Last week in Delhi I met with Manish Jain , a seasoned entrepreneur and owner of BPB Publication.   Some learning: Be honest to yourself and the journey of life will become much easier Money makes people change. Don’t be a slave to it, use it as an entity. Stop comparing your life with others. You […]


Coming to Delhi is no less than nostalgia for me. The city is very close to my heart, almost a home. I have spent 12 years of my life here. With the rapid pace of Delhi’s development, every visit welcomes me with a surprise. I have missed Delhi winter for a very long time, December […]


I am into sales now, since the product has matured and we are getting some traction via word to mouth. One of my key learning has been, being honest makes life better for both parties. Sales are more about a relationship than profit. People are generally helpful and good. They appreciate your effort if you […]


Crossing road, moving on to a new journey in personal and professional life is difficult. A lot of this has to do with emotional quotient. The rage, blame, and commitment everything goes for a toss. All a sudden companies vision, founders drive comes in question. It is a great learning for someone who has been […]


A mirror shows your external: the dress you wear, your hairstyle, skin color, and et all. The outward representation of self is just one part of us. The other hidden us beyond the mirror is our thoughts. Our thoughts play a key role in shaping who we are. It is less plastic or pretentious. We […]


Community is the new marketing hoopla. Humanity has existed this long because of the community. A community is centered around a common ideology, belief, trust, and faith. Why are we talking about a community when we have our own ulterior motive behind it? Community is more about giving and expecting least in return. Before starting […]