Running a startup is like water flowing from glaciers and changing its course at every stage. When water is at a high altitude, it has high currents. It moves fast in that small path but moves fast to the plain. There is no defined path for it. It takes many curves and makes too much noise. It is most dangerous.

Once the river reaches the plain, it becomes more silent. It stabilizes. Its banks are well-defined. It has a wider width.
The current has also slowed. It becomes more predictable.

Imagine running a startup running for years, achieving PMF.
From here, the course changes from building fast break things to being more dependable for customers.

In most instances, what has gone you here will not take you to the next course because the style of operation changes.
Your team has to change its attitude. The founder needs to adapt to the new persona. The organization requires a more predictable workflow. Therefore, once a company comes from 0-1 to 1-10, its management changes, and founders move out.

Like the course of a river, a startup operates differently at every juncture.