We push ourselves to the unexpected. We are trying to solve the unsolvable mysteries of the universe, science, and technology. Is there any room for doubt? Why do we doubt ourselves? Is it because we are less confident, is it because we are scared to fail? Is doubt even an option for researchers, builders, scientists, […]


We are living in a world where moderation is a thing of the past. A runner wants to compete in ironman, an e-commerce site offers one plus two discounts, and Friday brewery trail comes with happy hours. Netflix has binge-watching over ice cream, alcohol, caffeinated drink, and lots of carbs. Overdoing has become a matter […]


Is multitasking the need of the hour? Can’t we focus on one thing and give our best in it? Is multitasking a byproduct of modernization and the connected world we are? We are running so fast that we are getting injured more often. The precision with which work was done earlier is getting scarce. Deep […]


A founder’s life is lonely. It is always day zero. It circles around uncertainty. Someday the trusted best-performing employee will resign or the other your customer. From cook, negotiator, coder, mentor. Everything comes on a single plate. I know there are million-odd videos on youtube and a million other podcast guiding how to start a […]


Silicon Valley, tech crunch, and abundance of money have glorified founding a company. In the early ’90s, people built a company because they had the option to pursue their dreams. It was more about innovation. Most of them worked for many years out of their garage. The capital was limited. Fast forward to 2020, media […]


Change has a switching cost. It results in cognitive overload. As a result, we miss out on newer innovation or trying a new process. I have been thinking more off-late on what all I have missed and the associated opportunity cost for the same. Be is running my company or overall trying newer things in […]