This moment is what matters. Time is flying, death is getting closer. Why do we have to dwell on past, cry on the mistakes? Can’t we like now, this moment? The hope for better tomorrow is upon us, we are disguised. Everything is in now. What is holding us, why can’t we do now what […]


Do we need a teacher? Can we not acquire wisdom seeking self-learning? Why do we need bait for our judgments and decisions in our life? Why do we have to pay in money or surrender for curing our ignorance? Why can’t we acquire self-knowledge?


Values are the core of any organization. It can make or break them. Same applied to us individuals as well. For some, it is a sermon or principle of life. It is important to have your value without any fear or pressure. A value should be out of the religious, social or cultural purview. It […]


We take so many things for granted in our life. We forget the fact that we age. When was the last time you spoke to your grandparents? Do you know they are getting old, their memories are fading with time? This is the moment they need you around them. The bedtime story, the mangoes, and […]


Epictetus wrote Enchoridian centuries ago. The paragraph where he mentions about what things we have in our control and we don’t have has been a principle for me. Luckily I read the book. Many things we do in our life with our best efforts. But if we decide the result or expect the outcome in […]


I don’t know what I want. But I know what I don’t want. This way of seeing the world has made things easier for me. Thanks to Chalie Munger’s trick of inversion. When I know what I don’t want, I will stay away from it. As a result, end up getting what I deserve. Hope […]