What are the ingredients of a relationship? I would say respect, trust, and mutual understanding. But is it sufficient? We are living in a utopia where we look for the best fit. We are all selling and picking for ourselves.

Capitalistic society and relationships are no different.
Gone are the days when Sudama and Krishna’s friendship was part of folklore.

We are insects in a cobweb of incentives or a Pavlovian dog.
I don’t know.


Running a business or building a relationship has some basic rules: one being trust and another belief that we are in a win-win zone.

At the same time, going against the odds or taking the road less traveled has its own advantage and disadvantage. We are on ourselves and responsible for our actions.

How many misfits survived or succeeded not by trying something new or creating a new rulebook?

sunk cost

Sunk Cost is an evil vice. It makes us stick to our default like a frog in a well. As a founder or consumers, we are equally vulnerable to it.

We need to open our eyes and see all the options with an open mind for a win-win solution.

Sunk Cost throws us into a limited mindset zone.
Sunk Cost makes us lazier and less productive.
Sunk Cost hinders our future growth.

Am I vulnerable to it? Absolutely.


Relationship, business, or transaction alignment of incentive should take a prime seat. We rush and get into any partnership out of compulsion or other reasons. It results in disaster for both parties.

Be very careful if you are into a long-lasting relationship or fruitful business transaction.


Mesmerizing old days of life have their own sides. On the positive, we think about all the fun, and negative, we regret what we did wrong. But seeing it rationally makes us more mature.

I am in Delhi currently, and walking/travling across city brings back many such memories. Most instances, I am laughting at myself over all those incidents.

Time is a great healer, told someone. I would say age brings experience and helps in moving forward more efficiently. Our life is anyways sum of all our experiences.


Why do we compare our life with others? Our life is unique, and so is our journey. Will comparison not put us under pressure or cause depression?

We can always aspire and work towards getting better in life or career and work towards jumping ladders but on our own with all our efforts.

Putting our life on a treadmill is a byproduct of comparing it with our friends or siblings.


Most life miseries are the byproduct of non-acceptance: like making things work when we know it won’t: realtionship and enterprenuership alike.

We keep holding on to the faith that things will work out by some magical means due to delution and sunk cost.

The castle of hope with glass celieng falls over our head and makes us regret for life.

Some would still sail through that they gave their best. The journey was fruitful enough unlike the outcome.