I can write a 100-page book talking to a half dozen folks around me. Most of us are not satisfied with what we have. We seek something better. It seems we are not living our life but a fighter inside a video game. It is like we have endless unmet desires we are chasing and […]

Some lessons I have learned in my life

I was in the zone of self-evaluation and exploring myself on Friday. As a result, I shared dozen-odd tweets. I am sharing the same here. Team, trust, and transparency. << what we need to build something incredible. We screw up more because of not being honest with ourselves. Competition, timing, luck comes later. The “ism” […]


I was reading Seneca’s: on the shortness of Life. It made me realize what most of us are doing with our life. The allocated time of our life is not short but the petty things which we have prioritized make it look short. The time of our life we spend on fighting, running after money […]


We plan about our life, future, career, marriage. Some of it goes as expected while most does not. Some of us celebrate out of the hits and move on with the misses. They are a happy lot, more realistic. Many of us feel sad and blame our luck. We blame others. Why do we blame […]


Finding a partner is a difficult business: our prosperity depends on it.   Some factors for meaningful partnership:   Right set of expectation Trust Respect Support in adversity   It is surprising that people find life partners or business associates via internet. How do they end up living together.  


Advancement in technology guaranteed us prosperity. And sold us hyper-productivity: our quest to become successful in every aspect of our life. We are competing with everyone on everything. We are in a slot machine for: growth, relationship, prosperity, happiness, appraisal, love. We have turned into a robot. We are copying others. We are multitasking. We […]