The choice is ours; we are independent animals with rationality. Everything which is in our control has o be taken care of by us. We are masters of our destiny and in control of our thoughts. We know what our life is and, we have to govern it on our principles. 

Most famous personalities like Van Gogh, Anton Chekov, Simone de Beauvoir, Beethoven went through pain, miseries, failures, and oppression in their life. It kept them going, fostered their creativity, and made them produce their masterpiece. 

“That which does not kill us makes us stronger.” 

– Friedrich Nietzsche


Why do we have to keep the bitter past with us? The bad experience with a race, community, or organization. Will, this not make us biased throughout life?

Our life is as we see it. Why do we have to put ourselves in pain. Why does the past play such a role in our present or future?

We need to let our wounds and cut to heal. We can’t live life like this with disbelief, distrust. We are cutting ourselves with the better now.

want & need

Ask a toddler what he wants: it will be the company of his/her mother and some love. He would be delighted to get sweets or chocolates occasionally. Their want and need are simple.

Ask someone in the ’30s what they want most and what they need most. On most occasions, there will not be asymmetry. As we age, our persona gets shaped by societal pressure and expectations.


You will be dependent(at the mercy) on everyone: employees, future customers, or other vendors; when you are tiny(started recently) your startup. It’s how the world works: make best from the most vulnerable.

On the positive side, as a first-time founder: this is the best time of your companies journey to identify allies, friends, and long-time believers. When the ship is turbulent, about to sink: rats are the first to jump in the ocean.

As a leader, you have to evaluate the bottlenecks and work towards eliminating them. Sometimes it can arise due to expectation mismatch, while others for some other reasons. You have to understand you are resource-constrained and work towards feature requests which pay. What matters most is: delighting the initial set of believers, customers. It is about being focused, which should be the default virtue.


What is love for a divorcee or broken heart? Is it the same as sold to us by the advertisement industry, books, or media?What is the meaning of Christ, sermon, festival to an atheist? How much of his vice/virtue depends on the teaching of the Holi Bible?

Does this makes an atheist, divorcee, or broken heart an outlier or outcast. Are they are not part of society; do they have no voice or opinion? Do they have to go live in a cave and not share their opinion like everyone else?

Most of us see the world around us presented at its face value. The way society has guided us. But is it right? Is it the only perspective we have to carry? Does it not end up making us narrow-minded and too opinionated?


Social media has amplified our want for attention. We have become so isolated that random strangers comment, like, or appreciation are needed to uplift our mood.

Why do we have to seek outside for appreciation or for being love? Why are influenced by outsiders?

Have we surrendered our consciousness or, are we running for glitters? Are we comparing ourselves with others? One has to do hard work, make life better for others and contribute to society to earn love and respect.


When we were kids, we were more innocent. Our mind was more independent, free to think and, we were more fearless. As we grow, our thoughts get corrupted, we get more influenced by the external world. As a result, our needs change, the way we start seeing the world alters, and our happiness definition changes. We indulge more in the materialistic world. It all comes down to running on fulfilling a checklist and meeting the expectations of others.

What happened to our innocence? Did we transform ourselves into a headless chicken, running without finding real purpose for ourselves?


Why are we so attached to our loved ones? So that their demise or parting off leaves a vacuum in our life?
Can we not live in reality, knowing nothing is permanent? Can we not be rational and live a life without attaching ourselves to someone or something? Can we not live in a moment and giving best efforts and making it count? Why do we have to live in such pain?

Are we humans born to live a miserable life because of attachment?


What matters to us depends on how we see the world.
What matters is our attitude.
What matters is how true we to ourselves.
What matters is our peace of mind.
What matters is the company of close friends.
What matters is the believers out there to hold you when you fail.
What matters is having a coach or mentor to show you the path, kick you when you are losing focus.
What matters is making use of available resources to their best.
What matters is being empathetic and treating everyone with love and respect.
What matters is seeing them succeed, live happily, who gave away the precious time of their life on a mutual vision and roadmap.
What matters is healthy parents, loved ones mentally and physically.

Does anything else really matter?


I spent Holi, the festival of colors, after a decade at my hometown. The days with mom-dad made me wander in the past. I watched kids playing with colors, throwing balloons at each other, and laughing. It felt very nostalgic.

I could see 20 years younger myself participating with that crown, laughing and dancing, and playing with my school friends. I spoke to all my friends and shared those pictures, and laughed about our past.

Later in the evening, papa took me to the village to pray to our ancestral god(kuldevta). It was like visiting back in time and imagining my grandma preparing all foods and other savories to welcome guests. I remember how impatient she would get if there would be any delay in cooking. The village male would take out julush(possession), beating drums, playing sankh, and dancing intoxicated on bhang.

Later when I walked around the mango fields, it reminded me of summers as mango tree was full of manjjar(flowers) and some with tikola(baby mangoes). Our summer holidays meant running at those orchids, aiming at the kisanbhog mango, and collecting them. They would taste super sweet when raw and later walking in the paddy fields mimicking koyal(cuckoo) or other birds dancing and intimidating them. Our day would end bathing naked, throwing sands at each other at boarding pumps meant to irrigate the paddy fields. We were break free, less conditioned, and innocent.

While returning, we stopped at the paan shop run by Rajkumar uncle. He has been running it for over 40 years. He made 1st paan for me, AFAIK. While papa was exchanging pleasantries, I walked to the bazaar looking at farmers selling vegetables from their farms. I purchased some local saag(spinach).

Am I acting dumb or being too nostalgic?