Aging is part and parcel of humanity. We get old with time. Our social circle becomes limited. We get more immersed in ourself. I have seen my grandparents, with age they got hooked to some purpose and a routine.

My grandmother would wake up and spend a few hours in prayers and later in the day with reading. She would have her friends visit sometimes to play cards.

Our youth defines how we live as we age. Having a set of habits, a company of friends and a deep purpose will help us in aging well.

Seneca puts it well.

Let us go to our sleep with joy and gladness; let us say: I have lived; the course which Fortune set for me is finished. And if God is pleased to add another day, we should welcome it with glad hearts. That man is happiest, and is secure in his own possession of himself, who can await the morrow without apprehension. When a man has said: ‘I have lived!’, every morning he arises he receives a bonus.


Price is part of every transaction. At times price becomes immaterial because our needs are non-monetary. It has more to do with us, self-control.

Epictetus in Enchiridion talks about it.

Do you wish to win the Olympics?
I do too, by the gods; for it is exquisite.
However, consider the leading things and the things following
and so take hold of the action.
It is necessary for you to be disciplined,
to eat strictly, to keep off sweets,
to exercise under compulsion, at an appointed hour,
in heat, in cold, not to drink cold water,
nor wine, as it chances,
absolutely as to a physician
to give yourself over to the trainer,
when in the contest to dig in alongside,
it is possible then to throw out a hand,
to sprain an ankle, swallow much sand, perhaps be beaten,
and with all these things be defeated.

If we want something, we have to pay a price for it. Price could be self-control, deep focus and discipline. We will get ridiculed by others too.


There are times in our life when we are at the crossroads. Feeling clueless about everything: job, relationship, finances. clueless about our choices.

The definition of good or bad makes no sense. Even with everything around us miserable. We are lost.

It is good that one gets lost, it helps in knowing self better. Asking more questions about self on what one wants is what makes the future journey more meaningful.

Keep getting lost, keep asking questions with yourself.

Social Media

Social Media is a great place for sharing knowledge. It connects us to great achievers and successful folks.

Social media is also a place for spreading FOMO. It is easy to get caught up in a fight, become vulnerable.

I have been a superuser of Twitter for over a decade. But over the past few months, I have seen it is getting on my nerves. I am finding it another Idiot Box.

I am not deleting Twitter but quitting it for some time.

I will continue writing daily. I have linked my blog publishing with Buffer so the posts will be shared automatically.

Time will tell how much this break will help me.