We are all born narcissists. Some a little while others a lot. Our desire is to be loved and listened to. Some get angry, pensive when in a group, family, relationship others start getting all the focus and importance. On the scale of narcissism, one does the destruction. If you are or people are you […]


I keep hearing and sometimes argue over specifications, be it a product or design. We have their specific standards or best practices defined. For first-time users and emerging demography, these standards might not hold. I believe in minimalism (thanks to AB & minio) and the “don’t make me think” paradigm. At times we have to […]


Vikas was eight years old when his father passed away in a road accident. Born in a lower-middle-class family with no income, his mother ended up working at houses in a nearby colony as a cleaner. She worked hard and, Vikas continued studying at the English medium school. He was among the class toppers. Poverty […]

Think again

These are some simple thoughts added after reading: think again by Adam Grant.  Establish your identity as you are. Get out of your limited bubble, see the world from every perspective.  Know your circle of competence and avoid falling for Dunning-Kruger. Being wrong is not a vice, but not acknowledging and improving is. Seek out: […]


I was with a few friends over dinner last night. We all were talking about subjects from work-life balance to managing a team. One thing was common: everyone has gone through the battle and has a scar. Life is not easy for anyone: be it an employee, founder, or investor. We are all fighting our […]