It was 8 am and, mercury was at its peak, Delhi summer. I had last night’s hangover. I had met Matt during my Portland visit a couple of years back. Infrequently we were exchanging notes over email. He was in India for his Ph.D. thesis and wanted to meet me today. In 2008-2009, Gurgaon was […]


Last week in Delhi I met with Manish Jain , a seasoned entrepreneur and owner of BPB Publication.   Some learning: Be honest to yourself and the journey of life will become much easier Money makes people change. Don’t be a slave to it, use it as an entity. Stop comparing your life with others. You […]


Coming to Delhi is no less than nostalgia for me. The city is very close to my heart, almost a home. I have spent 12 years of my life here. With the rapid pace of Delhi’s development, every visit welcomes me with a surprise. I have missed Delhi winter for a very long time, December […]

Skilled waiter and his Post Graduate degree #Faces

                        While indulging in some sinfully good brew at Murphy`s Brewpub, Bangalore (btw they have good Wit Beer) I encountered Abhishek, the waiter who waited on us. After making conversation with him, I discovered his intensity and knowledge of learning which intrigued me to […]

Shipmaker who traveled across Africa and Gulf #faces

                            Name: Isa Ismail Place: Mandvi, Gujarat Occupation: Ship architect [wooden ship] In my quest to discover how ships are built at the backwater port of Mandavi, I came across this 60 year old stalwart individual.Isa bhai, as I respectfully call him […]