It’s not easy to meet like-minded people. We live around humans but still, we relate with very few. Some become our friends for life and others our well-wishers.

It’s like they understand us our actions and observation so well. It is like they are our mirror. If we end up finding such people, living becomes easy.

A few claim that having too many like-minded people results in limited thinking and mindset.

The blood-stained throne

I was in Kathmandu last December and this time visited the Narayanhiti Palace. I had heard about the Nepalese royal massacre. My friend gave some insights that resulted in me picking the book.

I was curious to know about Nepal Monarchy and, the book takes us through the journey from the very beginning (1775-1914).

I felt like am reading a plot of games of thone. Every other page is about gruesome murder, change of guards, and fights. All the vices we could name come with the throne or conquering it.

It is a 250-page book and can be finished in a single sitting.


Yaadon ko simet liye za rahe hai sang apne. Yaadon ko liye ja rahe hai jo rahenge zindgi bhar sang apne. Kuch bhole, kuch masoom aur kuch karguzarne ki khawaisoo me dube hue yaadain.

Hum apne zindgi ko yadoon ke me aise ghol dete hai ki ab ki sur aur khabar reh he nahi zate.

Ye waise bhi hamare sochne ke uper hai ki hum in yadoon ka kya kare. Kuch kar dete hai dafan yaadon ko dil ke kisi kone mae, aur kuch ji jate hai zindgi ko yaadon ke in lamho me.

Ab ye apke uper hai ki kare kya aap yaadon ka – inke ho kar ji jaiye zindgi ko ya dil kae khandahar mae daba de in masoom yaadon ko zindgi bhar ke liye.

the body

I think it was Aparna who recommended this book to me. The author Bill Bryson has written dozen other books as well.

I have been taking care of my health more in the last four years. The only way I could have gone through the pain of running my startup and books were a great resource.

After reading a dozen books on varied fields from guts to food to exercise, running, This book gave me a feeling that I am reading a smaller encyclopedia health book. The author has covered good ground on all parts of the human body and lifestyle.

I have added this book to my gift book category for all the wisdom.


I have heard from many about planning and then executing. My problem with planning is that it drains you so much that there is no energy left in execution.

There exists a multibillion-dollar industry on project management and roadmap tracking. On a multi-year and thousand minds, it makes sense.

But when we are small and building, what matters is the initial customers and their pain. Every team member gets motivated seeing their work used in the real world.

In our founder’s catchup, we always circlejerk and converse over hiring a head of product and whatnot. I always suggest early customers define your product. In building a consumer app and copying a US counterpart you need a product person for the donkey job.


I tried my best asking parent to move with me and leave Bihar. I realized after all these years of trying, it is not happening. One main reason for this is the social capital built in the last 50 years.

My mom and dad have a separate bunch of friend circles. Some meet every day or weekly. Apart from this, we have the same milkmen, cleaning lady vegetable wala who knows everything about us. They have seen us growing since early childhood. They have this huge social capital built around.

If I bring them here, it will be like putting them inside a walled garden which they will not enjoy.

Apart from the family we also need a company of friends around as we age, something I have learned with time.


Enterprise sales are about winning people and their trust. At the same time, one cannot make everyone happy. We have many sales closed because stakeholders believed in us and, we delivered our promise with time. In numerous instances, our believers switched organizations and got us there as well. We closed multiple sales just by delighting those who believed in our journey.

We had gone through dozen-odd meetings where our potential buyer would ask us to come back next set of features. It would be never-ending.

We did it because we were also learning and desperately needed early product uses. With time we realized about qualified or unqualified sales prospects. It would take us a few meetings to pursue or move on. I think time and experience made us better than before.

We are still not perfect and, it’s day zero for us. But one thing is sure, people or customers have to like you before buying your product.


Sometimes I feel like I have all-time in the world. It is just people around me are running. Is something wrong with me? Why am I not running and acting busy all the time? Does it make me less aspirational? Are they all have everything sorted that they are running for their true north?

Daily Traffic, grocery shopping, or even at the hospital, I feel this same race.

I don’t know. But it feels weird.

Land Of The Seven Rivers

Last week I picked up Land Of The Seven Rivers by Sanjeev Sanyal.
I loved the book and the amount of research the author has gone through writing the book. It starts with Harappa culture, talking about the Aryans, and goes from Mahabharata to all old Kingdoms and the Mughals.

I could imagine walking as reading the chapters. The end was with changing Indian landscape and the development of Gurgaon with changing economic liberalization.

The book covers good history on the origin of major Indian cities and British raj.

You like the history and geography of the Indian subcontinent. This book is a good read.


I am not sure why mom cries every time I leave her and come back to Bangalore. I sometimes wonder if these are uncontrolled emotions and, I can do nothing much about it.

Being a mother is not easy; Apart from carrying in her womb for nine months. Mothers see their children grow, accept all their tantrums. It is like constant work in progress till eternity.

I am not sure what we can do in return to keep her content, happy with all she has done for us; Apart from spending more time with her.

I am going to ask my sister sometimes the same question. She is raising her first child.