Are we not lucky breathing, living a life out of fear?
Are we not lucky to have parents around with us?
Are we not lucky to have enough to live an independent life?
Are we not lucky to have few friends with whom we share all our secrets?
Are we not lucky to have a life partner helping you grow professionally and personally with their attitude?
Are we not lucky to have people leaving us while teaching us valuable lessons for life?
Are we not lucky to have mentors guiding us to succeed in life?

The world gives us an opportunity. It is on us to cease it for our lives.


I feel sad seeing the plight of founder friends who raised millions and burning cash like there is no end.
With the new normal, investors are asking founders to cut costs. And turn profitable overnight.
As a result, there is mass layoff.
In the first place, these companies had no PMF and burnt money in all directions to find one.
Now, with no money or PMF, these companies are at the crossroads of death or acquihire.

I see the next 10-12 months as a feast for PEs as they will be on an acquisition spree. Many startup founders take a job, and the luxury of overall employees is affected.

It’s an economic reset, not an entrepreneurial reset. After the US election, things should come back to normal. But before that, many startups will die.

The race to reach quick PMF with money, funding, or hundreds of team members has failed. You can’t fatten a pig and make it ready for feast overnight. Things take their own time.


Religion is a bond that keeps society behaving. Otherwise, we are all animals, and we have our animalistic itch, which goes beyond social norms.

Every religion existed out of our fear. We were scared, and we needed something to cling upon.
It could be a stone, a supernatural, or living humans as gods.

In the early days, we bowed to nature, and the sun, moon, and animals prayed.
With time, this changed, and we ended up joining camps.
The religious evangelicals made us join groups with dominance, fear, or luring with food/clothes.

During imperialism and monarchy, priests and the church played a huge role in making decisions. A king cannot make decisions without the church on their side. Other leisure, plays, and arts had religion and churches showing their dominance.

Religion drives the economy: from priests to flower sellers to sweet sellers to cloth sellers, all depend on the temple and auspicious days of prayers.

With democracy, our politicians are banking on religion and the vote bank politics. The grand divide is increasing more and more.

Jai Shree Ram.

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Framing technique helps us combat any situation. It’s about taking a challenge and trying to solve it positively.

A good part of life is a collection of failures and challenges. What most successful people do: they frame it where it becomes a chore instead of a burden to fight and win.


I have been home in north Bihar for over two weeks. There is so much sunlight. It is cold and foggy. I cannot imagine as a kid waking up and going to school in this weather.

I have now spent good time in south India. This weather of north feels alien. I got sick a few times as well.

Aksing mom, untiles, and others around. All they want is sunlight. After a few weeks there was sunlight for few hours, and we were all on our root top.

The power of sunlight is undermined.


Education can get us certificates, degree but in the end, we have to apply it in the real world. The solution to numerous challenges with our educational skills is waiting to be solved.

We apply our thinking, see the world’s pain points, and solve the challenges. Our education can be an aid.

Merely having a degree is useless. It has to generate wealth and make the world a better place.


Some of us die every minute by keeping things bothering us.
It could be our actions or the actions of someone else.

We don’t have to fight with ourselves but vent it outwards, speak up, and settle. Otherwise, we will live our lives with a burden.

One harm we could do to ourselves is living with regret or burden. Our life is limited and precious. We have to live to its fullest.


Any relationship fosters co-existence, respect & growth. Most of us crave success and are hungry for accomplishments.

Sadly, the animal kingdom thrives on superiority, jealousy, and many other vices. Not everyone enjoys the success of others.

A lucky few find partners who help the other person without expectations.

Someone who celebrates success and motivates failure. The virtue of growth keeps both going without external pressure.


I was walking from the station. It was not that dark, just foggy and cold. Northern India gets into a thick sheet of fog. It results in many road accidents and delays in flights and trains.

He must have been in his fifty and one eye covered. He mentioned the eye operation he had undergone. It was a property fight with his sons. My talkative vice must have made him open up or my smile. He introduced himself as Kalandar. We continued talking and ended up catching over a chai. He was on his way to Delhi to her daughter’s place. She was married a few years back and worked in a private bank as a clerk.

Kalander mentioned this was his last train for life. Afterward, he will stay and die in Delhi with his daughter’s family. I asked about others in his family. On hearing this, his eye went numb, and his voice mellowed. He mentioned that he lost his wife six months back in a road accident.

He did not say much about his brother and other members. He asked me what am I doing here. I mentioned I was there to see my parents. I don’t know what happened to him, and he started crying loudly. I asked what happened.

Kalandar: babuji agar beta nikamma nikla to bete ke paas he zake marna padta hai na. (a useless son results in dying with daughters and family.)
Me: Aaz ke zamane mae beta bete kaise alag hai.(How is a son or daughter different in this era?)

Kalander mentioned that his son took a huge loan and moved to the Gulf. It’s been over six months, and he has not sent any money. At the same time, loan sharks made Kalandar’s life miserable.

He is on his way to her daughter’s home for life after selling his ancestral property, his two bulls, bullock cart, and flowering sarso plants.

I had not much to say besides hugging him and crying. I got a call from Mom and was called for dinner.