Coming to Delhi is no less than nostalgia for me. The city is very close to my heart, almost a home. I have spent 12 years of my life here. With the rapid pace of Delhi’s development, every visit welcomes me with a surprise.

I have missed Delhi winter for a very long time, December 2019 is an exception. Here I am sitting at the SDA market and writing this post. Winter in Delhi reminds me of my childhood and laziness to attend classes or going at work. Winter is also the season for the foods in Delhi. I am lucky that some of my old friends are still in town and gave me a company graciously.

Delhi has existed since eternity, many ruled it, many destroyed and plundered. The city emerges out from the ash like a phoenix and becomes even more beautiful.

I keep hearing and reading about the unbearable air pollution, crime, and a plethora of other negativity about the city. I cannot deny them. I feel with time and technological and civic advancement city will rise again. The caretakers aka elected representatives are working on it. Not everyone has given up.

This trip reminded me of SF for wearing multi-layered cloths apart from buzzing nightlife, iconic eateries, and Delhi metro. Some in the past have called Delhi a paradise while others the city of Djinn. For me, it is just nostalgia for my past.

Some photos and tweets.