It is better to die fighting than living with guilt that you could have fought and won. Our limited life on this planet puts us in multiple scenarios where we can fight or escape taking sides on a personal or professional front.

Those who run away from regret for life while fighting even after losing live with peace.

Guilt is a disease and kills us slowly. It’s better to lose by trying rather than keep guilt for the life of not trying enough.

I have been part of many battles on a professional and personal front, lost gracefully. I have ensured living without any guilt.


Modernization and mass migration’s side effect: we are leaving our culture and tradition behind. Visiting most north Indian villages will show a gloomy picture as most youths are out in the metros leaving behind their ailing parents, wives, and children.

The country’s growth has shrunk in the metros where we are all flocking. Is it not unhealthy for any county’s economy?


We live in a connected world with infinite notifications, nudges, and pings. It gets overwhelming at times how to de-clutter from this. We, humans, are not built to multi-task or juggle between things. We are doing it and getting sick.

Everything around us is becoming difficult because of this de-clutter. If you want soap, choices at a departmental store will confuse you. The same applies to apparel shopping or eating at a restaurant.

Is there an end to it? Do we need mobile or non-mobile hours for peace of mind? Do we need to know and remember what to buy and eat to save ourselves and our sanity?


Being happy is a state of self. It has more to do with our intrinsic well-being. The wealthiest ones died of melancholy.

Happiness is about celebrating small wins, being grateful to the world, and loving oneself equally. It also comes from being satisfied internally. The internal guilt, unmet expectations, and failure in love or profession torment us. It is again on us if we want to live in pain or let these go and live happily.

Our happiness increases with external factors like loved ones, friends, and families, but deep inside our thoughts, it is all about us, ourselves, and how we see the world through our lens. The choice of living boils down upon us, our thoughts, and taming the monkey mind.


The problem with pigs is that they drain you, and they will enjoy it. Some of us end up living with pigs. They can be our friends, life partners, bosses, or work colleagues.

You can not appease a pig. It will fail because the pig will find another goalpost or challenge to drain you again.

Stay away from the pig for mental well-being. Do whatever it takes and whatever price you have to pay.


“We mature with age” is a myth. In the last six years of taghash, we have worked with a bunch of kids in their 20s, and they have been super energetic, hardworking, curious, and focused. I believe maturity comes with experience, failures, and grind. It can start early for some.

I know many folks in 40 still acting lost, and many others in their 20 are taking care of entire families or figuring out their purpose in life.

So age is a number. What matters is how we are living now and seeing the world.


Staying positive by default is an art more than a science.
Most of us live a life where we see the glass half empty.
We tend to keep a pessimistic view.
As a result, we give up before starting.
We feel we are worthless or that taking a hedge is a failure.

My way of seeing life has changed over a few years. I have gotten into a philosophy of the present. Our life is limited, and what is the point of getting negative overall?
We aspire to be living in positivity.
Life and failures should be the learning.
It will make us love our life more, and the purpose of living gets closer.


We are all unique, and so is our story. No two person has similar experience and views about the world. A lot depends on how much we have gone through life, traveled, or read.

Humans come in all shapes: happy, angry, or mad. It is not that they are of nature by themselves, but conditioning has its role.

A traumatized kid won’t be attached to anyone while growing up. A bullied kid is not going to make friends.

We are all different with a unique stories. We are lost in ourselves, we have no time to look beyond our pain, misery, or happiness.


We are told and taught about multitasking. How much can it scale? The more I see my friends traveling on multiple, the more I get scared of how they manage their time.

We have a finite time in life, and success differs for us all. What matters is being good, happy, and cheerful with our life. Can we do it by running as a headless chicken doing multiple things or focusing on one thing?

Cognitive ability deteriorates with time, and doing one thing can help us stay sane and prolonged.


Who are we other than our thoughts and consciousness?
We observe, act and take actions.

Did Mozart, Van Gogh, Gandhi, Michelangelo, or Socrates go for emotional support and advice before what they created? In most cases, they had a lot of self-belief, affirmation, and radical optimism.

The more people I meet, the more I feel we are a herd looking for others’ approval. Why can we not fail, experiment, learn and excel?

The more we seek outside emotional support, the more we become dependent. How far can someone take us?

We create a mental manifest, make everything impossible for ourselves and then expect some messiah to come and rescue us and take us to a new height.

The more we go looking outside for all the answers, support and encouragement the more we will get empty from within. Seek inside for the answers.