On Money

Study well,

Get a good job,

Earn well,


The society created paradox that we ought to follow

  • People complain about their bosses or jobs but continue for money.
  • Earning takes precedence over family, personal health and relationships.
  • Loyalty goes to dustbin for 2X salary raise.

Money is important to meet our ends. But craving for it, swearing by it is a result of materialism. One has to be aware of it and draw clear lines.

Social media is conditioning us to believe us that everything we own is worthless and that we must buy the newer better things out there.  We crave to buy happiness through long vacations, fancy cars, houses and what not. All of this requires money, so we work like donkeys and go mad.

We fall for the never ending loop of work, earn, buy and repeat.

Every week there is a launch of a phone or car or brand of clothing. Buying has become synonymous to happiness, SALE offers being run 365 days. Advertisements tell us: “More is good”, “New will make you superhuman”, “Hurry up, buy now” and a lot more hidden agendas.

What will happen to all the money if we die in a road accident? We spend our present sucking at work, dreaming of a  future which was never assured to us.

Flaws in barter system introduced currency. Our forefathers  might not have imagined that future humans will run after it like monkeys.

We are so caught up in work that we don’t have even have time to spend with our kids. We have to leave them at the mercy of our maids, while we go and work.

We are producing more, buying more and wasting more. West suffers from health issues due to overeating whereas many other nations are suffering from poverty.