Since the early days of my life, I felt sleep is overrated. My last few jobs required me to be awake on the clock. I did not realize much of its flip side then. After thinking about those days, a lot of my mood swings, sugar cravings and anxiety had to do with my sleep. […]


We are a working class. We have no time for leisure. We have left an era behind, where idealness fostered philosophy, arts, and innovation. More and more we are living a matchbox kind of life. Our 24/7 we are running like a machine: Wake up, eat, work, work and more work, eat, sleep. Getting a […]


Why do we have to crave for respect? Why do we need respect? Who are we to decide or ask for respect? You get respect with your virtue, your contribution to this universe for the greater good. Why does one has to treat his employees like a dog or his maid like a slave and […]


It is amazing how we humans think about ourselves and crave for our significance. It can be any social structure: job, family or religion. We don’t realize that our significance in this compared vast universe is meaningless. We accumulate wealth or crave for respect, love Et all. To be significant one requires more than wealth […]


I have been under anxiety for the past few weeks. Most of it was fueled because of overthinking. I was not able to sleep, felt very tired and sad. The self-introspection helped me realize about my irrationality. I was trying to control things which I should not have. It takes time to be virtuous, in […]


We all make our own unique story, a fiction of ourselves through the course of our life. Psychologists say we humans are individually different, we perceive, react and respond to scenarios differently. The journey of our life plays a big role in the genre of our fiction. Most of us are fighting for survival, we […]


I find it weird seeing people how they identify themselves on the basis of their caste, class, religion at all. Some showcase their wealth, while others their materialistic possessions. In the end, we are a piece of meat and acquainted with the power of thinking (which we are on the verge of losing). We are […]


The easiest thing is giving assurance. Some people are just good at it. How much impact it makes in life, they don’t care. Be very careful with picking someone as your last resort, it can hurt and make you weak. Those who help don’t speak much, they keep giving without expectation.