Most industry runs on trust. The byproduct is money. Sadly some forget this. Some start looking for personal gain. It results in affecting the ecosystem in bad faith.

You cannot eat all the dollars or gold while left in isolation.

It is trust, faith that drives humanity towards a better future. Donating millions to the temple after killing masses by selling substandard drugs, food items won’t take away all the vice.


I don’t write politics or fight about it. But a few weeks back, my friend Sonal suggested me a podcast. One of its episodes had Vinay Sitapati talking about his book Jugalbandi. The book is about the Advani-Modi relationship and running BJP. But it predates old history as well. I am not sure how much of it is true, but it was a good refresher.

The book starts with the origin of RSS and ends with the Modi-Shah duo. If you are unhappy with everything happening now, the book has a detailed explainer for it. It covers the formation of Hindu Mahasabha to Jan Sangh to Janta Party and the BJP. 

Other incidents which it also covers are:

  1. The assassination of Mahatma Gandhi.
  2. Banning of the RSS
  3. Indra Gandhi’s emergency era.
  4. Sikh Riot in Delhi
  5. Mandal movement
  6.  Babri masjid demolition
  7.  Gujarat Riot. 

Apart from this, the book also talks about RSS/BJP relations, the elevation of Modi as a national leader, Vajpayee-Advani relationship covering personal and political life. 

The most surprising part for me was knowing Vajpayee. His style of leadership not aligning with RSS. And how RSS did not like his rule, where Advani was the wall for him.  


You can take the thirsty to a pond. When someone craving mineral water, how are you helping?

We are all aspirational humans. We want the best in our life. Be it with a job, our life, or a relationship. It has to be top-notch; we don’t settle for mediocre.

As a friend, don’t offer unwanted shoulders or advice. Sometimes we can help our friends by doing nothing. Let them get lost, figuring out things or two.

This thinking has come after a friend of mine got a job. He had to wait for 6-7 months, but he is happy. All our shoulders, help, referrals were of no use. Cos he had other plans. 🙂

In short, you cannot influence the want of others.


There is no bulletproof plan as such. Be it with business or personal life. What most of us do is optimize for adversity. Keep a plan B; I have been asked and advised.

I don’t know much about others, but I have lived a wholesome life, the best of both worlds. I don’t believe in these multiple plans as it gives an excuse to fail and perish.

I am a big believer in focus and doing one thing at a time. So this paranoia of multi-tasking, biohacking makes me go nuts.

Sometimes the best way to live a life is to have no plans but to live in the moment.


Fear is a multi-trillion dollar industry. We are fearful of our death, losing our job or relationship. Many dictators came to power instigating fear of religion or race.

On the startup front, fear dominates over competitors taking away our market or someone copying our ideal. In short, fear keeps us on our toes.
Always running, vigilant.

In the relationship, our insecurity harvests fear; we are scared that our partner might leave us for others because of moving to a new city for a job.

A traditional family wants their son/daughter married as soon they could. They are fearful of kids turning into rebels and marrying in another caste, religion.

Many live in fear of failing. People never start or hedge a bet. After getting old, they remember the loss.

In an organization, fear fosters when new blood all of a sudden starts taking more responsibility. It makes the manager vulnerable and, fresher is shown his/her place. The overall organization suffers.

In the modern lifestyle, fear dominates every aspect. We pay in advance for insurance. We secure peace by paying to therapists or apps like Calm. At the same time, the pharmaceutical industry comes up with one of the other pills. There are recreation centers mushroomed across the globe leaching $$$.


Sometimes is the journey of our life; all we need is that spark. It can come from any source, the poem you read, people you met, observing nature, birds, animals, or reading an autobiography. It helps us to think and internalize ourselves and how we see ourselves or the world.

The world we are living in is painful. Negativity, miseries, war, and pain sell in the media or on Netflix. We, humans, are still animals within. We are tamed, domesticated by society. What we can and can’t do is constantly reminded of us by our parents, elders, and peers.

This spark is our gateway to what we want from our life. It is that light that governs us to move fiercely in the darkness. Keep looking for your spark and, life will transform.


I am just 10% through the book Jugalbandi by Vinay Sitapati. It gives the history and origin of the BJP and its association with RSS. It also talks about the togetherness as a team for Vajpayee and Advani.

A lot of us want to stay out of politics and, I respect it. What I liked reading about reminded me of the pair of founders sharing a complementary skillset and approach. The Jugalbandi among Charlie Munger – Warren Buffet, Steve Jobs, and Steve Wozniak. The list is endless.

Be in any part of business, politics, or a movement. This complimentary skillset makes an organization more strong and takes in the right direction.

mental models

We are living in a bubble. Social media has amplified a few folks and, they are peddling whatever they like. One of the recent bubbles is mental models, a mantra sold for success. We have millions of odd hours of Youtube videos teaching the same apart from puff science or social scientists minting money via selling their books.

All we are doing is reading the mental model of others and dreaming of being as successful as theirs. How much time do we spend on knowing ourselves, accepting as we are, our vulnerability, and working towards improving?

We all are different; psychologists call it individual difference. We need to spend time on self-inquiry with our soul. No book or reading others’ mental models will help.

The kind of shit going in the life of Gods like Elon or Naval or Charlie Munger differs from mere mortals. How can wasting hours on aping their mental model make my life better or take me out of the trash?


Why do we buy a house? To live or to buy more unwanted, non-necessary items to crowd it? There has been more than one instance where friends mentioned to be about their expenses in settling. Who came up with this idea of hoarding: it was the rich and influential ones?

The consumerism treadmill teaches us to buy in bulk, but do we need it all? In the end, how many dresses do we have to wear in a day? This whole worldly possession we have crowded around: how much does it matter?


I keep hearing from our parents about all the rituals for our forefathers: feeding to the poor, giving alms for the departed soul. I hope it has some meaning.

The rational side of my brain keeps asking me about the authenticity of these rituals. Once a soul, it becomes part of the cosmos. Do they care about what their kids are doing?

What matters is now, who we are, how we treat others, how we lived our life.