I have spent the last two years with some reading and taking care of myself. I wish I could have done this much earlier.  One thing I have learned all this time is that our brain by default is a pessimist. Reading Philosophy made me realize the meaning of self-knowledge, observing my thoughts.  Since our […]


We are all broken. Broken by rules, relations, and rituals. This brokenness has its misery, a hollow world. A world that makes us not believe in ourselves. A world that makes us no nuts over our minuscule success. A world that makes us not believe in our own self. There is so much one can […]


Still reading The Anarchy. It depicts the East India Company’s rule in India. How true are the described incident, I have no clue? How from Mughals, Afghans, Persians, Maratha, Dutch, French and British rule: India was robbed. I felt sad for our country, reading thought the atrocities and loot. The various small empires, their strategies, […]


Running a startup is no less than running a family. I read on the same. In the early days, startups are all about the team. It is extremely important to have like-minded folks with the same vision and end goal. As an individual contributor, you are part of this family that is taking baby […]


I picked this book: why can’t we sleep, last week. The author talks about everything around Sleep.    Thanks to the modern era and consumerism. Sleep is a multi-billion dollar market. From music to mattress to light to watch, we have got everything to measure and pay for good sleep.  Time is not far when […]


Man is a social Animal said, Aristotle. We thrive in a community with like-minded people. We grow and become better as a tribe. As we grow old, our connections and the social circle get broadened. We make friends, acquaintances during the journey of our life. With the limited allocated time in our life, it becomes […]