Self herding

How many times did you end up buying a bigger or newer costlier coffee at your favorite roaster? You will know only if you check your expenditure on coffee. You repeated your own behavior and ended up drinking costlier coffee in bigger mugs. But what about the sample coffee barista offered you? Well congratulations, you […]


Listening is one of the most important virtue for us. A good listener gets more love, respect, and recognition. This art can help us in being focused in all situations. A good founder grasps more from a board meeting. To me a great salesperson, you have to be a great listener. Not listening to your […]

On Management

These are some key insights Charlie Munger looks in an organization to acquire or invest. (excerpts from the book, Charlie Munger: The Complete Investor) : Capital allocation Compensation systems that create alignment with shareholders. Moat-widening skills. Management in place with high integrity. Brilliant and exceptional managers. Remember that reputation and integrity are your most valuable […]