It took me four years to realize the power of optimization. A founder’s life is on a roller coaster. Someday an employee will leave, some other day customers, there will be days when you will feel like giving up, and another day your personal life will be a wreck. The sooner we accept and optimize […]


How do a few of us hide the entire world of sorrow within ourselves? I have known a friend who never let the sad part of theirs be known to us all. One fine day he called adios. It is difficult to find what was going on? It surprises me how behind the broad smile, […]


How many of us look for purpose in every action of ours? Is it possible to have meaning out of everything? We should let ourselves free and let our mind wander if we are seeking creativity. The meaninglessness has its advantage and magic. The way we are utilizing our time, always being busy, and compartmentalizing […]


How much importance of money plays in our life? The answer is subjective. Need for money for a farmer whose harvest has suffered him a loss. The struggle of loan repayments. The constant threats from loan sharks. How will they live without money? A daughter who graduated got a job to fulfill her parent’s checklist: […]


Ahmed looked younger than his age. His broad face, long beard, and dyed hair made him unique. Paan was over his face like a lipstick. I wonder if he was waiting for a passenger or someone he could talk to at midnight. I was smoking Godan Garam, beating Delhi’s winter after finishing a plate of […]


In his book ‘no rules rules’; Reed Hastings talks about building an organization on an analogy of a sports team, not as a family. When you are building a sports team, you will pick the best. People will compete and perform at their peak and byproduct being team winning. There will be no mediocrity. When […]