design doc

I understand many would have given advice do not worry about design doc in the early days of the product journey, focus on shipping features. I find this advice bullshit after a few years of product development.  My experience suggests without the design doc from the very first day UI becomes a sandwich. Every new […]


There are some days in life when things appear harder than it is. The situations, scenarios, and instances will feel like falling apart. This should not affect you, your virtues. For how much is lettuce sold? Fifty cents, for instance. If another, then, paying fifty cents, takes the lettuce, and you, not paying it, go […]

On democracy

Hallmarks of democracy include the following: Communication is decentralized, with multiple sources of information. Authority and power are constrained by a system of checks and balances. Agendas and goals are established through discussion, not by leader Fiat. There is a reciprocity of influence between leaders and citizens, as opposed to unidirectional influence from elites. Group […]

Epictetus : Stoic philosopher

Epictetus was a Stoic philosopher. He was born into slavery and endured a permanent physical disability. Like Socrates, he too had not written anything. Some of his students collected his sayings and converted it into an Enchiridion (a book containing essential information on a subject.)I remember Chetan telling me about this book while I was […]


Last evening my dear friend asked about the purpose of my life. I told him the purpose is simple: lead a happy and healthy life. Happiness is living my life in accordance with my nature. A healthy life contains a set of good habits, friends and clear thoughts. What do you think is the purpose […]

Random Thoughts: On Religion

Right after birth, society mask comes to you in various forms : name race religion caste sub-caste middle class, upper class or poor I will focus on Religion on this post. I have friends who never miss going to Hanuman Temple on Tuesday for prayers, also some who visits mosque on Friday along with others […]