Some customers think they can build everything themselves and consider it as an advantage over their peers. The reason for it is very simple: Sunk cost and the Ikea Effect. The sunk cost of their knowledge and skill. How can it go to waste? Even though this is no more our primary task. The Ikea […]


We are all unique, so is our life and our journey. There is no one fit for all. The challenges my cook is going through are different than mine. We cannot compare the life of the two. The same applies to run a startup. Each has its vision, journey, and true north. A lot of […]


What advancement are we talking about? An era where everyone is suffering from panic, stress? Everyone is running faster and getting sick. We have won over deadly diseases Cholera, leprosy et all with the advancement in science. Advancement gave rise to deadly lifestyle diseases though. Diabetes, stress, blood pressure, heart attack accounts for major death […]


Running a business, life or a relationship requires a set of defined fundamentals. The system will only sail smoothly until our fundamentals are correct. Defining a fundamental is not an easy job. It requires a lot of thinking and answering 5 why’s Whatever ship you are sailing, try to keep your fundamentals right. Ask questions […]


Leadership is about being true to the principle. Leadership is about treating people as humans Leadership is about being clear with fundamentals. Leadership is about fostering positivity, celebration, and empathy. Leadership is about eating at last. Leadership is about taking pain/failure head-on, learning from it. Leadership is not blaming others, but working together. Leadership is […]


Power is a double-edged sword. A lot depends on you how you handle it. Some add pride and arrogance to it. Some stay calm, empathetic. Industry and capitalism celebrate assholes. They are the poster boys, omnipresent in media. But once they lose their power, most are lost in darkness. We, humans, dwell on love, empathy, […]