We are a 70-plus-year-old independent nation now. 

Our democracy is the biggest in the world. 

Yet the current trend I am seeing ends up being the same during the election. 

Caste and religion are still playing central issues in elections. 

The discussion should have been on job creation, education, health, and food.  

I am reading Mark Tully’s books. He wrote them 30-40 years ago. I see the same India seems described by him then. What have we achieved with technology when it has become a weapon to spread propaganda and venoms?

How many more years will this continue? 


We are a living validation machine. We are one of the millions in the faceless world of the internet. We want compliments from others. People we have never met to like, comment, and compliment us. 

We are hollow from the inside. We carry smiles for Instagram. Our relationship is testing waters, but we are a couple making reels.

Why do we need validation from others? Are we ignored or have no self-belief?


The advantage of believing in what people tell you on your face is that you don’t have to worry about the game they play. We live in a world where people play games. They will say something and mean something else. 

We have strategists, influencers, and others in the job profession for the same reasons. They can understand things from far away and sense the mood. 

Most of us humans are simple people. We have a life to lead. We have rents to pay. We don’t have time to see, observe, and understand others from their actions, the game people play. 


Our ego is behind all our rage and anger. The way we react to others with unmet expectations. Our life is not about running around and making the world be at our fingertips. There are things that we don’t have control over. We need to let it go. Not doing this will make us a raging bull. We will get mad and people around us will be in pain.

We have limited time in our life. We should invest it in things which we are in our control. The world is not our slave, it runs on its course. We cannot change it. The sooner we accept it, we will be more at peace with ourselves. 


The life of an entrepreneur is hard. Still, many of us knuckleheads take the stride. We are swimming in uncertainty and unknowns. What keeps the journey going is the self-belief and going against all odds. 

It is easy to draw a month-on-month salary and enjoy weekends and family time. The amount of stress and overall running is limited. 

The path of entrepreneurship is not for everyone. What’s on TV and what media feeds us is different from reality. The mental and physical strength is what keeps you going. So it becomes more important what you eat, what you read, who you meet. 

A few who keep themselves sane are the ones who make it big. 


People say maturity comes with age. I feel it comes with experience, circumstances, and upbringing. We see youngsters starting to earn early on because they have to feed their parents and siblings. If they do not do it, everyone will sleep empty-bellied. It is maturity that the kid has taken responsibility on his shoulders. He could have run away in the darkness where no one could find him. 

Our way of living, the people around us, our consciousness is the supreme teacher. We will not get mature by reading only books. 

Many of you would have aged earlier and learned many things ahead of your peers because of circumstances and needs.

Who does not like watching IPL or sharing random shit on Instagram anyways?


There are some blank days in my life when I wonder what I am doing. These are the days when the brain keeps fighting with the ghost, an imaginary devil whose job is to keep fighting me and making me believe about nothing.

When I say nothing, it simply means why are you running? What is the purpose of doing all this? What are your accomplishments? What is all this nonsense? Why can you not sit idle and be in one place? Is this what you wanted from life?

The can was full of thoughts aimed at weakening me. So far, I have been kicking its butt and walking fearlessly by living in this moment. 


There are few types of people, few who will suck your blood to the core. They will usually be critical about anything, pessimistic, and blame the world for their miseries. They have all the knowledge about the world, money, and how to suck energy and blood from others. They will excel at everything from showing fake confidence to giving talks. In short, they are good at everything minus their integrity, empathy, and ability to work/earn. Like a parasite, they will feed on your hard work, money, and success. Run away from such people as soon as you can. Every second of being with such people is like having a slow death. 


We are creatures of delaying decisions. We will suffer in a relationship, but the sunk cost will cause us to suffer. Things are not working well with business, but instead of calling it quit, we will continue spending time with the hope of things improving. 

The same happens with giving feedback to employees, kids, or partners. We delay with feedback because we are worried, about how they will react. 

We need to understand the importance of opportunity cost and living now. Killing every second, going in mental pain continuing the conversation and communication will only make us drained. The sooner we decide to call it a day, the better life becomes. 

We cannot change anyone unless they want to change. 


What we want from life is companions. 

People who stand by us in all stages of life.

We have added various names: partner, lover, wife, or whatnot. In short, we want someone who understands us, whom we understand.

We are living in a capitalistic society and money has a role to play it in. Money should not be the core meaning of life. Our relationship should built on the strengths of trust, belief, and optimism. 

A lot many of us are so lost in earning that we have stopped enjoying life and companionship. We are a robot.