We are all striving for a better life. We are seeing mass migration from the rural population towards the metros. Most migrants are laborers with dreams in their eyes for a better life. They are illiterate and up for any millennial jobs. The life is unpredictable for most of them. What keeps them going is their will to live and not die of hunger. At the same time, they have to help their ailing parents and kids back home. 

Thanks to the liberalization era and the opening of IT firms in India. We educated middle-class kids would have to migrate to the US and Europe for better jobs like our brothers migrating from rural India.

Our country is improving, but we are still far from becoming a producer nation from a consumer nation. We have outsourced manufacturing to China, and our educated industrial graduates mostly end up in Zomato/Swiggy delivery boys. 

Climate change is impacting us in a big way. From feedstock to cattle grazing to living without electricity and coolers, fans are turning out deadly. 

Our government can do only to a level. Most are on our shoulders. We have to foster micro-entrepreneurship and bring back small industries. Our consumption has also increased, and the repair industry is almost dead. It is draining our natural resources.