Are we slaves to money?
Or our consciousness has gone for toss chasing this utopia. What has gone wrong?
Why has money become leading indicatior of charactor, respect and prosparity?
What are we losing while chasing money?
Are we losing our head, self respect or real us?
Why are relationships made or broken on money as prime arbitrage?
Why are you worthless because you have no money?

The more I think, I feel stone age was better; atleast there was a community and little love for each other.

Bridgital Nation

Halfway through reading Bridgital Nation by N Chandrasekaran. The book talks about how technology can bridge India’s basic infrastructure necessity.

So far author has stressed the need for education and healthcare needs across India. The number he shares throws a sad figure, atleast in the healthcare domain where 65% qualified doctors are curing 35% urban India.

The book also talks about case study and shares stories on how educating women or providing access to education has changed lives of many women in rural India who constantly battle against societal pressure for a job or study.


Social media is a loudspeaker and one place to observe someone’s practice and preach duality.

I keep meeting friends who work at various startups whose founders are the thought leaders on social media platforms. They laugh at how these leaders have different opinions in reality.

The more I see social media more I realize the big divide in what the leaders are practicing and preaching.

A donkey can paint or act like a zebra temporarily. Same goes for a horse dancing like fake unicorn.


We are all lost. Some with deep desires to be someone or leave a mark on this universe.

Many disappeared into the darkness and gave up on life. Some are grieving and healing themselves. Some ended up losing life to alcohol and drugs.

It is easy to get lost and disappear from this world. It requires self-belief and action to be lost yet live a happy life.

How can we lose anything which we never owned? Were we not born naked?


People and your company can make or break your life. We all radiate some energy from within the universe. Some spread warmth, cheerfulness, and calm. Some others spread anger, jealousy, negativity, and hate.

This energy and company shape us: monkey see, monkey do. We are the sum of our consciousness and experience.

What will you learn living with a herd of sheep will be different from a peck of wolves.

Your company defines and shapes your energy. Pick it well.


When we are attracted to something, We want to own it. Why is it so?
Why do we have to own or control things or people we like.

What do we have in our control other than our consciousness? Why do we have to buy everything or expect everything has a price?

With age, I am starting to like my freedom. It is a virtue and part of mine.

The way I see things revolving around and people with masks scares me.


One piece of advice I will give to my younger self is to be more fearless. Take more risks, venture more into the journey unimaginable and get out of comfort. It is humbling to see 18-20 years kids have figured out what they want.

When you are fearless, you have a world of opportunity that awaits. You will not care what others think about you or the reactions of others to your everyday decisions.


The concept of the internship was different in our times. Our seniors were more empathetic and were excellent guides.

These days I feel we have rewritten the definition of an internship. We are asking way too much from these kids: offering them money and expecting them to be more like full-time employees. It does not work like this.

The level of empathy and respect has deteriorated overall. It has become transactional. The fun of building and learning has diluted.

As a leader, if you are on-boarding interns, please be responsible for interns’ success along with the organisation. Treat them well and be a coach.


We, humans, are like onions. Every layer has its own story, and for an outsider, we are just projections of the version we portray. Nobody cares what is going on in your other aspects of life but wants to see more of you and your bikini pics or jokes on Twitter.

We are all lost in our world, and knowing someone or peeling off those layers is a time-taking activity that most are least interested in or bothered about.

One of the main reasons for modern-day relationship failure comes from this simple reason.

We want complete onion without peeling it all off, knowing each side of the dear ones.


There is a big bubble brewing in the financial market. The trillions of paper /currency US treasury minted are not helping. The stock market is at an all-time low.

I have been speaking to founders and investors off-late. Some predict a meltdown for the next few years.

I graduated in 2007, in a recession. India had less impact and risk from the global market then, and now we are more connected. It will impact us.

The wise advice is cost-cutting and staying frugal.

In a bootstrap dhanda, you are always in recession or cost-cutting mode. So a few who are running a business on deep fundamentals and addressing customers’ pain points should not be worried.