for existence. Some were built to showcase strength, prosperity while others to safeguard from intruders. From being the wonders of the world to reminding ill-fated past, we see them in the present. Get some time out of your busy life, read, visit […]


Why is it so difficult not to move beyond transactional relationships in our life? We are all humans and deserve some love, empathy, and respect. Why is class, race or money has to take preference over humanity? A taxi driver, waiter or your co-worker is as human as you are. How difficult it is to […]


Similarity and likeability play a vital role in any relationship. Does it also foster a limited thinking mindset? Do we end up creating a zone that is built on limited ideology, knowledge, and belief? Would it not be great to go out, explore meet people with a different ideology, expertise, and skills? Why do we […]