In the early days of a startup, we have everything at stake. Chances of failing are more than making big. It is important to have a solid founding team who can go against all odds. Each one of us has to be open with our goals and should have priorities aligned with the organization. Most […]


You have to be crazy to run a startup. 9 out of 10 times things get screwed. Be it team, customer, product, legal, investors or partnership. Nothing is certain. We have limited things in our control. The outcome like the shiny unicorn also depends on many externalities. All we have to do is to keep […]


I quit twitter temporarily because I was drowning with advice from thought leaders across the sectors. At this time Corona is one thing and financial meltdown is another. Everyday common news is how founders are giving up entire years’ salary or the whole organization is taking a 25% pay cut. While some VC’s are sitting […]


Most of the lucky ones are in social isolation. Trying to read and learn more about the Virus. Martinus Beijerinck discovered and coined Virus while finding the reason in his father’s tobacco plant. TIL moment for me, maybe because I hated biology in my school days. 🙂 Excerpt from the book The Viral storm.


Since IMF is formally announced we are in a recession, a tough time is here. They also mentioned that this one is going to be worst that 2007. I am sure time will tell us more about it. But in the current scenario, things are messy. We are all indoors, everything is shut and the […]