Our everyday life is no less than a mystery. Everything we do has an impact on everyone around us.

We still use our brain sub-optimally; our DNA fingerprints and vast knowledge are still unknown.

In personal or professional life, our progress is still unknown. We are walking with all the unknowns.

In short, living our life is about walking in the unknown and giving our best.


Some of us get stuck in the past. We sit still with the hope of everything becoming normal. As a result, all newer opportunity gets missed.

Could it be our ego or obsession that letting go becomes tough? Some founders go through multiple journeys before becoming successful. One has to go through many relationships before finding their soulmate.

Our life on this planet is limited; not moving on is a curse for humanity. Your expertise is a waste because of being stuck.


Marc Benioff, the author of ‘Trailblazer’ talks about beginners’ mind. The concept he brings from mindfulness in living, building companies, and product development.

I liked the concept. It is all about emptying ourselves from the past and taking things today as it comes, like a young kid being curious, asking questions, and living in the now and making the best of it.

It is essentially starting the day with a clean slate.


Running a startup is sailing through utter chaos.
Every day comes with its surprise.
It is not for a faint heart. We have to live each day as it comes.
Keeping a castle or future hope makes life more miserable.

What helps is knowing the challenge and belief of moving forward and learning from the mistakes. It is also about not letting everyday rejection or small wins get over our heads.

Eating well, yoga, exercise, and the company of dear friends act as medicine. And if you end up with a good team as a byproduct of robust culture, sailing becomes less painful.

We all have incentives for stating our own: knowing what we don’t want also helps.


As startups grew, so did the aspirations of founders. At some point, the culture turned to one man/women show. It resulted in everyone ending up as a resource working for money.

In the early days of my career, I enjoyed psychological safety, and money came next. I had a say and was free to point fingers. It was not like I was working for a boss and following everything they said. At times, we did question their decisions.

I see more and more cases of psychological safety replacing founders’ egos: people are fired left and right for asking questions.


Our Ego has taken over us.
We don’t accept our mistakes.
We burn in anger. We are not empathetic.
All gets us what? A show of our face: I am right feeling?
In the bigger picture: are we lying to ourselves just for our Ego?

Is it worth it? How difficult is it to say sorry and accept our mistakes?


How much is too much? Is there an end to our needs? The world we are living in has no such thing as enough.

That is the reason every month we have a sale going on. Or everything is always available at a discount. The more we buy, the more we feel like missing something. All the brands are working 24/7 to make us realize our missing happiness.

But as a human, what are our needs? How do we know what defines us, keeps us alive, and live as we progress?


Are some of us overeating? As a result, we are suffering from numerous health conditions?

Has our overeating opened a new era of tracking and monitoring gadgets from glucose to heartbeat to sleep?

Have we gotten lazier with everything delivered to our plate? Are we less active than our forefathers?

Are we humans making ourselves more miserable in the name of advancement?


Akelapan hai khud mae majboori sae zine ko, yae ek bimari he to hai. Sabkuch hote hue bhi koi nai apna, sabkuch khokhalapan sa jaan padta hai.

Hum paraye me apne ko dhundte hai, apno me kuch bacha he nai hai ab baat karne ko.

Ek nai aneek cheezo mae kho zate hai apne akelepan ko mitane kae liye. Kuch kutte, billi ke sagird bann zate hai aur kuch dhongi baba ke.

Baaki jo kuch bache wo masgool ho zate hai kaum, mulk ke ladai mae aznabiyoo ke sang mobile phone pe. Kuch Internet ke gumnaab awaaz bann ke reh zate hai.

Waqt ke saath saath apno ki kami hone lagti hai zindgi se. Kuch rooth kar chor zate hai, kuch ho zate hai kabr ke ho ke.

Apne akelepan mae zina suru kar diziye, zindgi mae kuch kami mehsoon nai hoge apko. Itna kuch to hai khud me kho zane ko. mazboori nai mauka samajhiye akelepan ko.