Death is the reality of life. Yet we are scared of it. We keep planning for the future. We continue finding reasons for postponing all we want to achieve.

What is the incentive for mountaineer climbing the event when they know they are walking on their death trial? They accept death and live their life now in resting a life living moment to moment.


Delulu or delutional is one core element in enterprenurship. Otherwise, we are all happy working 9-5 living in a work-life balance.

Entrepreneurship is not for everyone because because it sucks every part of you. It makes you think beyond the rest. That is how Tesla, Amazon, Google, Apple, and many other companies are. built.

It is good to be Delulu and stick to the ideas till execution.


A founder’s job is to eliminate bottlenecks on all fronts. The organization works on its own. Many founders take things too personally and get into I will do it all myself. They end up being power centers or control freaks. When in real they should be a leader watching things from afar.

A successful organization requires freedom for its team. A team differentiates a successful organization. A leader has to hold them on all fronts, empower them, and see them progressing.

In short, a founder should be the chief bottleneck officer.


Last week, I was listening to Dale Carnegie: How to Win Friends and Influence People. The book spoke about visualizing a better life. It made me think for a while. The more I delved into I realized how important it is to imagine a better life.

When we imagine, our subconscious mind pokes us into reality to work and achieve it. However, to most, this will sound ridiculous. Deep thinking will make you realize that visualizing happiness and a better life gives us purpose. Our default gets into the mode of thinking better.

Our monkey mind is built over the century and is pessimistic by default because of the fight-flight we humans have gone through the century. The power of visualization gives us the will to live a better life. It cements us to believe in a better life.


Hum dhund rahe hai khud ko khud mae.
Hum dhund rahe hai khuhd ko unme.
Hum dhund rahe hai khud ko sabme.

Ek pehchaan hai jiske talaash zindgi bhar ke rehte hai.
Ek pehchaan khud ki khud se karne ki har pal khwaish rehte hai.
Ek pehchaan banane ki unse khud ke liye aisa tamanna rehte hai.

Hum khud mae is kadar kho zate hai ke mano dub gaye hai ek samandar mae. Aise dube hue hai ke pehchaan se bhatak se gaye ho, aise khoye hue hai ki zindgi ke taal dur hote dikhaye de rahe hai.


Building a startup requires focus. The world we live in has all the ingredients for distraction. It is easy to get lost at events and announcements. It is easy to get lost in replying to unwanted calls and emails.

What keeps most successful ones going is taming this noise. A sense of understanding to mute unwanted chores.

A startup has a team, the pain it’s solving, and customers who are paying. We have to focus on these before anything else. Everything else is noise.


We are all craving for success. The definition of success is opaque. The definition can be different in the eyes of each one.

Materialism has become the core of our society. Our media and glamour industry focuses on looks. The new generation is confused about finding balance in cementing relationships and casual hookups while working to make ends meet.

The goalposts for parents, children, and society are all different.

What defines success, then? I don’t know.


Our life is limited. We need a circle that inspires and educates us. Our defacto mind is negative. We need people to guide, advise, and believe in us. There is negativity already around.
Why waste time on it more with the company of friends or at work?

Our mind works when we are free. Our mind works when we have an optimistic worldview about everything. We cannot live a life with pessimism or failure. Our comfort zone should be risk-taking, not risk-averse.


Our life is the sum of experiences. We are writing our story every day. We meet people, visit places, read, and visit places. In all instances, we gain a lot of learnings. It is on us how to apply to us in the present moment.

Most successful people learn and observe from these experiences but do not cling to them. The reason is that all situations and people are different. We cannot apply past templates to the present scenario.

We have to understand every day is full of new opportunities. It has so much to offer. We should take it instead of clinging to the past and getting stuck. We have to move in life and see a new world every moment.


Our insecurity is a root cause of suffering. We don’t take a step forward seeing the light of success. We are scared and fearful of venturing in because of past experiences.

We have a small life and limited moment of opportunity. For someone insecure, it does not matter. Many are living in their bubble and calling it their comfort zone.

Many people don’t venture into relationships because of their insecurity. Some don’t get into business partnerships because of fear of losing before the start.

We get out of insecurity by changing our mindset. We start seeing a world of possibilities.