Some lessons I have learned in my life

I was in the zone of self-evaluation and exploring myself on Friday. As a result, I shared dozen-odd tweets.

I am sharing the same here.

  • Team, trust, and transparency. << what we need to build something incredible.
  • We screw up more because of not being honest with ourselves. Competition, timing, luck comes later.

  • The “ism” factor can make or break an organization. Having the right balance is key.

  • People remember what bad you have done to them than the good. Be kind.

  • Your existence on this planet has no meaning compared to the wider realms of this universe. So cheer up, we all screw up at times.

  • Time is the most important asset we have, spend it wisely.
  • Pick a bunch of friends who know u, who can give you a shoulder when you are down. This world is a crazy place and we all are alone. The solid company keeps this journey of life entertaining.

  • Breath, eat and be thankful to what you have now. You are lucky to be alive and having the opportunity to read this tweet. A good part of our population still sleeps empty belly without shelter and on the fear of bombing.

  • Seek for self-knowledge not externalities: Forbes or founder of the year. Question yourself, ask, be conscious and aware.

  • Give due respect to those who trusted you and have you the opportunity to grow, build a life for yourself.

  • Crave for freedom, clarity in thoughts and execution. The money will be the byproduct.
  • Read, listen, exercise and relax.

  • Spend some time alone with the self. It will scare the shit out if you, thousand odd thoughts will hit you. But with regular practice it will pass, it will make you stronger.

  • Inculcate the virtue of Empathy and forgiveness. It will make you more calm and relaxed.

  • Great things take great persistence and perseverance along with time. Keep trying, don’t give up easily.

  • Nobody is perfect, nobody knows the end. We are all time traveling. Give appropriate importance to this moment of time rather future planning.
  • Compare with your younger self, not others.

  • How many of those million followers will give you their shoulder for your burial?

  • Never forget your roots. Life is unpredictable.