Tamasha he to hai, sab jaan padte hai behrupiyee sabhi.
Tamasha he to hai, sabkuch chakachaundh ke andhkaar me simat sa zo gaya hai.

Jee rahe hain ek chaalchitra ke bhitar, baant rahe hai apni hunar ko gairo ki chaah ke liye.

Apne khud ki zindgi khud se itne duur jaan padte hai ki asliyat me khud bhi tamasa ban gaye ho zaise.

Hai kaun bacha iss tamashe ke chakakr me, bade bade batoorne me lage hai gairo kii tarifoo ko.

Khud ki khudi se yuun moohphri humne ki sahi-galat, iman-dharam, paap-punya sabko tamase ke mohtaaz bana baithe.


The romanticism of entrepreneurship is not needed. It is just another part people pursue. I understand media and authors portray a glorious picture of it. But in the end, it is just another route or journey.

For one success story, there are thousands of other failures. We don’t talk about them. The selective narration of success is used and reused as inspiration to condition the youths.

A very few talk or witness the everyday struggle of most entrepreneurs where they are constantly juggling across many tasks, managing the ego of their employees, customers, and other stakeholders. The media does not show you the falling personal relationships, deteriorating health, and everyday mental struggle of an average entrepreneur.

Confirmation bias laced with hero stories has resulted in every sophomore dreaming into the journey. In my view, entrepreneurship is just another way of earning and living. It does not require a celebrity status or god-level worship.


Whose war is it anyway?
War on independence, who are making free?
Who makes and loses out of any war?

We are lucky to be living a life with the basic necessities. Many others are not fortunate enough. They are just born in the country, color, race, or religion that makes them vulnerable.

War happens for the superiority of religion, land grab, establishing a puppet ruler, ethnic cleaning, or stealing oils and natural resources.

But who is making most of it? The arms manufacturers selling arms to both parties or the infrastructure companies who get reconstruction work afterwar, the country that gets to live with their army as peacekeepers?

Capitalism seeks consumers and a new market. The robber barons made the most out of American Unrest in the past. The history is just repeating: be it in Africa, Arab Nations, or elsewhere.


We all dislike media for being one-sided or for showing half-truth. At the same time, we secretly desire to be part of it. Humanity survived all these years because of desire and aspirations for a better future. We are constantly chasing the utopia.

With the advancement in technology and constant media gaze via various modes and platforms, a few have understood how important it is to be relevant. One of the modes of it is constantly in the eyes of the public, good or bad. A brand or an entrepreneur strives to be out there and not forgotten.

It is not something new; Pablo Picasso, Thomas Edison and, other creative geniuses did this. They fought, created controversy, and stayed in the news until they lived.

Someone has rightly said: any publicity is good publicity. After all, each of us wants to be heard and have an opinion. In the end, it is about staying relevant.

On Education

We grew up to an age where education had a final destination of becoming an engineer, doctor, Bank PO, or applying for BPSC or UPSC. Things have changed since then; many newer fields have emerged and, we have many paths to pursue our future careers.
I also had some of our friends sent to madrassa and ashrams. Most of their teaching comprised of reading holi texts. Some of them are a professor at a Sanskrit college and are living a good life. Some have become mahant at Vrindavan ashrams.

Will Durant’s falling leaves has a chapter on education where he talks about this. I liked what he had to say. Our education system aims to make us all zombies and find a job and earn. There is no more curiosity or mental growth path for the kids. Some of his advice might sound crazy but, I subscribe to it. Education should be holistic making an individual self-aware. For it to happen teaching history, philosophy, psychology is equally important.

Going by the current trend, kids are trained to become software developer while resting at mothers womb. In short, not much has changed.


I had posted a question on Twitter a few days back.

I got many replies. I was chatting with Subbu today and, he mentioned our quest for desirability. We want to be liked and appreciated.

We all know that capitalism thrives on our loneliness, boredom. We should add desirability as well to it. The three pillars have fostered civilizations, empires, and everything in past and present.

Charles Darwin said only things which matter to our species boils down to propagating our DNA or reproduction. The desirability bug of ours works towards ensuring that.


Paneer(cottage cheese) came to my menu on one of the Thursday nights during dinner. I was studying in class 4th in a hostel in Ranchi. I was lactose intolerant those days. The smell of milk would make me puke.

Paneer was served in a limited capacity. My dislike of it got noticed by one of my prefects, a senior. Every Thursday, he would sit next to me. I would transfer all of the paneers to his plate.

Our hostel had a colonial system intact and, prefect, housemaster, lead were some roles allocated to one of our seniors. Those folks were super powerful and dictators in most instances. I remember incidents of our classmates, juniors beaten by them for not following rules of lights off or evening preps or waking up on time for PT.

I was talking to my colleague yesterday while cooking paneer and, this past came up. I never got ragged or beaten by those seniors apart from those mass punishment sessions for the entire house. It feels like I had paneer diplomacy and, it served me well.


We all know Andrew Carnegie as a philanthropist, industrialist, and robber baron. At the early age of 16, Carnegie joined the Pittsburgh telegraph office and became Thomas Scott’s private secretary and telegrapher. Later on, Carnegie joined Thomas Scott at the Pennsylvania Railroad, where he became general superintendent. Their relationship continued and, Carnegie learned, prospered, and worked out of poverty.

One has to be lucky to have some mentor, believer, and teacher. I am still 100+ pages of a book: Andrew Carnegie, David Nasaw.


I watched: Lucky, the movie, last night. The song hit my nerves. Added lyrics from the comment someone had added to it.

I stole the right to live as if there was no time.
I stole the eyes of God as if those eyes were mine.
I took and did infuse a light that was to shine.

Oh, Mercy! Lord, have a pity!
I’m only traveling; I don’t have no place to go.

I walked the streets of gold and heard the silver tongue.
I passed out on Satan’s Hill and made my bed on stone.
Forsaken hearts I wandered; I left them all alone.

A long ways goin’ out and have no destiny.
A long ways to believe dreams that come to be.
I swear they’re true a-bloomin’ here before me.

Oh, Mercy! Lord, have a pity!
I’m only traveling; I don’t have no place to go.


I was reading his post on hacker news and, it talks about being poor. I am not sure what to make out from the entire thread and original post as a conclusion. But one thing is clear that the definition of poor depends on what we are seeking. It boils down to our needs.

A castle will be nothing to a rich if he wants to own a country. A hermit will be fine with a hut.