Impossible or I-m-possible. It is a way of seeing the world or any problem around us. Life is not easy for us all. I understand it. But does this mean giving up? Is asking for sympathy or help?

Our limited life is a gift, and we should strive to make it worthwhile more for society than ourselves. If we give up and accept losing, how will we live?

Giving up is easy. Staying alive is tough. Crying is easy, and laughing is hard. Once we realize this and start living, we attain the unthinkable and make the impossible possible.


Doubt is like a disease.
Once you have it, you have a limited cure for it.
You can doubt yourself and your capabilities.
And die in pain and misery for everything you failed to achieve.

If you doubt your partner, your relationship is a shrinking ship.
They will do whatever to persuade and bring trust, but it will fail.
Two of you will end up living like aliens under the same roof.

Doubts are a manifestation of our brain. It gets triggered because of our inferiority complex.


How many followers do you have on your social media networks? You are an influencer and thought leader. But how does it matter?

How many of your social followers will come behind you in the worst of your phase? Everyone celebrates your success and wants to own a piece of it. A few stay with you till eternity without any expectations. You can count them on your fingers.

Your seeking friendship, relationship, and long-lasting connection: what matters to you: Fans, worshipers, or followers in an alien world? This virtual circle around you is temporary. Is this what you want?

When you connect with someone, does it matter who they are or what they offer you? Is it a connection or a selfish interaction?

We die alone, carry no wealth, and settle down in the soil. What matters is a deep connection beyond our pedigree and wealth.


We are living in the era of automation and AI.
The landscape and definition of creativity are changing.
Is the new taking over the old?

What happens to the masterpiece of Bach, Van Gogh, Michelangelo, George Orwell, and numerous others?
Will they be forgotten?

Who will we become as a society and civilization in the era of automation? Are we going to have more leisure time for ourselves?
What will we do in our free time?


We have to dream. If not, then how will we live this journey?
Most of us live a simple, well-defined life: birth, education, job, marriage, kids, and death. There is nothing wrong with it. They are doing their part by making civilization populate and prosper. I am not saying they don’t have a dream.

There are a few crackheads who thought and dream big. They changed the course of civilization: from the innovation of airplanes and cars to computers. These dreamers had their purpose for us.

Our dreams keep us moving, breathing, and moving in life. Don’t let others come in between your dream. Work towards making it happen. Dream On.


Waking up, running on the treadmill and complaining about many things, and living grumpy is something many do, the sense of missing out and not living to the fullest. These are some common complaints I keep hearing. We forget to celebrate our existence and be thankful.

We build our world within us, our minds. We make friends, work and create support groups around our way of seeing the world. Some of us end up resting in peace and become ashes.

Very few of us add the purpose of our living, the ones who change the world. They live a life worth living for themselves and the world around them. They bring positive change to the world around us.

You cannot find your purpose on social media or cocktail parties, but it has to come deep inside you.


Why can’t we humans live in peace among each other and nature?
Why is there a constant battle between race, religion, caste, and culture?
Why is there a divide between left and right?
Why can rich and not poor co-exist?
Why does one have to win at the cost of defeating another?
How much do we humans know about us and the universe anyways?
Are we not a slave to our desires, thoughts, and consciousness?
Can humanity have a bigger purpose than a peaceful co-existence?

I have too many questions to ponder tonight.


It is easy for us to complain about our struggles in life.
Our anger that things are not in our favor.
Many end up cursing our upbringing and others’ god. A lot many end up seeing their horoscope and looking for successful recipes.

The more I think about the struggle I feel it’s more to do with our mental manifest. We can see challenges in our life as various stages of playing game and overcoming it. The more we feel our life is a struggle, the more we will crib and be unhappy.

Is our life still a struggle? Ask yourself. You are breathing, eating, and all body parts are functioning. How is it a struggle?


A founder’s life is unpredictable and chaotic.
Self-belief, positivity, and going against the odds make a founder delusional.

For others around their circle, it can be a Utopia.
Loved ones and friends will complain about it.

As a founder, it is better to have a sense of purpose and self-confidence to excel in any difficulties in the journey. It should not matter what others think or call it: a delusion or a utopia.


I build software for Venture Capital Industry. I also have founder friends.
I am surprised that many are unaware of how the system works.
For most, it is about fundraising and running the business.

The venture capital industry is one of the most competitive sectors, and its success depends on the returns.
A fund manager with an army of team members is always out to look for the best founders.

The best founders will multiply VC’s investment 1000-2000 times. In the end, it is about returns. Everyone is in it to make money and have a better life. It is not a charity where founders will take capital from VC and not grow fast. They have to run like a racehorse. It is a hyper-competitive business.