I like being a straight shooter. Many people dislike me for that. But I like being straight with my interactions or business dealings. It keeps things simple.

Our days on this planet are limited. We have to make the best of every minute. One thing that keeps things going is simple conversation and business dealings.

Most successful people I have known have been straight shooters. It eradicates confusion and keeps things moving.


Trust is a global currency. Most successful people guide it and give the utmost priority to it. We can create all the wealth we like by various means. But to survive in society and to face the world, the virtue of trust trumps others.

Trust takes us to the high hills of our success. Be it business or relationship. One should give extra care to it.


There is no one path for all. Each one has our journey. One common theme is to be open to challenges and accept what’s on our way. We should not hide or close ourselves.

Life gives us many opportunities, and we pick and sail through it. Sometimes, no plan is the best plan. It helps us in sailing in the present.

Our life is limited. Every second, we are dying. What matters in the end is the lives you have impacted with your actions.

All your cars, houses, and watches will stay with your mansions. The 10X10 grave will carry your carcass for eternity.

RIP, Charlie

Charlie Munger just passed away. He turned 99 years old. My inclination towards him has been more toward him as a person than a veteran billionaire.

I loved reading about him. If you read the biography, you will know about the odds he had gone through his life, from losing his eye vision to marriage failure to passing away his favorite son. He was a lawyer by education.

It is not that success came to his life without doing anything. He was a voracious reader. I remember his reference to Benjamin Franklin and Epictetus, the stoic philosopher.


There is no such thing as a guarantee in life.
Everything is impermanent.
We can die any minute; our accumulated wealth can be in ashes in no time. We will become strangers to the rest.

Our life is a sum of memories and actions.
We should live for now and make the best of it.
While dreaming is a healthy practice, it should not mean we give up present dreaming for the future.

We should be grateful and lucky to have all working body parts and breathing.
Life has no guarantee.


There are some days when nothing works. Everything comes crashing. We have to stay on our grounds and let it pass. It is easier said than done. A belief and keeping faith in oneself makes it achievable.

Our life is not a utopia. Most of us are not born with a godfather or a silver spoon. We have to work ass off. We can only play our part and leave the rest. The more we aspire, the more we work, and we will get closer to the result. But there is no guarantee of it being in our favor.


You cannot force-feed someone to success. You can only show the ladder. In the end, one has to walk on it. We want to see our loved ones and friends succeed. We go to lengths to help them out. But in the end, it all comes down to the individual.

We have to be happy with our efforts. Otherwise, we will be in pain for seeing them fail without them making an effort. Our mind throws us into a guilt trap. We have to avoid it. We are not responsible for others beyond a point.


There is a silent population whom we have turned into robots. They don’t speak because they are scared. They take our orders and work on it. They are poor because of their country torn in war or because of tyrant dictators. Some of them were poor because of the family they were born in.

They are our gig workers, captains, and riders delivering food and vegetables. They take you around the city round the clock.

We mostly ignore them. Put grumpy faces at them and shout at them for their mistakes. They are less privileged than us. We should be kind to them and treat them like us humans.

It’s been over a month in Dubai, and taking a taxi and ordering food online have passed across many faces. Some opened up, spoke, and told their stories. A few were engineers in their country, then war broke out, and nothing for them.

Hearing the story of each one of them makes me sad and humble. We cannot help them, but at least be nice to them. Give a smile to them. We don’t have to treat them like a mute robot.


We clutter our thoughts with things that should not matter to us. Our thoughts should flow like water: pure and without any control. When we go seeking things, we end up expecting. It does more harm to us, and our thoughts get cluttered.

We can only progress if we let go. Many of us live in memories that end up cluttering our minds. It is not a growth mindset. We limit ourselves to unlimited possibilities.

We need to go still and free ourselves and our thoughts. That is when we will be progressive in life’s journey.