Our life is all about moving forward, the journey into the unknown. As we grow old the past tries to throw a brick. It tries to remind up about our misdeeds and failures. It is not our fault, the brain has been conditioned such a way that negativity hits harder than success. What matters to […]


Our world is shaped by the thoughts, people and the environment around us. We are as we see the world and for that people, we interact with, books we read, the environment around plays a major role. Weave a world with great people around you. Life will be rational and the journey will be more […]


Running a startup is like a joyride. One has to be ready for every uncertainty. At times it is fun while stressful at another.  Uncertainty also fosters the opportunity to go against all odds and written conventions.  In most cases with a small team, it unites them and brings them closer. A founder has to […]


It is easy to get lost, lose vision for short term gains. We have seen time and again in business and relationships. Our faith in our journey plays a vital role in reaching our milestone. Every day, every moment our faith is on a test. Having faith does not mean neglecting reality. But having a […]


Being nice costs nothing. All it requires is not being an asshole. The hyperconnected world persona association is easy. If a bunch associate you with a bully and unkind, you are that. But it is more treating others as you would like to be treated. We are all fighting our own battles. Some at work, […]


One reason I avoid social gatherings is the number of opinions I get to hear. People with no skin in the game has all sort of advice. Having an opinion on anything and everything does get a conversation going, not sure how meaningful thought. Deep knowledge on a subject and skin in the game should […]