Being busy seems to be the new norm. It gets us a bragging right. The treadmill crafted by a few wants us to feel great about being busy. We are busy, still, nothing gets done on time. We are busy to miss the son’s first recital or daughter’s participation at a speech competition. We are […]


Most of us are living in our little cave. Our needs, friendship, and longings are limited to ourselves. What we like is part of the cave. What we dislike is irrational, wrong, or moronic. We are hurt with the discomfort even though they be the reality of life. Our limited knowledge is our ignorance. I […]


What will happen to the plane if the co-pilot is not sticking to him checklist? It will result in an accident. A plane requires both pilots to stick to their task. What will happen if the crew will not serve their passengers with love and care? There will be an uproar. What will happen if […]


We are mere mortals, just breathing. We are fighting to stay alive and relevant. What I mean by fighting is the dogma of society, insecurity of ours, and pessimism of our subordinates. We cannot excel at everything and, that is why we have to work our circle of competence. Social media is full of opinions, […]


Have we become more feedback averse? We feel insulted when a subordinate, mentor gives us critical feedback. We end up engaging in passionate conversation, proving our position. Do we feel threatened? Do we get scared? Or it has more to do with our pride? I feel our level of tolerance, seeing, and taking feedback in […]