How much of our existence depends on the validation from others. Are we turning into machines to establish ourselves among a group, class, or hierarchy? On social media, it appears we are selling ourselves, our thoughts to be one among the crowd. We are laughing, smiling, sharing selfie-and letting the world know how prosperous our […]


Our leaders have run the world, province, state with propaganda and division. In the end, a ruler has to rule. The Britishers were known for their Divide and Rule policy. It resulted in the formation of Pakistan and Hindustan. The two nations have fought numerous wars since then, resulting in casualties on both sides. We […]


I have heard about channeling anger to creativity. At first, I felt it is just a pep talk thing. But reading more on the life of builders seems like an apt method for creating a masterpiece. Van Gogh, Beethoven, Picasso, and many others fall in this list. Their anger, eccentricity got channeled into producing something […]


Do we give up too easily? Is it something modern society to blame? The urge for making quick bucks, becoming famous. Is persistence disappearing as a virtue day by day? Is this the fate of modern-day civilization? How many failed attempts it went before Wright Brothers made their maiden flight? It was unthinkable. How many […]


What amazon does differently than its counterparts is: obsession with their customer’s delight and satisfaction. I was going through this post and saw the YouTube video below. Jeff Bezos defined the entire company’s focus on customers and explained over a napkin. As companies or startups grow, they go on raising subsequent rounds of funding. An […]


For the past few days, I am back to the Ruskin Bond books. I think I am trying to escape from reality or day-to-day happenings on social media, news. I liked the below quotes from the author about our shadows. I felt like sharing. We three, We’re not a crowd; My echo, My shadow, And […]


I was reading up some papers [1, 2] and this about earlier Pandemics. It was more about trying to understand if the current pandemic had some similarities with the past ones, especially the Spanish flu of 1918. How it affected our life? I have not been a student of economics, zoonosis, or medicare. It was […]