How amazing we will become without reacting but just observing.
In one way, a numbness.
When we are observant and not reactive, we are open and objective.
Our mind is not cluttered, and we are not biased in making any action.

Our mind is a monkey mind. It keeps us in fright mode. We seek an escape, not solution.

We can only do our part with our best. We cannot waste minute with anything else. Result is collection of factors altogether.


You have to be open to accept life as it comes for you. There is no single straight path. There is no fixed line one has to follow. Knowing the impermanence of life is what makes us move forward.

Our forefathers are no more with us. Their virtues are what we have built upon and grown. We made a life for ourselves and our family and loved ones.

You are born for a purpose, and it is to live every single day. We can be sad for what we don’t have or be grateful for what we have while aiming for better.


When you are on a treadmill, you have to run. When you are at war, fight. We have to have this mindset in any situation of our life. We cannot just step back after going all in. Our life becomes miserable because anything we do, we don’t give our best: be it in love or profession. How will we succeed if we will not commit and give our best? 


You can’t build a masterpiece if you follow the rules. You have to go against the odds. The impressionist exists because of being a misfit. So don’t get into the legalities in life. When you have decided to work hard, be honest and go for it. We laugh at the uber founder, but our transportation mode has gotten a new worldview altogether. Who would have imagined getting a cab on crowded streets minus fare haggling in the flip of a second? 


When we aspire to achieve something, we should give the best food forward. We should not worry about the loss. We should give our best at it. Our success depends on taking the risk. We cannot just sit like a couch potato and dream. We need to take action towards achieving our goal. It is good to dream and daydream along with taking risks and putting in all the hard work. 


People like to help you when you are open to listening to them. When you are honest and naked in front of them. When you accept, you don’t know everything. When you show your humility, the world will conspire to help you. Having an ego and fake self will only affect you from being successful. 


You have to be lucky to have a mission in life. What and where do you want to see yourself? As a result, you will work hard towards it. You will go against all odds and achieve it. In the case of Arnold, he was dedicated enough to body building and moving to America. He figured out our acting and politics later on. But most importantly, he had the mission to get out of his current life. 


I might sound controversial with this post but I felt like sharing it. Our Indian society still keeps us under constant watch and the views of our family members. It has more negatives than positives. 

​We end up becoming a check list or TODO list of our parents. I have seen friends ending up becoming good sons and horrible fathers/ husbands. Some live a miserable life because of parental watchdogs.

We are thankful to our parents for giving us a life. We are thankful to them for paying for our education and making us adults. But does this mean we have to live on their defined path of life? What to eat or wear? Who to talk to? Who to marry? What to study? Where to work? 

It sometimes becomes like you are living your life, but the brain is theirs. What happens to your individualism? The misses and hits in your life by trying and failing? Are we living for our parents or ourselves? 

In the end, things come down to society and then parents will get into moral policing, which is like mental torture. 

How many young people have died of their dreams because of their conservative or helicopter parents? 

We have one life and it should be our duty to be most focused on personal dreams rather than making our parents and family proud and killing slowly every day. Our happiness should be of utter importance to us.  If it means taking the decision to leave them for work or study, marry someone of their likeness or experimenting in a career. It should all be acceptable to yourself. 

Our parental guilt trap is the real thing. But what is more important than that is being honest with ourselves, living every second of life in our own decisions and actions.