We, humans, are conditioned to live in a society and worship a leader. A leader can be a politician, caste leader, or religion affiliated godman. We humans will bow to a leader and, that keeps the leader’s aura in place. Leaders lose the moment they lose the respect of followers whom he rules. Leader unites […]


Why is it so difficult to accept our mistakes? Is it more to do with never go wrong attitude created by society or our ego. I see endless thought leadership and fight on twitter now and then. On many occasions, one person shares something controversial, incorrect, and fights until the end to hold the ground. […]


Has it ever occurred to you when you have become too obsessed with something? That obsession could be about work, person, or possession. Has it helped anyone being obsessed? Or it has fostered panic, fear, or sleeplessness? I spoke to a few friends. Their answers were mixed. Some said being obsessed about anything is like […]


It took me over 30 years to realize that my body needs some care. I meant knowing myself, my limits, and what and how everything affects my body. Most of us relate the body with looks, muscles, and abs. We tend to treat the brain like a less loved organ without knowing that it consumes […]


What is our limit, be it taking pain or seeking for our goal? What does it take to become successful? Can we feed a horse if he is not thirsty? Does limit mostly manifest of our mind? We have created an artificial wall and scared of getting hurt crossing it? Watching Hollywood, listening, or reading […]


I am reading a chapter on Agriculture from How Asia Works. There seems to be a pattern in the failure and apathy towards farmers. Land ownership is uneven. Most farmers are tenants, not owners.  Lack of government’s loan and subsidy forcing farmers to private lenders, who charge a higher interest. Failure of repayment results in […]


Why do we listen and follow sages, gods, or gurus? How do we know their teachings are supreme? I have been thinking about it for some time. I am not saying there is a fault with their knowledge. But how much can I take it? The beliefs, dogmas, and superiority of one do not go […]


We have control over our opinions. The way we see the world around us. We paint our life with the paintbrush of our thoughts and action. I had a call last day and, my friend/elder brother, who advised me to see the positive side of things. Every human on this planet has something positive. We […]


Who is going to stand by you? Are we all not alone in our little world? Thoughts, imagination, dreams all are ours. Who owns responsibility? I have been seeing a trend where people don’t want to change, move on, or take steps ahead. Some are victims of their past, live by the memories, and sometimes […]