We are living in a connected world. A world where news spreads in a second. Thanks to the internet and our smartphone. Our confirmation bias and group thinking take over our consciousness. Nobody cares about the authenticity of the source. All we care about attaching ourselves and our emotions. As a result like a headless […]

Aug 2019 reading

Read 2 books this month: Made in America by sam walton (walmart founder) Delivering Happiness by tony heish (zappos founder) I found similarity in reading both. Building something meaningful takes time. Struggle is part of entrepreneurship. A defined process differentiates between an average and great company. Solving customers pain should be the core product, service, […]


Dreams are like fiction. They are imaginary. In every stage of our life we build new dreams. From settling down with our college sweetheart to buying a specific car, every dream has a role – of growing into someone someday. We end up achieving some dreams while others are never met. This does not mean […]


My friend Vinay asked me to read Ikigai: The Japanese Secret to a Long and Happy Life. Ikigai is a way of living, practiced in Japan. These are 10 core principles of Ikigai. Stay Active, don’t be idle Take it slow, things take time Less is more, eat less than your heart says Surround yourself […]


We humans dislike changes. We like automaticity more. It keeps us sane and drains less of our cognitive energy. You will relate to this in case you are working hard on losing weight or quitting sugar. Gaining new skills is equally tiring. Our sacred text reminds us change is permanent. I find it confusing.


We are all sold on the idea of perfection. We want the perfect partner, job, vacation, and other worldly things.” Our urge for this perfectionism has a side effect. We stop caring and celebrating. Our life journey is not a one-legged mammoth. Instead of living life while aspiring to make it perfect while living, enjoying […]