How does it matter if someone puts me in a bucket based on my place of birth or upbringing? I was talking to my friend the other day, and he was telling me how in this trade you are looked upon differently if you are not from the metros. My head is still spinning. Should […]


India has one of the youngest world population. Our education system is leapfrogging. The society stereotype has forced everyone aspires to become the next software engineer. Many new-age startups have gone steps further selling parents how their kids can become the next Nadella or Pichai by coding at an early age. Aspirational middle-class parents are […]


We are living in a hyper-connected world. We are always connected, occupied and and short of time. I keep hearing from friends that podcast and audiobooks have replaced their book-reading habits. I have not found replacing book reading with audiobooks. It should not matter how many books you have read for the badge, but the […]

Attributes of a negotiator

These are some of the important attributes of a successful negotiator: Patience Communication skills Flexibility Tact  Open-Mindedness Subject knowledge  Willingness to take risks Physical stamina Self-confidence Decisiveness Creativity Willingness to listen Self-control Long-range outlook Persistence Sensitivity to interests and needs of others Form the excerpts of The Global Negotiator


How many lives lost because of anger? How many relationships came to a halt because of anger? How many negotiations faltered because of anger? Why do we get angry? Is it our obsession, wanting, or ego? Or is it about being right, running show in my way? Nero, emperor of Rome, burnt the entire city. […]


I am halfway through the book: The Global Negotiator where the author speaks about communication categories based upon purpose.  These are: Phatic: This type of communication consists of the preliminary discussions that are intended to build a binding personal relationship. It helps in creating a personal bond before coming to the negotiation table. Informational: The […]


The reason why we have two ears and only one mouth is that we may listen to more and talk the less. –Zeno, Stoic Philosopher Listening is a virtue very few have been able to master. I am working towards it. I should master it before my death, hopefully.  Listening helps in gathering information to […]