Successful people sell hard work over luck to you. But very few admit that little luck, and it’s a wonder. Time and again, in 35+ years of my life, I have been hearing about success stories and luck playing its part.

People meet, and their world changes. Opportunities come, and we have to seize them. Giving credit to luck is no harm. It just opens the door, and hard work starts afterward.

Embrace the luck, be grateful, and work your ass off.


We are living in an information age where narratives are written and re-written. These narratives can make or break anyone, society, or religion. Early days it was newspaper or television. With changing times, it’s in every sphere, from textbooks to social media platforms. It is not easy for most of us to skip it.

But what can help us is questioning instead of becoming blind worshipers. Instead, we should “think rationally”

Some believe they are too smart to be affected. They will be the 1st person to join them.


You are a mirror of yourself. How you see and feel about yourself shapes you. It defines you.

It is easy to be pessimistic about our actions and feel negative about things around us. Our brain subconsciously crafts and maps it. As a result, it starts believing in it. We are locked in our limitations because of our thoughts.

Let this mirror be positive and healthy.


Self-doubt is a demon we are battling with constantly. In every realm of our life, Self-doubt comes as a grumpy competitor whose role is to make you a loser. It’s like an enemy who results in losing a battle without even participating. Our life is a mixed bag of success and failure. But having self-doubt transforms every opportunity into a loss.

Your life on this planet is limited. It exists for a purpose. Make the best use of it. Fight your internal fear and self-doubt with a positive affirmation and keeping a positive outlook towards life.


Running a startup is painful. Although some founders have turned it into get rich quick scheme. With funding winter, these companies and founders are coming into the lights of scrutiny. I am sure this is just the beginning, and we will see many more names coming out.

India’s growth story. The youngest English-speaking population has resulted in investments in the last ten years. Now they are looking for returns, which is not coming as anticipated.

Because of a few bad actors, the entire startup ecosystem should not suffer. We have just begun, and our goal is to build big.


As a founder, one virtue you should seek from early team members is their responsibility-taking capacity.
A founder should not worry about the quality and delivery timelines.
They should be confident that team members will do it and deliver their best.

Any other pedigree and show-off should not be the priority in early hires. Otherwise, the founder ends up becoming a pendulum or a headmaster of a school.


Our life is a mixed bag. It has everything from pain, happiness, and longing to suffering. Once we are stoic about it, living becomes easy. The other magic that happens to us is finding the source, people who believe in you, your vision, and ways of seeing the world. It can come from anywhere, including rejections and ego. All you have to do is to observe and take action on it.

At the same time, we are social animals. We need believers who are part of our journey.
Those who inspire us. The ones who believe in the impossible.

Life is a work in progress. People walk with you and make theirs and your dreams as one; we need most of them in the journey. Every goal and task becomes easier to achieve.

I have been lucky in finding few in every aspect of my life.


We all have a particular definition of freedom. Some crave money while others for time to think. We are all unique, and our way of seeing this world varies.

I see education as a source of ultimate freedom. It’s education that brings a change for society and generations. It is education that helps us think, ask questions.


Most of us lack accepting reality in our life. We never move on. Could this be because of our emotions, expectations, and ego? You cannot mourn the passing away of your loved ones for life. You have to accept it and move forward.

The same goes for relationships. Once out of it, we are with memories, not a relapse. We would wish for things to work out as we imagined. As a result, we will waste more time on our dreams, not living in reality. We will result in closing other opportunities coming our way.

In the case of entrepreneurship, it comes with a risk of failure. We have to wake up, accept the reality and see another day. We can’t dream over the good old days or blame others for our failures.

Acceptance is the least favored virtue. But it provides a good night’s sleep and keeps us away from stress, panic eating, or heart attacks.


Our little actions can take us a long way ahead.
Our kids and peers: all observe us and how we treat others and react to a scenario: everything is closely watched.

Our aura depends on us and our actions.
We have to make life better for us and everyone around us.

Will your cook, butler, or chauffeur enjoy your company if you are not kind to them? They will leave you the day someone pays them a little more along with respect and care.