How many great things have happened in your life, the challenges you took because someone was out there cheering you up? As much as we seek self-knowledge, we need people around us. People who believe in us or those make us go the extra mile. They fuel spark in you. I have been fortunate to […]


Carol S. Dweck, author of Mindset has given intellectuals a whistle. I had my share last night, I heard Growth Mindset over a dozen times on a call. MindsetGrowth: Work hard, learn new things, and grow.Fixed: Don’t work hard, stay as you are, and lose the competition. Malcolm Gladwell wrote Outliers on the research paper […]


I am not saying leave your current job and switch to better pastures. I am definitely saying hedge and take chances. Dislike relationship, move one. Dislike job, switch. Just don’t crib and sulk in your miseries. In the end, it is your short life, you are the master of your destiny. Also no one gives […]


When we stop caring about the world for appreciation, liking, salutations, and love that is when we are free. Once we are free we are living in our dreamland carefree as a child working on self-creation. Creativity requires complete freedom but the world we are living in, we are a slave to externality. We all […]