Be it entrepreneurship or personal life, most of the time we spend it is with self.
It is necessary to be in supreme shape mentally and physically.

Our life is a journey of collecting our actions and memories.
A few know what they are seeking from it.

We can be anything for the world: a successful leader, a father, or a husband. Deep inside, we are still the same person traveling in our thoughts, fighting with the waves of possibilities and fears.

Our time flies. We don’t know when childhood moves from youth to adult to old age. What keeps us going is living in the journey and making the best of it. Many die way before heading to the grave carrying grudges, insecurities, and anger within.


We live in a world where we are reminded by marketers what we don’t have. The father of consumerism has everything from skin enhancement to hair transplants to building artificial abs. If we fall for it, we become a headless chicken lost in the vicious cycle of want and want and more want.

We have everything, but still, we want something. In most times, we have no clue what we are looking for. We are lost in the availability trap and rush to grab it. It’s like we are running on a divided checklist of someone else.


I keep meeting people around. That’s my job, I am in sales. Some incidents have been so funny, where the buy side thinks that pedigree and temporary designation give them power for life. Those fresh graduates are coming out of college and blabbering jargon to influence and impress. Most are insecure and clueless about where they will head in 2 years.

This chip of pedigree is temporary. It can go away any day. What matters is empathy and stable mental well-being. The dopamine rush is making society more dumb.

With time and experience, I have become empathetic towards them when I am out selling.


Few people dislike making intros.
I don’t understand the reason behind it.
It could be about their reputation or guarding their networks.
I have come across many such folks.

We at Taghash got lucky.
Our customers connected us to many others.
Here in Dubai, I have had meetings with customers intros.
They opened up their contact list for the intros.
We are having trials and demos with their referrals.

We got lucky and have been making intros to our friends for jobs, fundraising, and all regularly. It feels good seeing others succeed, and you play some part in it.


Age is just a number.
Something that I get reminded of time and again by friends around because I am old.

What I feel about age is the collection of our experience.
Some age early because of the hardship they have gone through while growing up.

Some friends in their late thirties act like toddlers and cry about small things. They are clueless about small things. It is because they grew up in all the luxury attaining no experience and hardship.

I also have friends who are in their early twenties but have accumulated all their wisdom early on. When they speak, they speak with authority and control.

I relate to all kinds of people, more to the ones who have gone through all the hardship and built a life for themselves.


We need to have faith in our actions. Be it love or entrepreneurship. We have to plunge into it when decided with all our conviction. When we have faith, we are all confident, and as a result, we work with our 100%.

People give up too soon. Some enter for the aura, glitz, or to secure personal favors. They are not all into it. That is why many startups fail. That is why many relationships end.

We are masters of our destiny.
Before convincing the world, our conviction matters. Our actions and decisions should come with 100% faith in our actions.

You have to believe. You have to have faith.


Valentine’s Day funfair created by marketers and consumerists has just passed. Many friends asked me about my plans, and I replied with a laugh.

We are living in a reel world. Unless you showed it to others, it did not happen. Social media is full of displays of love because it’s Valentine’s Day.

With time and being in many relationships, I feel we are in the process of rewriting the meaning of love. What used to be a private affair has come for public display.

Love is about companionship, trust, and togetherness. It is about believing in each other and seeing each one succeeding in their journey. It’s about celebrating every second of life together and cherishing every moment. Love is being open and valuable to the other half. It’s about acceptance, encouragement, and belief. It’s about being grateful for finding each other and thanking the almighty.


What works in sales is relationships, my little learning in the journey of taghash. Many young professionals forget this fact. They see it in numbers and succumb to the pressure.

People buy from people they like. People believe in originality. When in sales, solving customers’ pain should be supreme. You have to have a level of empathy.

I have closed some sales over 2+ years of initial intractions. It happened when the team realized a real need. For me, they were not just leads but people, humans like us, who helped me with ideas and product advice.

Even now & Krishna looks back at the past and remembers those days when some folks who did not buy our product gave us valuable feedback, and some connected us to their friends who ended up as our customers.

We get time-to-time calls and WhatsApp check-ins from folks who were in the VC industry but now moved on. Some of them have become good friends.

Any relationship built just on the transaction is temporary. We have to be a giver.

Business is secondary, but relationship is primary. Build lasting relationships in life. 🤩


Our fear of “they” stops us from doing the invincible.
Most of us are tamed and fearful.
Social conditioning is so prevalent that any decision in life ends up keeping others in the center.
In most cases, nothing moves because of the village’s approval.

The baggage of others ends up burdening us.
I have met with a dozen elderly over the last few years, and many regretting about life and just living like a robot.
Their creativity and hobby had no room in their life path.

We look for others for feedback and advice without speaking to ourselves, without talking through our inner selves, and asking what we want. We carry the world within us, but we have forgotten to listen to it. We have got into a rat race defined by them.


The curiosity of a toddler guarantees they are breakfree. You tell them not to touch the lamp, and they will burn their fingers touching it. They are like water and wind. Flowing in their own rhythm, not used to any boundary.

Some parents kill that curious bit from their inception. They try to educate and bring discipline early on. The barrage carries them to their death by eliminating their curiosity.

Love is the same. When you are into someone, it is not about controlling them. It’s more about being with them, seeing them succeed, and cheering from behind. Life depends on trust, belief, respect, and empathy. Why should not the same virtues drive love?