Sometimes we have to question everything: decisions, situation et all. Asking questions makes us more aware of ourselves. We either get too comfortable with us or forget who we were before. Asking questions does not mean being our biggest critique but minimizing future disasters by knowing what in the past did not work.


We are living in a world where everything is about maximizing. Be it productivity, wealth or happiness. We are so lost in this race that we end up sailing in many boats at the same time. In the early days, we self gloat our productivity. As we progress, managing many fronts get difficult. We end […]


January I visited Blossoms, an old book store in Bangalore. I picked this 2nd handbook title: positioning, I enjoyed reading it. Simple take away from the book: It is customer perception that defines the success of your product. What you perceive about your product has to match with your customers. The book cites dozen-odd examples […]


Should we measure our life in terms of relationship, contribution to the world? We get evaluated at work or in seeking education. What about our life? What are the metrics one has to measure the meaningfulness of their life? Is it the number of friends we make, how we treat our siblings, parents? Is it […]


Leaders are also a human-like me and you. They are no gods and they are prone to committing mistakes as well. Accepting a mistake and fixing it gets them more loved by their peers. In the end, an organization is a collection of many humans with unique persona and ways of seeing the world.


It is difficult to stay focused in this noisy world. Everyone has got advice for others. In building a product what matters most is your customers, who have got pain. Focusing on such a tribe is the only way to succeed. Everything else is noise. I remember my Hindi teacher repeating proverb: Elephant walk on […]