She is one of a kind.

She cared when I had nothing to share.

She was there when nobody else was out there.

My mother is everything for me. She has been there for for me always. I was never a loser in her eyes.

I remember getting extra pocket money from her to buy all my favourite food.

We are both aging. Her confidence on me is at an all time high. I feel blessed to have her around me.

One of the side effects of being a small town boy is having to live away from parents. My mom and dad are enjoying their retired life back home. They love the serenity, connections and silence there.

Thankfully after working for 10 years in the corporate world, I have some time for myself now. I have decided to go visit them every quarter. I have made 3 trips in past 9 months, so things are going according to the plan.

Sometimes, I still worry about their health. Looks like in 5-8 years we have to come up with some mutual agreement. That way I would get to spend at least a few months with them.

That said, dad has played his role in my life as well. He is strict, jolly and crazy at the same time. I love him too. 🙂