We can get inspired from anywhere. It can be by reading, watching a movie or listening to the shopkeeper. We, humans, are unique in our own ways. We all have our own stories. A few chosen ones get to tell the world their journey.

Keep yourself open to listen, hear and get inspired. Don’t be biased or judgemental on the basis of pedigree or upbringings.


Sometimes you have to Nudge your liked ones, friends. You have to make them believe that they are important. We all like being liked and appreciated.

Why is it so difficult for us to appreciate, encourage, nudge others? Is it because we are scared of being ignored or rejected?

Being Right

It’s amazing how many people after accumulating appreciation from their past deeds feel they are right on everything. These are the people who think they are the nucleus of the solar system.

We have to be rational and understand the hard truth that the success of our past is not going to be the indicator of the future.

At the same time, most of us are so scared that we fall prey to these people. We are fans and followers. Our own consciousness goes for a toss in the limelight of our confirmation and survivorship bias.


What does it mean by being at Peak? It is self-satisfaction, external appreciation or sense of achievement?

I have no clue, but off late peak gets frequent mentions. Going by Freud’s individual difference definition: the meaning of peak differs for us all.

Our life is a journey and as a traveler, peak can also mean the best destinations of our life journey.


I have been the biggest cribber in my friend circle. I had a problem with everything: job, people, relationships.

Things have gotten better in a few years, I am more interested in my present. I don’t want to crib about what and how things or situations in my life should be. I have accepted the truth: there are limited things which I have control over.

I keep advising the same to my friends. You don’t like the current job, change it. Not happy in the current relationship, move on.

In short, the choice is yours, our life is too small and we have one life. What is the point of cribbing in every stage of it?


Renaissance because gig economy along with automation will make us more independent.

Does it mean, robots will clean our lawn and cook for us, I have no idea? But one this is for sure, we will have more time in our hand to kill.

We are anyways seeing the adversity of it: keyboard worriers and propagandist spreading fake news and creating communal clashes.

What can we do which keeps us all occupied?

It can be art, creativity, writing, spending more time with personal hobby.

One positive side of the gig economy is independence, anyone and everyone can make a living on their own terms.

When was the last time we had imagined ordering a car, bike or food over a tiny screen?

I read in a recent news report which said fresh engineering graduates are opting for delivery boy jobs because it gives them more money and independence.

More money because automation will create jobs which will pay well but require great skills and for a fresher, it will be difficult. Thankfully we have not reached that state so far.

My conversation with Subbu and Yashvardhan made me write this. Thank you guys. 🙂


It is backed by science that music has a therapeutic effect on us. That is the reason in the past our princely states had music maestros. From Baiju Bawra to Tansen, the list is uncountable.

Even Vedas had a separate book dedicated to music Samaveda. In Hindustani classical music, we have many ragas which fit on a particular occasion, mood, season and time of the day.

Western musicians were not behind either: Mozart, Bach, Beethoven are celebrated ones.

I find it mind-boggling. One lifetime is not enough for learning and understanding the same.

My friend Ankit from twitter shared information about wonderful research sponsored by Government of India.


Winter sun, bone-chilling wind and a glass of Masala Chai. Sometimes waking up early in the morning. These are few things reminds me of my class 10th board exams.

There were no smartphones or the internet to distract us. I remember papa had packed the television as well, a different kind of sacrifice from his part.

It was less tiring for me than others. I was competing with myself. My parents only expected me to pass my exams.